Battlefield Hardline community's top 10 most wanted detailed

EA have detailed the Battlefield Hardline‘Community’s Most Wanted’ changes and features.

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HanCilliers1626d ago

The more I read abt BFH the more concerned I get over its success

lord zaid1626d ago

But this story tells me the opposite. If the devs are taking the time to gather player feedback, thats a positive sign, isn't it?

plut0nash1626d ago

Yes. And get the game to run better than BF4 on launch/

Sillicur1626d ago

Great to see the devs taking player feedback into consideration!

Matt6661626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

*Duplicate Story*

*Duplicate Story*

I looked on the links and they say the same things.

Keith221626d ago

Cannot wait for this game spent hours on the beta thought it was great !

Ark_1625d ago

I think they picked ten concerns, that they can easily change ... and put them on top.

Top concern I read on forums are ...

(1) Does EA and Visceral rip me off?
(... the whole this should be a DLC thing)

(2) Do I get an unfinished and in parts broken game at launch, like BF4 was?
(... wouldn't be EAs first launch desaster ... SimCity, anyone?)