Feature: What the Heck Is a PocketStation?

Push Square: "Back in the mists of time, when Tamagotchi was still a thing and we were all wondering if SEGA’s Dreamcast was really going to turn things around for the ailing hardware company, Sony took the Sonic the Hedgehog maker's new Visual Memory Unit concept – a portable memory card with a built-in LCD screen – and, well, seemingly copied it. Upon its Japanese release in 1999, the device sold out, but despite plans for a global launch, the impending PlayStation 2 meant that it never hit Western shores. So, what makes the curious peripheral special?"

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TetsujinFranky1623d ago

It's been ages since I've seen the PocketStation mentioned anywhere. Some high profile titles were also supporting it in Japan. I think Final Fantasy VIII and Tales Of Eternia supported it, if I'm not mistaken.