Call of Duty: Why Sledgehammer's Vietnam Shooter Was a Good Idea

New ideas aren't always money ideas, but in this case of Call of Duty, something new is just what the Vietnam medic ordered.

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60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

Honestly i think sledgehammer's advance warfare is a better idea. people would have wrote off the vietnam game as another generic cod, regardless of its actual story and gameplay

XboxDD1624d ago

theyre doing the same with aw anyways, haters gonna hate

Immorals1623d ago

Modern day is far more generic than Vietnam.

AW is even more so

USMC_POLICE1623d ago

I disagree i think a vietnam game would have been welcomed as only a few were ever made and AW looks the same as every cod since cod4 just reskinned. I know im writing off AW and wont buy it but I would have bought a vietnam title

iDadio1623d ago

People were tired of WW2 and wanted something modern, now people are tired of that and want something different, we are going full circle.

yezz1623d ago

What I want is diversity. Now we are only getting one thing for 6 years and then the circle starts again. Why can't we have a mix of all these different time periods so we don't get bored to them one after another...

Hazmat131623d ago

back in my days everybody was sick of WW2 and Vietnam shooters. now they want them again? i know space warfare will be played off like a bad ripoff of (popular space shooter here) or a modern shooter like (popular modern shooter here) its too the point of why bother with it if its been said and done? alright gonna step off my (captain) soap box

SouthClaw1623d ago

Vietnam would be a hard game for COD to focus on. Since it was a war America never won.

iceman061623d ago

True. But, IMO, that would make for some of the greatest fodder for plot and story. Much like the reality of the real war, it would be about the cost of war. As opposed to the idea of winning a war. Of all of the wartime scenarios, I think that Vietnam just oozes that since of defeat and insurmountable challenge that would prove excellent as a plot device.

SpinalRemains1381623d ago

No America didn't win the war, but those who lobbied for the war won big time! Tons of money to be made when boots are on the ground, and that's all that them.

PsylentKiller1623d ago

It was never declared a war. Vietnam was a police action. But as iceman06 said, it would be a great place for a story. There so many great Vietnam stories and movies to pull inspiration from.

SonyStyled1622d ago

Shouldn't have been there to fix Frances problem in the first place

SonyStyled1622d ago

Politically the Vietnam War was a loss. However if you are one that bases wins and losses off of bodies, the US KDR was like 20:1 or something ridiculous like that

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Master-H1623d ago

Vietnam would be cool, sorta like black Ops. But what would be awesome like COD4 was is probably a Desert Storm COD with similar weaponry to COD4, trying to capture Saddam and stuff.

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