PES 2015 to introduce microtransactions with MyClub

PES 2015 is to introduce microtransactions with the game's new MyClub mode, a twist on Master League Online that will allow users to build their own team and purchase new players via in-game currency or real world cash.

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Baka-akaB1565d ago

F*ck off . Release a good and working game , before having any demands

r1sh121565d ago

at one point in time PES almost took over Fifa but Fifa came back and have won it for the past 6-7 years easily.
How and why they are starting micro transactions when the game is no where near as popular at the competitor is insane.

If they kept it free, got the game standard up they could compete better with fifa.

pompombrum1565d ago

Almost took over? For pretty much the whole of the PS2's life, PES was considered a better game than fifa. For me and my friends, it goes all the way back to ISS Pro 98 on the PS1.

r1sh121565d ago

@aiBreeze thats fair enough.
I played it exclusively from 2005ish to 2008.
Before that time I played fifa on my pc, when aliens would come and beam players away or lightning would kill them (fifa 98 i think).

You cannot doubt PES has fallen off a cliff and seems to be endlessly falling

TomShoe1565d ago

....aand they lost a buyer.

pompombrum1565d ago

Hardly surprising, in one of the last PES games I bought (back when online was unplayable) they had these ugly advertisements boxes on replays which looked horrible. Compromising the game in such a way to shoehorn adverts in.. not even EA stoop that low these days.

Activemessiah1565d ago

Despite all the crap I give EA with their yearly FIFA re-skins... this takes the cake big time.

Kivespussi1565d ago

FIFA has mictotransactions so...

Activemessiah1565d ago

It does??? then I'll gladly take that back since it is EA after all.

Killa781565d ago

Wouldn't this be like ultimate team where you have the option of using real money?

I've always been a fan of pes and think the gameplay is great but it's always lacked in online and extra modes.

Baka-akaB1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Wich would be fine , if they actually had their core gameplay down and fixed . Wich they dont , right now it's always between retreating back to past pes with a few fixes (pes 13) , or trying broken things (as seen with pes 14) .

Fifa got their core gameplay in order , the rest is either we like it or not

When you are like that , you have little business venturing so deep into extra and peripheral stuff . Clean up your house and messes , propose a robust basic online wich they never did, fix the modes you already were good at .. And then from there add Ultimate team modes and extra crap if you will and want

iistuii1565d ago

They lost their crown back in the days of PES6 & their arrogance by not keeping up the pressure let EA catch up & pass them by. Looking at the nice touches EA have added to an already great game for Fifa 15, I'm not sure Konami will ever get back to where they once were. Sad as i was PES for years, but I'm so pumped for Fifa 15 on PS4 that i barely worry what Konami do anymore..

ramiuk11565d ago

how u gonna search for your favorite players when there spelt wrong

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