Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - New Screenshots Released, Focusing On Manchester United

Konami has just released a new set of screenshots for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, focusing on Manchester United.

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SegaGamer1544d ago

The players still look like freaks i see :P

Rattlehead201544d ago

Sure you're not just looking at the pic of Rooney?

SegaGamer1544d ago

Not just Rooney, Carrick and Evra look pretty weird too.

UltraNova1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Yeah the lighting is too fake the grass is flat the crowds are cardboard and the players are stiff like corpses and to top it all off its like everything is covered in hard plastic coat..

Ok I'll stop...

3-4-51544d ago

Been Playing PES 2014 on PC a ton lately.

Nolando1544d ago

I think it looks good for their first next gen game. cant wait to see actual gameplay (not the snippet they showed us in June)

SaturdayNightBeaver1544d ago

Is this sarcasm? Do comparison with pes 2012 on PC and tell me again that this looks "next-gen". Its just awful , looks great for ps3 maybe.

Nolando1538d ago

Well if you noticed EA is now on their second wave of games for this generation. Whereas Konami is starting from scratch. Look back to last year all the next gen sports games from EA were just slightly better looking versions of last gen.

I like PES over Fifa. and I admit it looks great this year better than PES most likely. but I still think PES looks good.

badz1491544d ago

Focusing on a team not even in any European competition. Nice call /s