Magic 2015 Game Designer Cards Revealed - Notch, Brian Fargo, Rob Pardo and More

Grab It has secured the art for the Magic 2015 cards that have been designed by famous developers from other studios.

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SlappingOysters1452d ago

I like James Ernest's hot soup. Notch's one seems kind of boring.

CoyoteHunter1452d ago

I know right. I wonder how much freedom they have to design their cards. Like, wouldn't you go all out and design something really awesome? But, as you said, Notch's card is pretty bland.

Still these cards are very cool. Can't wait!

wynams1452d ago

sucks this isnt coming to any sony platform, oh well a few bucks saved

Meatyboy1451d ago

The super meat boy designer's card cruel sadist is sweet!

shipnabottle1451d ago

Yeah I'm with the super meat boy one. Good stuff