Nintendo shareholder "flabbergasted" that Iwata is still in a job

That was the opening gambit of one Nintendo shareholder at the company’s recent investor Q&A, during which some stern questions were asked of the absent Satoru Iwata – whose overall shareholder approval rating is up year-on-year.

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60FramesPerSecond1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I havent approved of Iwata's job, but i would be sad to see him lose his job. He really is a respectable guy, and one of the most original guys in leadership positions in gaming,

lilbroRx1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Why do all of you feed into news like this?

This one oddball gets his comments promoted because the writers know people are going to flock to click an article bashing Iwata.

This guys minority opinion amongst shareholders is going to be elevated to godhood simply because its negative about Nintendo and what of their most successful people that Nintendo haters want to see fall more than anyone there.

I guess there is nothing that can be done.

frezhblunts1624d ago

lol Yeah I mean he doesn't understand video games but invests in it

ShinMaster1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@ lilbroRx

Fanboys need to get over it. No one's trying to destroy Nintendo. People will be critical of them just as they are critical of Sony and Microsoft and people will flock to those articles as well, so quit playing the victim.

"Bashing" Iwata is not the same thing as bashing Nintendo as a whole. I say that as a long time fan. Nintendo deserves better.

Satoru Iwata took away the autonomy of Nintendo of America when he took over. This meant the Japanese branch, the headquarters, made all the calls. This was right when the West started gaining a lot of traction as the most important part of the world sales-wise for the industry.

Multiple Western third-party relationships with Nintendo quickly soured, many that had worked with Nintendo closely in the past had their bonds broken with them, and it still hurts Nintendo to this day.
Third-party support in general is much worse than when Satoru Iwata originally stepped into the role as president of Nintendo, and it has only been getting progressively worse.

Under Iwata's leadership, Nintendo allowed the Wii to flounder for two years at the end of its life without much software support. This made it so the casual gamers that were attached to the Wii name went elsewhere for their entertainment, and it made it so any momentum Nintendo would have had going into the Wii U was dead.
Casuals are like nomads, they move from one trend to the next. Now it's up to Nintendo and the fans themselves(where are they?) to save the Wii U.

randomass1711623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@ShinMaster Yes, but consider the perspective of the one complaining here. This shareholder is saying he wants Iwata out of the job and yet Iwata's direction is what Nintendo so much money during the past couple of generations. He made the GCN profitable, he made the Wii and DS and more recently 3DS huge successes that created the "It prints money" meme.

You and others have understandable convictions about Iwata's direction, but this shareholder's complaints are pretty moot since he has no idea what video games even are. Why is he complaining when Iwata raked in way more cash with Wii and DS than what they lost in recent times? It's not like this guy will be playing any of the core/casual games that Nintendo put out. It makes this article seem rather pointless. Also, he's an investor who is sinking his money into a product he seemingly hasn't any idea about. Which is pretty dumb if you ask me.

pwnsause_returns1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

“I do not understand video games and I feel angry.”

then you dont belong there, bye bye.

unless this is being mistranslated, to say this makes me realize one thing...the guys running Nintendo do not belong there. Sure Iwata hasnt done a good job, but hes trying...but seriously reading something like that should be very concerning.. i dont want another company going through a debacle such as the one microsoft went through. I know this is a article that relates to nintendo, but just remember the people who greenlighted that anti-consumerist approach...

NextLevel1624d ago

"then you dont belong there, bye bye."

I agree, but that's not the way it works. Investors and shareholders in massive corporations like this don't know the first clue about the technical sides of much of what they invest in. They are just there to watch their 20 million turn into 40 million. Same with alot of publishers, which is why people need to be mindful of what they support. They don't care how much game A is better than game B. They just want to know which one between A and B makes more money. Which is why you see alot of games copying Call Of Duty.

randomass1711624d ago

That makes little sense to me. Shouldn't they at least be bothered to do some basic research and attempt to have a minute understanding of what it is they are investing in?

pwnsause_returns1624d ago

oh, i know that's how it works, and its just wrong. you would think though that they would learn where they are putting their money in before they take any action.

marloc_x1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Ha! Don't let the door hit you..

mhunterjr1624d ago

iwata was doomed to displease shareholders on the day the original wii launched. Shareholders no doubt pressured him to recreate the magic... A system cheap to produce with a novelty that hits with all demographics. Unfortunately no one told them that lightening rarely strikes the same place twice.

Benjaminkno1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Stick to a name for your consoles that doesn't include the name "Wii"...

I know it's probably the only reason you still have your job, but, really.. I remember when Nintendo used to be cool.

I don't tell people I play WiiU.. I tell them I play Nintendo.

I'm sure Sony and Microsoft shareholders are a bit more disappointed with how things turned out last gen. Nobody's gaming division is doing wonderful, but let's just talk about Iwata.

randomass1711623d ago

Calling for one person to be fired is silly. There are many people who work on these products. Us Sony fans aren't calling for Yoshida's head for the current state of the Vita. I don't see how firing Iwata will create some sort of grand success for the company.

Benjaminkno1622d ago

I'm not calling for him to be fired, I just think he has served his purpose. Nintendo "should" be able to sell more WiiU's because of their reputation. But now Nintendo just isn't what they used to be.

I like their hardware/software, but regular consumers just don't take them seriously anymore. They have enough problems dealing with phones and tablets, let alone marketing their own hardware.

wonderfulmonkeyman1624d ago

Forget replacing Iwata; we need to find a new shareholder to replace the F***-wit that doesn't even understand the thing he's investing in!

joeorc1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Lmao, they see $$$ signs , but yet do not really understand the market dynamics and its clear to me in tone these few outspoken investors are not even japanese.

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