eSports Gender Segregation is the Worst Thing to Happen to Gaming

Sharon from Twinfinite writes: "I’m going to break this down into a logical affair. Anyone could easily make an emotional rant, stemming from a personal place, over yesterday’s Hearthstone news. Reason has more merit, however, and nothing holds up as much water as the concrete information out there showing there is no reason to segregate eSports."

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Apoca1ypse1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I think people are over reacting to the separation of the men and women leagues at the LESF.

People think it's sexist and they're doing it to discriminate against women.

I really doubt that stance though. Rather it might be a good change instead it might grow the scene by letting girls feel more comfortable in competing in the competitions.

Also click bait articles.

3-4-51623d ago

Worst things to happen to gaming:

1.) Greed

ZoidsRaven1622d ago

If anything should be considered the "worst thing to happen to gaming", it's...

TheWackyMan1623d ago

You think THIS is the worst thing to happen to gaming? Don't get me wrong, it's still stupid, but I think that's a bit of an over reaction.

spartanlemur1623d ago

Sick and tired of these articles.

Can we get a filter on this site so this trash doesn't pollute the front page?

I'd just like a "social justice" tag which can be ticked on or off. I'm seriously considering ditching this site, as it's become increasingly invaded in the last few months by the people who write these articles.

Not saying I agree or disagree with them, but they're very negative, and tend to leave me in a miserable mood after reading, which I simply do not have time for in my life. Lol the worst thing is that the writers probably get a kick off the misery of their readers; "guilt" they call it, when "frustration" (at the author's ignorance) is often the truth.

Mike_D821623d ago

No one cares......stupid article. Stop spamming the website with this war against women BS.

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