The Daily Five: Fox News Gaming Flubs

"If there’s one thing that Fox News excels at, it’s getting everybody’s attention. You might think that accurately presenting the facts would be a priority, but that’s neither here nor there. Indeed, trading in sensationalism has served them well, and Fox News has long been the highest-rated cable news network as a result." - Joe Garcia, Stealthy Box

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iDadio1623d ago

Its like reading a newspaper like the Daily Mail, just sensationalist hyperbole to pull the numbers.

Some of the anti game guests are just hilarious on how uninformed and naive they are like using wrong game names and spinning facts to suit their view smh.

Mike_D821623d ago

Just a hunch but I'm guessing the author of this article is a lib. What a surprise! Go to a political site douchebag.

Dirtnapstor1623d ago

Simple and to the point...nice!

SpiralTear1623d ago

I like how Fox News is so uninformed and ignorant about games in general that Geoff Keighley has to say that you guys are wrong and should actually do some research before reporting on it.

Boody-Bandit1623d ago

Remove "gaming" and you have the same outcome when it comes to Fox News.