Why Sonic Has Fallen On Hard Times

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic gaming mascots to come out of the 1990s and SEGA’s frontman since his initial appearance. A household name for sure, but Sonic’s spotlight in the gaming industry has become much dimmer in recent times. Plagued by a number of ill-received games in the last decade, his public image has been somewhat compromised.

Sonic’s most recent game Sonic Lost World managed to introduce some new ideas to the series like parkour and multiple pathways. While ambitious in its new concepts, it did a poor job executing them, ultimately leading to mixed reception from critics and a negative outlook from many fans.

Lost World is far from the worst Sonic game out there. To be completely honest, it’s not even a bad game; it just stumbles here and there. Rather, Lost World is one of the most disappointing games in this series.

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