Miyamoto on Zelda for Wii U - Trying to Create a Vast World You Can Visit Daily

The quotes are from the official translation from the Q&A session at Nintendo's Annual General Meeting.

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linkenski1624d ago

Miyamoto still seems very concerned with making games accessible to casual players. I think his explanation of Zelda U's concept is too focused on the game's playability. If we go open-world we don't have a problem with immersing ourselves for 5+ hours a day, so the whole "you can play whatever you like bit by bit daily" doesn't sound too interesting, and I hope this doesn't mean the game will remind me to take a break. It's so unnecessary.

60FramesPerSecond1624d ago

This has been a concern i have had with nintendo lately, The concept behind recent games like 3d land, 3d world, new super mario bros. 2, and mk8 have been pick and play for short amounts of time. For some this may be a good concept, but I only play games if i have hours of time to play

jayzablade1624d ago

But not every gamer is like you are they??
There are people who are there to play 30/60 minutes a day or those who can do 3/4 hrs a day and this will cater for all rather than your generic FPS where you must get through 30/60 minutes of gameplay before you can save or have to endure constant cutscenes and talking bollocks to random people before you can progress and end up actually playing for 10/15 minutes.
All markets met, all people catered for...once again...well done Nintendo!!

Misterhon1624d ago

The rent system was awefull! When i go into a dungeon i wanna look for that boomerang or hookshot!

imtheman20131624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I thought the Rent/Buy system in A Link Between Worlds was great.

Almost all of the Zelda games are "open-world," especially the 3D ones. But really they were quite linear. You'd go to an area of the map and see a dungeon or somewhere that you couldn't get into and instead of trying to figure out a way to get in, Zelda's play style just trained you to go to the dungeon you could get into until you got the item that was obviously made for the other dungeon/area. And this was fine, but it got a little stale in the later titles like Skyward Sword.

A Link Between Worlds Renting/Buying system meant that everything that you needed for dungeon's and puzzles was available right off the bat. I explored with almost no guidance of where to go first or last. If I thought one dungeon in the corner of the map looked interesting, I'd head there and figure it out with the tools I had. Heck, some of the dungeons didn't even need the items that were recommended for them. I thought it was a really clever idea that really revitalized the entire Zelda experience for me.

sk8ofmnd1624d ago

Sad as it is my last fav zelda was oot and that was what a n64 game? I just want it to be better way better than skyward sword. I can admit twilight princess was decent.

imtheman20131624d ago

You should try A Link Between Worlds if you have a 3DS or 2DS. It's really great.

sk8ofmnd1624d ago

Thanks for the comment. I have not. Neither do I own a 3ds or 2ds. Any recommendations?

imtheman20131624d ago

If you have a PS3, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a pretty good Zelda "clone." It's like classic Zelda; so top-down gameplay and whatnot. It's really good though, solid gameplay and I found it's writing to be pretty clever and humorous.

sk8ofmnd1624d ago

Lol I meant should I get a 3ds or 2ds.

Gezmoyassine1624d ago

"there are a few titles under development in “The Legend of Zelda” series" HD Majora's Mask OR Ocarina of Time for WII U PLEASE!!! Just the thought of them releasing those games in HD for the WII U is making me DROOL.

DoggyBiscuit1624d ago

I highly doubt Nintendo would make a HD remake for Ocarina since they already made a remake for the 3DS

deafdani1624d ago

The most likely scenario is a 3D remaster of Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Which I would welcome with open arms, it's the best route to take, in my opinion.


Moonman1624d ago

Oh Shiggy, I love ya man! Bring it on!