Wii U Cultivating the Next-Generation 3rd-Parties

In an industry where Capcom is on the market to be taken over and THQ has close down, the new generation has to be on the rise. Nintendo is not gonna repeat the same mistakes again. We may not get Mortal Kombat X, but we’re definitely getting Soul Saga, Shantae, Mighty Number 9 and sooo much more.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1564d ago

Exactly; indies are the seeds of the next line of new third party companies, and many of them are already showing games that prove they've got the development creativity and potential to create some truly glorious AAA games in the future, given money and the time needed to acquire experience in that field.

They're Nintendo's new hope for solid AAA third party games, now that people like EA and Activision are either making badly-supported multiplats on Wii U, or not doing games for it at all,[like Bethesda] so it's smart to invest early and give the indies that will rise up to that level some background working with Nintendo, so that they won't feel awkward about coming back to them in the future with an exclusive or two, let alone multiplats.

Geekman1564d ago

WOW! Never thought of that. I guess eventually people will get tired of EAs crap. Though hopefully Ubisoft will stick around.

SpiralTear1564d ago

You have to cultivate the indies now. Before, B-games were able to stand alongside big first-party games, but since EA and Activision killed B-games off by bloating their own games' budgets, indies are filling the gap left behind.

Inexpensive to make, but full of experimentation and quirky charm; that's indies. Nintendo is smart to work with them.

Moonman1564d ago

There is a big diamond waiting for the company who finds the next great game company in all the indies. Nintendo has done a great job of finding the good games so far...