Far Cry 4 Ultimate Kyrat Edition revealed

Neil writes "Ubisoft have announced the addition of the most complete Far Cry 4 package available….the Ultimate Kyrat Edition."

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oKidUKo1478d ago

Will go lovely with my AC and Aiden Pearce statues!

Audiggity1478d ago

I hope you invested in Ubisoft stocks! That's a lot of loot to plunk down...

If I had a dedicated theater room, I'd be guilty of the same purchases.

Kennytaur1478d ago

May I ask what made you want to own a statue of Aiden Pearce? Guy looks like a rapist or something.

oKidUKo1478d ago

Well after describing him like that I fear I cannot win whatever my reason haha. It's just pretty cool and sits well with my other Ubi stuff.

-Foxtrot1478d ago


How hard is it to include a Steelbook :|

Immorals1478d ago

Only via the uplay shop?

Well I just preordered mine on Amazon

oKidUKo1478d ago

On the Amazon one you don't get Steelbook or Season Pass included.

Immorals1478d ago

Ahh that's lame. I hate exclusive editions.

Lucreto1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Really tempted to get this one along with the Guillotine edition for AC:U

Does anyone know if there is an email address or somehow to contact ubisoft.

My Watch Dogs Aiden statue was missing the gun he is borrowing Lara's gun from the Tomb Raider CE.

RosweeSon1478d ago

Think I'll pass, as for the guillotine edition, how much? Starting from £189.99!! No ta! Think I'll wait for a price drop.