Microsoft: Gaming is a Mainstream Thing, Xbox is the Home of Call of Duty

Mike Nichols (Corporate Vice President) has talked about Call of Duty: Ghosts and Xbox, and he expressed some interesting opinions.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

That home is burning, Call of Duty will need to move out before it dies in it.

micx1626d ago

I'm sure it can always be renovated.

And after the bumpy start, I think X1 will start to do better.

1626d ago
micx1626d ago


Don't get me wrong.
I didn't mean graphics and power, but overall sales and games.

Of course,achieving [email protected] won't be easy or probable, but that won't change game's fun factor much. And afterall, that's what matters.

mikeslemonade1626d ago

There will be more CODs sold on PS4 though.

Dread1626d ago


the plasytation 3 was more powerful than the 360 and the wii

the xbox was more powerful than the playstation 2

I still enjoyed all of them!

what is your point.

and also, I remember when they annouced the playstation 3 Sony claimed their games would be 1080p and 4d and what happened?
so again I do not see the problem.

Mr Pumblechook1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Microsoft said "Xbox is the Home of Call of Duty."

Definitely that was the case in the 360/PS3 generation.
But regardless of exclusive DLC deals, with the new generation consoles Call of Duty has sold more on PlayStation 4 than XB one. Which says a lot about where Call of Duty's home is.

JustCallMeDaddy1626d ago

If the cloud is a joke then PlayStation Now is a bigger joke, since they both work under the same logic. The only difference is that Sony is trying to stream an entire game over the cloud, while MS is trying to get certain calculations that are not time sensitive over the cloud.

Aurenar1626d ago

I agree, surely microsoft does not miss a title that sells a lot.

Muerte24941626d ago

@ Dread,

PS3 was more powerful but also more difficult to program for. Xbox 360 was a whole lot easier when it came to coding.

This generation both console are nearly identical with the exception of RAM and GPU performance. Ps4 is more powerful AND easier to program for than the Xbox One. COD:Ghost has sold more on PS4 than Xbox One.

odderz1626d ago

I agree, let's hope for a great Cod as the first episodes.

kreate1626d ago

Call of duty's home is on the x360, ps3, ps4, and x1.

BallsEye1626d ago


stop pretending you have an XO.
Also since when amount of pixels on screen determinate how good game looks? As far as I know it's pixel quality not quantity. Minecraft in 8k resolution will never look better than Ryse.

What annoys me tho is how suddenly gaming turned into a resolution race. When x360 had upper hand 95% of time with resolution no one cared, it was irrelevant. Now people do not care about gameplay or depth, they just care about gfx (unless it's a ps4 game ofcourse, then graphics makes the game).

If you care only about resolution, get yourself a PC because you just make an idiot out of yourself. 1080p in PC world is nothing. Console gaming was never about resolution.

aragon1626d ago

People always say that it's xbox fans that started this 1080 60fps crap but last gen whenever a game was revealed multiplat or exclusive I don't remember gaming sites instantly reaching out to devs to confirm resolution and frame rate why? I don't even think i know the resolution of one game I played on xbox 360 or ps3, I knew when I played on my PC because I would tinker with the settings, but o how quickly people here start trolling because they say cod is lead on xbone, I thought ps4 fans didn't like shooters to even be bothered to comment on this article, and by the way that insider what's his name? The one that's been bashing xbone to pieces and giving out info, didn't he say ps4 would be lead platform for the next cod? Anyways if ps fans hate cod that much especially the ones on n4g then why even comment on this article about 1080 p and 60 fps?

Flipflopp1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

It's funny how Microsoft is the "Home of Call of Duty" considering now that the PS4 is the lead platform.

UltraNova1625d ago

I find it funny (very funny actually) when people try to make their selves feel better by saying 'if you want power get a PC consoles are underpowered bullshit’...
Let’s see, you have 3 cars, one has 300HP the other 500HP and the other is a costly and never ending tuning machine currently at 1000HP.
The latter is very powerful yes but is virtually unusable since 99% of the roads are not suitable for it to stretch its muscle they only have tracks to do that. Not to mention it runs superhot and does single digit mileage while it has to change those aftermarket parts every year or so to maintain its awesome power (ouch).
The 500HP car, starts right away no problems there and you are on your way in a second, it rides well not to soft not too hard just like a serious sports car does and has more than decent grunt to rip that road all day long with satisfaction. It runs just fine with its original equipment for its lifetime and is soft on the gas.
The 300HP car has similar characteristics to the 500HP power car while it costs the same (for some reason) and doesn’t perform as reliably as well...
The thing is why get this car when you can have the better riding, better performing more powerful 500HP car?
And to top it all off the 500HP car’s dealership has light years better track record on post-buy support than the 300HP car’s dealership!
Why put yourself in the trouble of getting the noisy high maintenance, expensive, virtually unusable 1000HP car or the underpowered, less supported and miss-valued 300HP car and not go with the all rounder satisfying 500HP car?
You see the 500HP car falls right within the Goldilocks principle: ‘Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right!

mcstorm1625d ago

For all the people saying the PS4 sold the most COD games im sure you are wrong as I would think the PS3 and Xbox 360 sold more copys.

Also the PS4 has more console in homes than the xbox one at this moment in time so you would expect it to sell better on the PS4.

We are not even into the 1st year of this new gen yet and people are talking like we are near the end.

A lot will change on the PS4 and the xbox one between now and another 4 years. The gap between the two consoles looks to be between 4 to 5 million at the moment but it dose not mean it will stay that way. Look at last gen the PS3 closed the gap on the 360 when it got to 3 years in its life as the big name games came out. Microsoft have Halo, Gears ect to come out yet so sales will start to pick up once games like this come out.

Also people seem to forget that the xbox 350 and PS4 sold around 80 million each the total xbox one and PS4 sales is only about about 15 million. That means around another 145 million people have still not upgraded from last gen.

I don't care which console sells the most or what has more power ect. What I care about are the games and for the the PS4, Xbox one and WiiU all have great games coming out for them over the next 12 months and anyone who likes games should look at getting the console that has the games they want on it not whos has more power or look the best ect. All 3 consoles are great in there own way and have + and - points.

jmac531625d ago

@justcallmedaddy I don't see the Xbox cloud being implemented or working right now whereas I am playing PS Now right now and it works great. Your serving up softballs.

Pogmathoin1625d ago

Aragon, well said. Watch when PS4 uses the cloud.... Tunes will change..... Gaming is mainstream, and N4G is the proud home of rabid PS Fanboys..... Ever seen the amount of blogs crying about fanboys, written by the worst of PS fanboys..... Like playing football but going home with the ball when you do not allow the losing team to win.....

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ArchangelMike1626d ago

That might have been a good marketing tag line back in 2008, but it's a shame the Call of Duty franchise has now become stale.

"Playstation 4 the home of Destiny..." sounds alot more... relevant to today.

Back-to-Back1626d ago

Ever since mw2 its been downhill.

CertifiedGamer1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I wrote the same thing down without knowing you wrote this but yeah I agree, plus COD has had it's installments sell less and the decrease started after MW3.

MeliMel1625d ago

Xbox is the home of Halo. PS4 is the home of Uncharted. That sound better cause its fact. To me one console cant be home to a multiplatform game no matter the circumstances.

Quanicus1625d ago

Destiny isn't the home of PS4 when it's on both consoles. Same goes for COD. Time exclusives doesn't mean much of anything, especially for those with one console. As long as PS4 are in more homes, they will always sell more gaming copies than X1.

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How quickly you fanboys forget PS3's first 3 years!

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Just look at the facts!

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Alexious1626d ago

The next Call of Duty is very promising to say the least. Too bad the DLCs will drop early for Xbox One, but oh well, I can wait.

Magicite1626d ago

Funny, because on 8th gen COD will always sell most on PS4.

assdan1626d ago

They have. There true lead platform is the ps4. Microsoft has paid them to say that xbone is the lead platform though. Well, at least every other activision title uses ps4 as the lead platform, so I don't think that it would be different for one company.

Jaces1626d ago

For all I care it can stay there.

ritsuka6661625d ago

'''Xbox is the Home of Call of Duty'''

Wow... this is cause for celebration!! /sarcasm.

The_HarryEtTubMan1625d ago

Xbox: The home of desperation and the need to seem relevant.

Spid3r61625d ago

It what was said last year....We are still hear. And being made by the guys that made Dead Space, they already have my money. No Battle field on the other end decided that a DLC was enough for this year.

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NextLevel1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Except for the better version of it is on PS4, but hey Xbox gets content first. Last gen it's was because it was 20p higher and like 5 FPS better. This gens versions have alot more of a gap than that.

JBSleek1626d ago

PC version is the best. But who cares. Just play the damn games...

I swear as a majority PC gamer I laugh at this pissing contest between Xbox and PS4 fans. Last generation when PC games acted like PS4 gamers we were called pretentious and obnoxious.

Can we all just play games and stop talking about resolution and frame rates.

Nicxel1626d ago

I never knew or looked up what the resolution was on ANY 360 game. Now all of a sudden it's all I hear/read about...haha I never knew MW3 was like 540p up-scaled to 720p. And what...the last of us was 720p also...doesn't mean that game looked like garbage!!

MeliMel1625d ago

Do you think this will stop or keep going? I mean I cant comment without being offended,bitter,troll,fanboy, a douche, etc. BTW did I mention I love gaming?

AngelicIceDiamond1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

@Next I don't see a bigger gap.

But I challenge you.



Show me where the much bigger gap is especially in that UFC game show me where the PS4 is greatly outdoing the X1. And knowing how you are you'll find something.

As for this its whatever COD's always been associated with Xbox. Its no surprise here.

@Mkis I'm talking in your face differences not minor little things that Digital Foundry dug up otherwise missed by us.

Here and there nitpicking isn't substantial enough.I want the immediate differences that ppl claim.

mkis0071626d ago

Can save ya lot of time and just tell you to look at Digital Foundry's examination...

headwing451626d ago

You really can't compare games capped at 30fps because the developers locked them both at 30, meaning even if the PS4 can outperform the X1, it wouldn't show.

And if any console can't do at least 30fps, well that's just sad.

marlinfan101626d ago


was that supposed to show a big difference? cause I'm not seeing it. the 2 versions are just about identical.

welly3001626d ago

Very defensive :) does it matter just play the games unless u have a ps4 x1 in same room no one is goin to notice that the ps4 is superior lol

GTgamer1626d ago

Didn't call of Duty run above 60 frames at times on PS4 exactly so ignore the facts all you want but if devs didnt care about the Xone the PS4 version of games would be shining but hey devs aim for some form of parity.

Malphite1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

PS4 version has slightly better anti aliasing is the most obvious thing (if the second pic you posted is PS4 which I assume). Those look like bad quality shots though and it's also a cross gen game so can't expect much more than slightly higher res, better aa and/or a higher framerate.

Wolfenstein doesn't even look impressive on my PC (which is more of a higher end PC). Still a great game though.

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marlinfan101626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

yeah the ps4 sure does look a lot better on ghost! man the xbox is so bad its almost unplayable, right?


last years game looked about exactly the same, this years will look almost exactly the same, and every other mutiplat looks almost exactly the same. we know you feel the need to build up the ps4 like its some super computer though so i guess i shouldn't expect anything else.

No_Limit1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


Your comment is based on pure numbers and not research, Maria.

The lowest standard for minimum HD is 720p. Games from last generation have games that are below that 720p standard and even if you are comparing a game that are 600p vs 560p, you will see a bigger disparity when displaying it on a 1080p monitor. Judging from my play experience of Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, and Battlefield 4 on both platforms, the difference is very minimal and doesn't really matter. A game like Ryse is 900p looks better than most 1080p games and if it wasn't for digital foundry to exposed the 960x1080 resolution of the MP of Killzone:Sf, I don't think many will noticed to this day that that game wasn't 1080p on MP.

Lastly, new SDK to increase power for the XB1 is already benefitting developers as Bungie, Insomniac, EA, UBisoft are already using it to make the games running better. As always with console, it is the games that matters and if the systems are closed enough (in this case, PS4 and XB1 are closed regardless of what the fanbois are trying to say to mislead the public), then games, services will determine the right choice for gamers.

I have all the systems but I prefer FPS online shooters, Racing games on XB1 and action, sports, and RPGs on my PS4 due to controller preferences, friend list and online preferences and not which system is a bit more powerful.

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Themba761626d ago

I absolutely agree with this as a 360 owner xbox is absolutely the home of cod and thats why i left it. that franchise needs to die a very agonizing death.

wynams1626d ago

call of duty

RoboticusRex1626d ago

"The home of COD" ugg, you can have it.

Dread1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I bet if it was the other way around all the sony fanatics would be loving COD here at N4G.

which ironically they do love it based on sales, they just like to verbally hate on it because it is more associated with certain other console that they, for some reason I cannnot understand, hate.

and for the record I personally do not love COD.

(BTW I am not claiming that u r a fanatic)

MysticStrummer1626d ago

I hate on it because it's a mindless multiplayer game with a traditionally short campaign.

DigitalRaptor1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Strange that it's sold the most on PS4. Quite frankly, Microsoft's statement doesn't reflect reality.

Still, I see you guys always use the minority view on a gaming forum and use it to represent the entire consumer base of a console.

1) people hate CoD not for its association with a console but for its lack of change or attempt to do something unique versus it's popularity.

2) people don't hate Xbox - they hate MS for their lies, deception, consumer misdirection and basically everything they attempted leading up to the launch of the Xbone. Only now that their console is being trounced on the market are they attempting to change their ways. The smart ones don't fall for it.

kingdom181625d ago

No, I'd be insulted if Sony said that. (Although I"m not a fanatic)