Nintendo Investor Says “I Do Not Understand Video Games”

Ricky from Twinfinite writes "At a Nintendo investor Q&A, an investor questioned Nintendo brass about why exactly do they always talk about that video game stuff at these things, anyway?"

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3-4-51622d ago

That is probably like a lot of shareholders.

Their interest is the money, not the product.

Dehnus1622d ago

If you are to invest in a product you should know something about it or at least read yourself up to speed. Otherwise you are not completely sure what you are investing in and thus a moron.

Yes they might have made a shit ton of money a while ago, but if you don't know why.. than you are throwing your money away in the end hoping the wind will blow it back plus some extra.

PrimeGrime1622d ago


Wow, some people just have too much money to throw away, good to see people investing in things they have no clue about.

What a crazy question to ask.

r1sh121622d ago

Its a little naive to think many investors know about video games...
Investors invest in something that will make their money grow, anything with an upward profit trend is investable (if thats a word).
Do investors in software companies really care what software is developed? They care the software that is being developed is making money.

Its a fairy tale to think investors really care about the end product of a company...
E.g Sony's biggest profit maker is insurance (believe it or not), they sell insurance.
Thats how diverse they are.
Investors will be looking at what costs Sony the most money (The laptop business/ Tv business) so far the laptop business got sold, TV business could be next.
Obviously its down to the CEO to make that decision but investors can influence the sale of such a division.

PrimeGrime1622d ago

Nothing naive about what I said, knowing what you're investing your money into should be important. It seems like it would be wise from a business perspective to know exactly what your money is going into so you can judge those trends better for future investments yourself.

What do I know though, I am not an investor or have that kind of money to be investing in things but if I did, I would know exactly what my hard earned money is going into.

Baka-akaB1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

But it kinda is . Why should it be different for videogames when it is not for all other sectors ?

There is no field with investors fully aware and knowledgeable about their field of investments .

Be it cocoa , tech , toys , games or toilet papers . They follow trends , have people comb balance sheets and risk vs rewards assessments .

It's pretty much why the world is so often in deep economical sh*t right now , but also precisely why some field like videogames grew so big so fast .

I dont agree with the guy , hell i find his public outburst stupid , and if it was my money , i sure as hell would want to know the most i could about my investments , instead of gambling it , but that's how it is in all major companies .

SpiralTear1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

None of these investors know anything about video games. They just want to know where their money is going. Nintendo's investors meeting was filled to the brim with these kinds of folks and that's a huge problem. I heard there was a guy who just told Nintendo (in front of everyone in the meeting) to stop talking about video games and tell him where his money is going. The rest of the room APPLAUDED this man. That's sad.

These investors are literally spending their money on something they know nothing about. Doesn't that seem pretty ignorant and ill-advised?

F4sterTh4nFTL1622d ago

Why the Hell has he invested in something that he does not understand. Should have invested in something else that he is not clueless about, like property or something.

iNFAMOUZ11622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

and that's why nintendo is where its at
theres alot of people like this, got their foot up their a** just for the money, yeah well one day when you die, their all going to hell, yet other people have no jobs and love what these dumb pompous investors invest in

Baccra171622d ago

Sad things is that this is probably going on elsewhere at EA, Activision, and many other companies in the industry.

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