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Square Working “Full Throttle” on Kingdom Hearts III

GR: Don't worry, Kingdom Hearts fans, the development of the upcoming HD collection isn't slowing down progress on the third proper entry. In fact, the studio has been making considerable strides forward on Kingdom Hearts III, according to co-director Tai Yasue. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

Wedge19  +   395d ago
Excellent to hear it! I am so ridiculously excited for Kingdom Hearts III it's unreal.
acharlez  +   395d ago
That makes two of us!!
infinitewords  +   395d ago
That makes three of us!!!
vishmarx  +   395d ago
10 bucks this game will release before or a year within ff XV's release.

the devs are far more prompt and weve already seen it twice since the reveal.

unlike XV which we never hear from
fenome  +   395d ago

Can't wait!!
badz149  +   395d ago
Yeah, that was what we heard about Versus XIII and we knew how that turned out.
Starbucks_Fan  +   395d ago
Hopefully by 2016 then
acharlez  +   395d ago
NukaCola  +   395d ago
2017 in episodic form on iOS6 only.

*I cry at the horror because this craziness could happen.*

Please show us the wonders Square. Don't fail us now.
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dbjj12088  +   395d ago
Take your time. I don't want to have to wait for the HD remaster Mickey Mouse edition if the first release sucks.
acharlez  +   395d ago
Too true.

Give it the time and care it deserves.
Magicite  +   395d ago
This game will be in Full HD, so your comment makes no sense.
Wedge19  +   394d ago
4k then. It will be better in 10 years than what we have now, and we'll be getting "HD" versions of what we think looks amazing right now.
ftwrthtx  +   395d ago
I'd rather wait for excellence than play rushed crapola.
Eamon  +   395d ago
So what does this mean with regards to FF15? Is FF15 nearly complete?
masterfox  +   395d ago
yes can't wait for 2020!
BitbyDeath  +   395d ago
They should port the HD Remix packs to PS4.
I'd buy em.
Kaizin514  +   395d ago
Definitely agree with you on that, it is the only reason why I haven't purchased them yet. I don't need them even more done than they currently are, I just want them on PS4 so I can play them without hooking up the PS3 again, lol.
Twiggy  +   395d ago
Excuse me? you haven't said a word about a certain games progress that I've been waiting for almost 10 years now, but you go into full development for Kingdom Hearts 3?

Astonishingly arrogant and infuriating, if this had "Final Fantasy 15" in the title instead I'd have an ounce more faith in Square Enix's "determination" to finish the game.

TGS 2014, give me a release date for the reason I bought a PS3 seven years ago god damn you!
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kingdom18  +   395d ago
The difference being that this quote is from the co-director of KH3 (not Nomura), don't know if he has anything to do with FFXV, but yes, I'm hoping to see quite a few games at TGS this year, FFXV being one of the main examples.
Twiggy  +   395d ago
I get you, but just knowing a new title like Kingdom Hearts is going into full development when we know pretty much nothing about the development of Final Fantasy 15 is a slap in the face to those of us who have been waiting since.. oh god, I was 12 years old when it was announced.

TGS, give it to me and millions of others, have a release date otherwise we'll just be infuriated even more. Seriously who runs these idiotic companies?
sonypsnow  +   395d ago
Kingdom Hearts is Square Enix "Call of Duty" and they have more proficiency in making Kingdom Heart because the recently rebuilt Kingdom Hearts series into Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 unlike FF15 world which Square Enix have very little experience & resources in building it. FF15 is bigger than Skyrim and Square Enix never built anything like Skyrim.
MegaRay  +   394d ago
Two different teams at two different location.
You cant complain that Sony made 4 uncharted yet TLG dont even have a release date
Inception  +   395d ago
If they don't show new trailer on TGS than i called BS
knifefight  +   395d ago
Truth. I'm so tired of Square Enix saying stuff about games that we don't see for over half a decade.

This should've been out no later than like, 2012 or possibly holiday 2013 as a PS3 sendoff. KH4 should've been the new-gen title.
kingdom18  +   395d ago
As much as I hope it doesn't happen, I feel like we might just get the ol' "Please be excited" bit.
Inception  +   395d ago
Imho, SE biggest problem is they wasted too much time on created or changing their own graphic engine. Just read how messed up their development process of FF 13 & Crystal Tools

I still can't believe how company as big as Square-Enix can't hire a manager that have better plan and vision so they can have a smooth developement process without disrupt their schedule.

I mean, Naughty Dog can produced four very high quality games for PS3 over the span of seven years and with a modified Havok engine. I never heard a delay for their games too (cmiiw). But SE who had bigger budget and team can't finished one single game over the span of eight / nine years or maybe more O_o
TM333  +   394d ago
You said it. I find it to be a complete crime that this was not released years ago on PS3.
Harkins1721  +   395d ago
Why cant they just finish FFXV first? Im super excited and all but I want Nomura to work on his baby. Not get stuck on FFXV for another 5 years!
DarkZane  +   395d ago
I know people want KH3, but I want FF15 more. KH3 was announced last year and FF15 was announced 8 years ago. They kinda need to get FF15 out first before going full throttle with KH3.
dadz  +   395d ago
Hopefully going "full throttle" in KH3 means that FF15 is further along than we thought and thus needs less resources, although that is just wishful thinking. :(
Kaizin514  +   395d ago
I am banking on it being further in development than expected, but probably still needs massive polishing before they give us anything. I would like to think FFXV is finished with content and is now in polish phase.
LightDiego  +   395d ago
I don't know why we need Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV and remakes like FF VI and VII...
Square-Enix delivers what players want, that's sequels of FF XIII, the game of Light has the potential to be an Assassin's Creed.
RexDD  +   395d ago
g8 b8 m8 8/8
Smokeeye123  +   395d ago
Such troll, much troll.
JonnyBigBoss  +   395d ago
I can't wait to play this game in 2019.
Vantage  +   395d ago
Cheap publisher propaganda.
GARBAGE LICKER  +   395d ago
It makes sense, Sqaure Enix 1st studio is making FF XV while their other studio is making Kingdom Hearts 3 until the they all join up. Birth By Sleep was made by this team so its in good hands
VlllAxelLea  +   395d ago
remember they said they weren't gonna work on kh3 after final Fantasy xv was finished... & now kh3 is in full throttle? my guess is final Fantasy xv is very close to being done and we'll probably get a release date at TGS & it will release next year.
JimCom95  +   394d ago
VERY happy to hear this! KH3 is most anticipated game probably ever! Man I cannot wait to play this!

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