Looking For Games To Play On The 4th Of July, Here Is What We’ll Be Playing

Nintendo247 Author writes - Like most Americans, The fourth of July is a very special Holiday for us at N247. We get the day off from work, and we get to spend it with family and friends. Although we don’t spend the whole day inside playing video games, we do like to get our little fix of gaming during the early portions of the day.

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techologie1573d ago

Mario & Luigi Dream Team.....nice pick

Moonman1573d ago

I'll be playing Mario Kart 8 as long as possible! :)

techologie1573d ago

Same here. Im having too much fun with that game

SonyPS41573d ago

Mario Kart 8 for me. Can't get enough of it yet.

Fullmetalevolust1573d ago

I'll be at a wedding rehearsal, gosh darn it, if not, I'd be playing MK8, Pikmin 3 and Zelda HD.

techologie1573d ago

How is Zelda HD? Downloaded it, but havent had the chance to play it yet

Billybobjoey1573d ago

It's pretty good. The swift sail makes getting around a LOT easier.

Fullmetalevolust1573d ago

When I first started, I couldn't put it down for hours. I like the aesthetic of the game, and it runs very smoothly.
The combat is great and thrilling.
Discovering new areas is awesome. There's lots to do. You'll probably enjoy it.

illmatic1573d ago

I'll have to boot it up sometime