Nintendo: We Are Not Aiming to Become a Health Device Company

More details are flying out from the Annual General Meeting held by Nintendo, and Mr. Takeda affirms Nintendo's stance with separation between QOL and Gaming.

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randomass1711568d ago

Not surprising. From the beginning they stated their focus would always be games, and rightfully so.

The_Hero1568d ago

Games and health games with motion control is what they meant. As long as they're fun.

60FramesPerSecond1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

They will not become a health device company. They will always be a game console manufacturer, even when game consoles themselves are no longer needed. Its their nature, and its why we love them

thehobbyist1568d ago

Nintendo is an entertainment company. They recently reiterated that. They've gone from playing cards to love hotels. Even if consoles go out of business. Nintendo won't because chances are they'd just move to PC games or toys if they REALLY needed to. Thankfully I don't see that happening anytime soon.

sk8ofmnd1568d ago

What is this nintendo news day? Lol they will continue making games. Hopefully faster!

WeAreLegion1568d ago

I'm not sure who would think that, anyway. It's great that they've put some effort into health though. Always important to be healthy. :)

thehobbyist1568d ago

Want to be healthy with your gaming? Try this

WeAreLegion1568d ago

Haha. That's awesome!!! Bookmarked. Also, helpful bubble.

mydyingparadiselost1568d ago

Damnitt, why did I buy all those yoga pants and gamepad sweat protectors then?!?

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