Mario Mart 8 Happy Meals Released Early And Are Now Available At McDonald's

Nintendo247 Author writes - For those of us who were patiently waiting for McDonald’s to release these ultra cool Happy Meal toys, the wait is finally over! Our local McDonald’s has started to release the Happy Meals, which includes 1 of 8 Karts, or a Mario visor a day early.

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Agent Smith1452d ago

Looks like I'm getting a few happy meals this weekend.

techologie1452d ago

Same. Im hoping McDonalds will let me just buy the toys outright

BullyMangler1452d ago

sony and microsoft trying to compete with nintendo when they aint even as cool as the Big N lol

techologie1452d ago

They could release some Halo and Infamous Happy Meals. Still, not as cool

randomass1711451d ago

Halo once did a promotion with Mountain Dew. They had a drink that looked like Hunter blood. :P

paddy951452d ago

I don't want to get fat. Just sell me the toys :(

techologie1452d ago

i think you can buy these separately without the meals. I just called and they kind of confirmed that they could do it. My McDonalds wont have these till tomorrow though :(

Moonman1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I'm buying a Happy Meal...shoooo :)

stripe8141452d ago

only toad interest me. his kart has 4 rolling wheels and a propeler at the back

Reeze1452d ago

Yeah, it's that weird Nintendo franchise about Mario and his friends as they go on a shopping spree. It's not very well known.

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