4 New Character's Images Revealed - Mortal Kombat X

Lovers of Fighting games, here is some images of 4 new characters of Mortal Kombat X

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DialgaMarine1542d ago

Is that Sonya? She looks like a man...

zeee1541d ago

Looks like they have advanced the story a lot. I mean Sonya and Cage survived. Why do we have their daughter in the story now? How many years have passed? Is she taking revenge of her parents' death our something? Can't wait!

DFogz1541d ago

@zeee - It's been a while since I've played MK9's story but I think Cage and Sonya were the only two left alive after that.
Story-wise MKX will pick up immediately after the events of MK9 (guessing we'll see how Cage/Sonya happened) and then continues 20 years in the future, which explains why Cassie Cage is all grown up (and why there are so many 'new' fighters).

jdktech20101541d ago

I think it's her daughter Cassie Cage.

colonel1791541d ago

She is indeed Sonya and Johnny Cage's daughter

Kos-Mos1541d ago

I`ve said it so many times; western developers can`t create women in video-games, and that is just a plain fact.

NiteX1541d ago

No idea what you're talking about. Plenty of them create great looking female models. Sure a few look a bit rough, but you could say the opposite thing for Japanese devs with males.

ado9081541d ago

That last pic of the green guy. Is that ogre from tekken? Seriously its an exact replica of him

Furesis1541d ago

the bug lady reminds me of the other bug lady from god of war ascension

Ripsta7th1541d ago

Dude there is no difference I just saw it. Except this one might be a little more skinny

Jamiex661541d ago

Saw these about 4 days ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.