Keeping Cooties out of the Club House: Why Dividing Esports by Gender Makes No Sense at All

8CN: Gender issues continue to plague gaming, most recently stirring up controversy in the world of esports. The International e-Sports Federation, a league based in South Korea, has a policy of dividing their tournaments along gender lines. This recently became an international issue when a Finnish Reddit user posted a Hearthstone tournament announcement for a qualifier in Europe. Due to the fact that participants would be qualifiying for an IeSF event, and the IeSF has no women's Hearthstone division, female gamers were being barred from entering.

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1OddWorld1625d ago

Makes no sense they separate the genders on E sports. I would love to know if the best gamer in the world was a girl. And now I will be sexist and say I imagine here in a schoolgirl outfit being sexy to boot.