Nintendo Patents "Eye Tracking Enabling 3D Viewing on Conventional 2D Display"

Nintendo has registered a new patent for ‘Eye Tracking Enabling 3D Viewing on Conventional 2D Display’, which could potentially be utilized for the Wii U or an as yet unannounced future platform.

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jim_panse1629d ago

hmmm could be interesting. sad that nobody in the wii life cycle used that idea for a fps game

wonderfulmonkeyman1629d ago

To be fair, though, the Wiimote Plus is already fantastic for shooters, albeit lacking in buttons...

WeAreLegion1629d ago

Have you tried Blue Estate on PS4 yet? Same shooting as a lot of Wii shooters, but with the DualShock 4. It's fantastic. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was my favorite on the Wii.

EliteGameKnight1629d ago

especially with the Zapper, I love that thing

wonderfulmonkeyman1629d ago

@ Legion
I'm waiting for a price drop and a wider selection of 1-player games that fall into my interests before I get a PS4, so no, I haven't tried Blue Estate.
But since you've been kind enough to recommend it, I'll look into it later, and if it's good enough then I'll add it to my list going forward.^_^

fr0sty1629d ago

This is only useful if your head is moving. Sony did this with PS3 years ago, and it didn't require you to wear anything on your face.

Neonridr1629d ago

doesn't look as fluid, but same idea I guess.

Still this is an awesome idea.

kneon1629d ago

Any technique for showing 3D on a 2D screen has limited value because as you said you need to keep moving to see the effect.

Unless each eye is seeing a different image then it's not 3D

fr0sty1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Keep in mind that was the old 640x480 PSeye camera, the new camera with its dual 720p sensors would be able to do far better.

WeAreLegion1629d ago

Love the concept. I hope it happens. Head and eye tracking are already surprisingly accurate with webcams and Kinect/PlayStation Camera. Also, as a lover of 3D, I needs me more 3D content.

randomass1711629d ago

Eye tracking, huh? That's an interesting idea. Wonder what they would use it for?

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