Editorial: Control Freak

Mel takes a long hard look at the game controllers on offer this generation and weighs them against each other as well as their previous iterations. Which of the current options did he like best and why?

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JBSleek1476d ago

It's all personal opinion they all work well game with what you want please don't turn this into another silly fanboy war.

CloudRap1475d ago

XB1 controller is the controller equivalent of a supermodel, DS4 is a massive improvement over DS3, and arguably better/equivalent to XB1's. Wiiu gamepad is a gimmick just like the first wii controller.

marloc_x1475d ago

Pushing a cursor with a stick to type? So last gen..

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marloc_x1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

YellowSnow? Lol..

gamer78041475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Article was a bit wasted, since the author hasn't used it on their native console.

Tuning for PC's might be slightly off and no rumble feedback on the XB1's controller pc yet. Hopefully next time he'll try sony's and MS's on their own consoles

Definitely prefer the XB1's controller overall. The analog sticks are more precise and made from a better material than the DS4. Love the rumble triggers. It would be nice if the XB1's controller had the headphones built in like the DS4.

MeliMel1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I like both. But im gonna give the XB1 the tie breaker for Battery Life.

Edit: I gotta say tho that lil speaker on the DS4 is awesome. I fired up Tomb Raider today and found it to be cool a neat feature.

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