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PES 2015 'locked at 1080p/60fps' on PS4 – but Konami hesitant on Xbox One performance

The PlayStation 4 version of PES 2015 will run at 1080p/60fps, Konami has confirmed to VideoGamer.com, but the publisher remains hesitant over whether the same will apply to Xbox One.

"We're locked at 60 frames, 1080p already, and this is the first build," European brand manager Adam Bhatti told VideoGamer earlier today referring to the PS4 demo on display. (PES 2015, PS4, Xbox One)

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60FramesPerSecond  +   323d ago
This kind of lack of performance made me question xb1 back in november, and i instead chose ps4. I didnt get a ps4 at midnight launch and could get one for a month, and eventually decided I didnt care much about resolution anymore. I still care about frames per second though.
NextLevel  +   323d ago | Funny
Maybe you have bad eyesight.


So much for the gap closing.

ThinkThink  +   323d ago
This is probably going to be the new marketing tactic for publishers going forward:

Announces a multi-plat game as running at 1080P/60 FPS on PS4 but "Oh gee, we're just not sure about xbox one version yet..."

It's a brilliant way to get people talking about your game.
vishmarx  +   323d ago
Deja Vu mofos!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   323d ago
I have this strange feeling it'll be 1080p 60 frames.

Considering Fifa 14 was on both.
mikeslemonade  +   322d ago

And for the final time there's more disparities than just frames and resolution. Just like last gen there were differences in textures, draw distance, and screen tearing for the multiplats. So stop your nonsense and saying "but there's no difference between the two versions".
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abzdiine  +   322d ago | Funny
b....but... the cloud?
b....but... 10% extra power from kinect

Great news, i'm gonna keep an eye on it.
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Pogmathoin  +   322d ago
Trolls out in force tonight..... Well, better than playing PS4 games I guess....
MetaReapre  +   322d ago
I believe you could be very right about that... This is a sports game and it doesn't take up a vast amount of resources as it doesn't have any kind of extra textures other than the arena, the characters and the ball. It should be 1080p 60fps...
UltraNova  +   322d ago
What do you call a Troll calling someone else a Troll?

OT: Its a well known fact that Fox engine is optimized enough to take advantage of the more powerful system. And is quite obvious Konami wont get into that parity bullshit, they look like they want to release the best possible version of their game and the ps4 is the only way (for consoles at least).
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abzdiine  +   322d ago
FIFA had no next gen feel in it.
WalterWJR  +   323d ago
So you keep telling everyone, everyday, literally the same story...
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Utalkin2me  +   323d ago
Is it weird all of the sudden we don't see that one guy posting first in every article "Sasuke" or whatever his name was. And of all the sudden he doesn't post anymore and this guys is always posting first in the same fashion.
iagainsti120  +   322d ago
@Utalkin2me At lest Sasuke was entertaining a lot of the time. This 60FramesPerSecond person is just a troll.
Flutterby  +   322d ago
It's the same person
dantesparda  +   323d ago
But its not just about "res" its also about the performance of the two systems. And usually the framerate is better on the PS4 version. But why would I want to pay more (well at least back then) for a system that's going to perform worst, unless I really, really like that systems exclusives? The truth is, I think the PS4 is barely even pulling it off (performing) as it is and the X1 is even worst. So for me its easy which of the two I rather get.
brotherlymoses  +   323d ago
Fortunately, there is something that can run all your games in 60fps, its called PC.
60FramesPerSecond  +   323d ago
yes. i know
Jdoki  +   323d ago | Funny
Really? Cus I could have sworn that my fairly decent gaming PC has trouble running old gen stuff like Uncharted 3, God of War 3, or Halo 4 at 60fps... Or even 0fps

Thanks for clarifying that my PC should be able to run Uncharted 4 and Halo 5 at 60fps when they come out... Will have to give it a try once they hit a Steam sale!!!

system22  +   323d ago
as i have said before.... if people wanted pc's they would go buy them. i get that rez/fps always makes a pc gamer feel they need to chime in but really the conversation is about console versions. everybody knows a pc can do whatever you want it to do if you throw enough money at it. thats just assumed and goes without saying. console people care more about what their console can do for the money... which is much more affordable than a decent gaming rig.
garos82  +   322d ago
Call me when you can run the last of us at any frames per second. Also bloodborne: shove that in your PC and smoke it
Qrphe  +   322d ago
Not all games, Destiny, The Last of Us, Bayonetta 2 and Sunset Overdrive run at 0p and 0 fps on PC.
make72  +   322d ago
games like goat simulator ?:)
LazyGoron  +   323d ago | Well said
It's stupid to buy a game for resolution, yes.

But to ignore the quality between the two is ignorance. Sure 1080p v 900p v w/e the lower resolutions are on X1 isn't a "game breaker". These numbers are, however, indicative of a "better/stronger" console and a "worse/weaker" console. You cannot deny that it's there.

Your argument should be: "IDC about resolutions, I like having fun. But I know the X1 isn't as powerful and thinking more power = better is a pissing contest". I don't agree with the argument and think the PS4 is much superior, but still, you wouldn't look like an idiot so often.
stuna1  +   323d ago
Bubbles for your explanation. Something I don't think many are taking into account, is sure these consoles are going to get better optimization tools throughout their life cycles, but more than likely the games are going to get bigger and have more effects going on in them. What does that say about the 1080p/ 60 fps paradyne!? More games on either console are going to start struggling to hit those benchmarks without making sacrifices. And looking at it from a stronger vs weaker hardware perspective, the differences will become even more apparent.
onyoursistersback  +   323d ago
This game is not even that demanding in graphics, both should be able to hit 1080/60fps...

This could be Sony's tactic to hit more sales.
IVIEDICATED  +   322d ago
The denial in your post is hilarious. So what about all the other games running and looking better on the PS4? Sony conspiracy there too?
TAURUS-555  +   322d ago
poor xbox1 theres no way it will match sony unbeliavable resolution 1080p/60fps

next fifa is gonna rock on the PS4 ¡¡¡¡
DeadRabbits  +   322d ago
PS4 Choose YOU!

Welcome to the Fold!
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downsidenz   322d ago | Spam
yewles1  +   323d ago
Misleading. They're not hesitant, they're just discussing their potentially biggest profitability. This is not likely to be as silly as the UFC incident, 8th gen's going to be 1080p.
ramiuk1  +   323d ago
ufc incident??
kurruptor  +   323d ago
Not really misleading. They don't have it at 1080p/60fps yet. They don't know if they will. So, how is that misleading?

But while attempting to seek clarification over whether Bhatti's comments also applied to the Xbox One version, senior creative producer Naoya Hatsumi explained that PES Productions is "still at a stage where we can't give a definite yes".
corroios  +   323d ago
When they star just showing the PS4 version there is something wrong. I cant accept that konami is getting problems to reach 1080/60 for a football game... Its just sad to hear...

Its another trend this generation and we are seeing this month after month...
badz149  +   323d ago
Wow..I though that it's a given that sports games would be 1080p60fps this gen?
RGB  +   322d ago
What this says to me, EA are gimping FIFA on PS4 to get equality for Xbone. Doesn't surprise me, how can MGSV be 1080p/60fps on PS4 yet only 720p/60fps on Xbone, EA gimping PS4 games for MS' benefit! Absolute joke.
sho0ok  +   323d ago
If FiFa can run at 1080p on Xbox ONE then the issue here is with the Konami developers. They don't put alot of effort on trying to achieve the best quality in x1. Look at Metal Gear: GZ, there is no way in hell Xbox couldn't achieve at least 900p. The point is Konami is all to blame here with their lazy developers or Sony paid them off lol, just kidding.
dantesparda  +   323d ago
They could make the game 1080p/60fps on the PS3/360 if they wanted to but they'd have to lower the graphics quality and the same is true for this game. Konami probably cant get all the bells and whistles to run on the X1 at 1080p. Whereas Fifa probably is less taxing.

Update: "Everyone knows that FiFa looks better and still manage to achieve 1080p without any issues. So if FiFa is less taxing and looks better then again as I said b4 Konami is here to blame."

If you say so, or maybe MS is to blame and should have made/gave them a better system.
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sho0ok  +   323d ago
Everyone knows that FiFa looks better and still manage to achieve 1080p without any issues. So if FiFa is less taxing and looks better then again as I said b4 Konami is here to blame.
MonstaTruk  +   323d ago
...or MAYBE, Hideo Kojima said to himself: "a LOCKED 60fps is worth more than a higher resolution. IF...I had to develop for a platform where I have to give-n-take..."

Yeah. It's Xbox One's problem. THEY made the hardware choices they made with the system, for WHATEVER reason. I'm a console gamer, and I want the most bang for my buck. And the PS4 version costs the same price? No contest...
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SuperBlur  +   322d ago
not going to try to start a debate over the reason behind why and how they chose their specs for the xbox 1 but one only has to look at the most prolific console last gen to connect the dots

Wii was king last gen and didnt sport top of the line specs

now , with the wii u struggling despite its quite amazing exclusives line up should've been a hint to MS but i guess they didn't update their sales figure charts at the time of the xbox 1 creation, hehe
Jdoki  +   323d ago
Ah the old 'lazy devs' argument again

Used robustly by PS3 owners from 2006 to 2013, and XB1 owners from 2013 onwards. :)
sho0ok  +   323d ago
So... There are no lazy developers? And if I were MS I'll tell Konami to achieve 1080p at any cost even if it means to sacrifice the quality. Just cuz the marketing 1080p campaign Sony started (which is ruining gaming) to attract more gamers who focus only on graphics.
RosweeSon  +   322d ago
So EA Not being able to get launch madden at more than 30fps on ps3 wasn't poor and lazy development, of course it was they wanted to rush a product whereas if they'd just had a year off they could have achieved what they wanted and not rushed out a sub par product, ps3 was held back by xbox getting the lead it's a fact hence why ps3 can still hold it's own against next gen, and likely will have a game in the next year or so that still blows most things out of the water, Sony consoles are not done until they are removed from shelves, have god of war 1 and 2 not showed us anything, ps2 games at the end of the systems life that looked absolutely amazing, truly epic and better than stuff that was being made on ps3/xbox 360 yet that was a ps2, ps3 will have a game like this soon that truly flexs the ps3 muscle now that not being held back by xbox 360 but if you seriously think that Microsoft with the xbox one are gonna magically come out with a game that truly pushes the system to it's limit in it's twilight years your gonna be seriously upset, xbox one can't even manage 1080p 60fps, so it's just gonna magic up a game nearer the end of it's lifespan that blows the ps4 away which is already gaining a lead not only in sales but in fidelity and graphics, not likely Microsoft are gonna struggle and I can't see they are gonna magically make there console better than a ps4, remove kinect all you want it's still it gonna help the insides of a console, it's set they can only get what they can out of it and 1080p seems to be elusive already, were not even a year down the line. Seriously use your brain.
Jdoki  +   322d ago
Congrats RosweeSon on the most impenetrable wall of gibberish I have ever tried to read through on N4G (and that's saying something).

Even if you just hit the Enter key twice a few random times while typing it would have helped break up the dirge of poor communication.

I remember the old days where we played games for fun. Sure there was the playground spats about 'My Commodore 64 is better than your Sinclair Spectrum' - but ultimately when we went round each others houses, we just revelled in the simple fact that games are meant to be enjoyed.

Now it seems global warming has thawed out semi-literate Neanderthals who spend more time on forums posting a near-constant stream of septic contradictory nonsense directly from their pea-sized brains to the keyboard, with no filter, editing or real concept of the stupidity they are spouting.
iistuii  +   323d ago
your totally correct. I had PES 14 on my gaming pc & that even had troubles with frame rate. Just look how great Fifa 14 looks on PS4/Xbox1, both running the same resolution & frame rate. Fifa 15 looks even better & again will run the same on both. Look I'm PlayStation this time round,so have no worries either way, but don't use Konami, especially PES for any comparison.
iceman06  +   323d ago
It had issues on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. From what I understand, it was the fact that they had to port down the Fox Engine that caused issues. Patches eventually came and helped a lot with that. That being said, depending on which console is the lead pretty much determines which one is getting the lion's share of dev time. Seems like that's the PS4 this time. I don't think they should have issues getting Xbox One up to par. But, it is early, so they showed the one that was most ready.
iDadio  +   323d ago
Dont think this will bother many, I don't know anyone that plays PES anymore
barb_wire  +   323d ago
Really? don't know about that, the last FIFA game I fully played was FIFA 92 back on the Genesis, did try FIFA 12 once, didn't care for it.

As for PES, well I've been playing them since 2006.

To each their own though. Play whichever footy game you're comfortable with.
bigbic  +   323d ago
I have never played a PES game. I am interested in it though. What do you find better about it than Fifa?
barb_wire  +   323d ago

Honestly, I just like the controls, seem fluid to me and of course, having a full editor (name, team, shirt) helps.. does FIFA allow for editing now?, like I said I only played FIFA 12 once but didn't go any deeper that a quick match.

I like the commentators too - but like I said, it's a personal preference, I have nothing against FIFA.
masterfox  +   323d ago
but...but..bu..., the xbone is worth at 399 right..right ?
patrik23  +   323d ago
New SDK, DX12, cloud, ....
claudionmc  +   323d ago
da powah of da cloud!!!

I haven't heard a lot of da powa of da cloud from MS last weeks...
jessupj  +   322d ago
They didn't even mention it once at E3 either.

I think they finally realised we saw right through that BS and were laughing at them every time they mentioned it.
S2Killinit  +   322d ago
they will soon come out with something else to fool people, and then after many articles have been written and much debate, they will say, well actually it doesn't effect xbone that much.
DX12, talk about a bunch of ballony*
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juaburg91  +   323d ago
I prefer PES
WilDRangeRrfc  +   323d ago
PES used to be king but it is dogshit now
asmith2306  +   323d ago
PES2013 was miles better than FIFA13. FIFA 14 is really good but not gonna compare that against PES2014 which was only released on last gen consoles. PES2013 played like the good old PES games in the PS2 era.
MasterCornholio  +   323d ago
I'm not surprised at this.

kennyg3739  +   323d ago
Let me summarized the article for people who go straight to n4g comment section. It never said 1080p/60 is not possible on the Xbox One is just said there concentrating the PS4 because it's more profitable and it's far along in the development stage. They said aiming for the same result on both systems.
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SpinalRemains138  +   323d ago
This is why sales are important.

Reference this the next time someone states sales don't matter. The best seller gets the best attention. We all win.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   322d ago
I believe they will reach 1080p/60 on xone,they're just gonna have to lower the textures,lower the lighting, and take down the shading a notch or two.
Ank666  +   323d ago
This is the same engine that's going to run MGS5 next year

First Mordor now This
Things aren't as bright for XBone after that 10% boost that M$ wanted xbots to believe

Feels good to be on the right side of the river
lameguy  +   322d ago
The game releases in September. There's a non-0 chance that the devs were not able to pick up the June SDK changes and still be ready in time. That's to say, if there's even a problem to begin with.
KNWS  +   323d ago
News like this is posted to put doubt in peoples mind the xb1 can do 1080p and 60 frames. The agenda is to give the impression the PS4 can do 1080p and 60 frames with ease, xb1 can't. Not fooling me i know what the story is and know the agenda of N4G and Sony fans posting this.

Its a soccer game of course its going to 1080p and 60 frames on xb1, just stop it now N4G.
Evil-Gouki  +   323d ago
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   323d ago
bigbic  +   323d ago
No football you play with your hands, soccer you play with your feet. This is MERCA!
SilentNegotiator  +   322d ago
Some countries call some things by a different name than others. Get over it.
imt558  +   323d ago

soccer game

Football! In the name of the game - football!

You said before that you bought a powerful gaming PC. Why you bother with console version anyway?
KNWS  +   323d ago
Its a soccer game if you what to differentiate it from other sports that are tagged football as well.

I have the xb1, because i have lot of friends who play games on x box live i like play with them. Plus I'm a Gears of War fan and its a exclusive game for x box. I also don't believe the xb1 is weak and in time it will be shown how evolutionary the xb1 is with physics been done on the cloud. I also like the dedicated server aspect with servers been provided for private matches too.
badz149  +   323d ago
"News like this is posted to put doubt in peoples mind the xb1 can do 1080p and 60 frames. The agenda is to give the impression the PS4 can do 1080p and 60 frames with ease, xb1 can't."

Dude, seriously. Konami doesn't have to do shit to tell people the bone have problems with high res and fps, many other games have already done that! Even their most touted exclusives like Titanfall and the upcoming Sunset Overdrive aren't 1080p and you're seriously blaming Konami?? Open your eyes already. Blame MS for the weak console they sold you for $500!
#14.3 (Edited 323d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Big-finger  +   322d ago
"The agenda is to give the impression the PS4 can do 1080p and 60 frames with ease"

but this is a fact for most games, in that the p4 can do 1080p 60 frames with ease while the xbox struggles to do the same.
GamersHeaven  +   323d ago
Glad I have a PS4.
TheTwelve  +   323d ago
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   323d ago
Same here.
OldDude  +   322d ago
Glad I sold mine.
yezz  +   322d ago
Why did you even get one? I find it weird that someone buys a PS4 and sells it before the great exclusives are out...
Flutterby  +   322d ago

It's called being salty and making up stories.
Breakman92  +   322d ago
I'm also glad that I sold my Ps4 for the Xbox one.... Always was a Ps fanboy until now, Btw do you even enjoy playing on your ps4 with the lack of good exclusives?
Spotie  +   321d ago
With the same lack of good exclusives on XB1, plus worse multiplats, do you even enjoy playing on your console?

What was your last exclusive? Forza? The game with half the content of the last game, and cardboard crowds? Yeah, that's a good exclusive...
DualWielding  +   323d ago
Does anyone buy PES on XBONE as far as I know the game is only popular in Japan because Konami has the exclusive licence for the Japanese league
Illusive_Man  +   323d ago
Fifa 15 is better and is 1080p on both.
iistuii  +   323d ago
Fifa 15 looks great from what I've seen. The PS4/X1 version of Fifa 14 is by far my favorite game of football so far. But its cool to hate Fifa on here as it is COD. Anything popular gets hate on here.
OldDude  +   322d ago
Unless its a Sony game. This is the only site where Knack is even heralded as a great game. Sony plays these guys like a fiddle, they buy up any rumor, every game being worked on is going to be "amazing", and the console is a supercomputer.
iceman06  +   323d ago
Because they are both out and you've played them both!?!?
patrik23  +   323d ago
poor illusive man. Must hurt really hard
asmith2306  +   323d ago
PES2013 was awesome, hope PES2015 is as good.
DanzoSAMA  +   323d ago
No one will buy PES 15 on Xbox ONE, FIFA with legends players Can't wait!
Speak_da_Truth  +   322d ago
legends that you don't get for free lol. tell how much did u waste opening countless packs just to get a single legend?? lol stop!!!! i know ur buthurt PES is coming back full force
Goku781  +   323d ago
I wonder is there a NDA for Xbox One resolution and out put again?
RomaVictor   323d ago | Spam
quenomamen  +   323d ago
Like they say " Where there's smoke, there's a fuming mad X1 owner "
badz149  +   323d ago
Really? I thought it's Sony because they are on fire!!
user3050031   322d ago | Spam
PiperMCFierceson  +   322d ago
Def wants this game , was going to get FIFA when it first released but I really wanted a winnings game .
Slick81  +   322d ago
Lol pes
90Supra  +   322d ago
another lazy dev....smh


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RosweeSon  +   322d ago
That could I been said with ps3 as it was technically superior, not the same case with xbox one and ps4, ps4 is the lead console and technically superior hence why the games are coming out at 1080p 60 FPS, and this is barely 6 months after launch, it's not a good start and it's not lazy dev's it's lazy manufacturers as Microsoft have made a console that can't keep up with the pace, this is next gen, not more of the same, xbox 360 does 1080p come on, open yours eyes and realise Microsoft are on the back foot and for a good reason.
90Supra  +   321d ago
you clearly missed the /s
HumanatPlay  +   322d ago
Awww thats so cute that PES can run on my PS4 @ 1080p 60fps. Though I do wonder what resolution the Nvidia Titan 6GB can play this game @?
RosweeSon  +   322d ago
There's lazy people in every walk of life and developers are no exception, oh we don't have any dlc, rip part of the game out and charge for it.... LAZY!!!
schnodder  +   322d ago
Are the devs lazy or is it really so hard to develop for the XB1? I mean c'mon, it's been the same news for almost every multiplatform game. Get ur arses up devs!!! If only the XB1 was a little bit stronger ...
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