PlayDevil: Blue Estate Review

PlayDevil has reviewed rails shooter Blue Estate for PS4

Here is a snippet:

"Blue Estate is based on an apparently popular comic book series, although I must admit I’d never heard of it. Whilst the game comes with a number of warnings about the language and humour used, the game then embraces the sexist, misogynistic and racist humour and cheap titillation throughout"

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AgentSmithPS41626d ago

What's with the bipolar reviews, many say it's easy to instantly recalibrate (and aim) you just push the L1(?) button... then you have reviews like this. "having severe issues with the calibration breaking mid-level (there’s also no option to –re-calibrate without restarting the game either) making the game basically unplayable."

Maybe the reviewer was too busy being offended by the game (that warns it's offensive) to fairly review it (which is odd since the site has 'devil' in its name).

If you can't give a mature review of M rated GAMES please let other people review it.

IanBear1625d ago

Sigh... The calibration in game never appeared to do anything. I've seen plenty of other reviews that agree. It would maybe work for 10 seconds at best before drifting off again.

And for the other comment - games are growing up, and so are the reviewers. Most games are still 'M' rated, and that's fine where they are discussing interesting or difficult themes. But Blue Estate doesn't do anything with the humour - it's badly done, leaving a cheap taste in the mouth. I think any woman (and most men) wouldn't find it funny at all. But that's just my opinion, and that's what I wrote. You, of course, are perfectly entitled to disagree; I'd just rather it was done without attacking me.