Exclusive European Xbox One Bundles Announced

Microsoft was looked at with raised eyebrows when they released the Xbox One to only countries last November, but it seems they’re trying to right some of their wrongs. Microsoft announced earlier today that they will be releasing two new Xbox One bundles for European countries. The deals can be pre-ordered now in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, and Switzerland

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Artista 1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Not really interested in those games. I'll sell them both for whatever I really want. :)When I get my Xbox this fall :D

I'll only play FIFA over a buddy's not online.

Lucreto1622d ago

More than likely they will be download codes just like the launch bundles and the Titanfall bundles.

Lawboy21622d ago

U can sell digital codes on ebay

badz1491622d ago

It's kinda ironic that MS delayed the launch for many countries so they can tune up for different languages for Kinect but ultimately dropped the Kinect before it even launch in those countries.

60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

Hopefully Xbox influence increases in europe

MasterCornholio1622d ago

Microsoft has it tough there but I'm sure things will get better for them.

F4sterTh4nFTL1622d ago

Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2 & Quantum Break are aimed at European gamers but the real question is do Europeans really want to deal with Microsoft in order to play these games. The Xbox One reveal left a bad taste in the mouth that will take a miraculous game to wash out.

RosweeSon1622d ago

Yep as I'm not much of a forza fan so out of those 3 games that's one I can look forward to in the U.K, I need a good 3-5 games to even consider buying a console, can't think of a single exclusive that really shouts at me and even the ones that some other people are saying are great now be great in 6-12 months not likely I want games averaging 9/10 before I buy a console not a load of average 7-8/10's sure great if you've bought the console and have nothing else to do or play of course your gonna but those games but I can play all the multiplatform games elsewhere and the exclusives aren't up to scratch xbox really need to bring out some big guns, and I'm not talking halo remakes ;)

60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

The Xbox One reveal left a bad taste in the mouths of many gamers, especially xbox fans like myself. I have forgiven them only due to the massive changes of the system, and now feel like it is a true competitor to the ps4

BattleReach1622d ago

Sounds good. But too bad, Microsoft is too late for me here in The Netherlands, already got a PS4. But still a good deal.

RosweeSon1622d ago

You've made the right choice ;)

StealthPandemic1622d ago

You both made bad choices.

- Ouya Master Race

BattleReach1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Why the h#ck do people disagree? I call it a good deal (Xbox fans like) and I have a PS4 (sony boys like) lal.

Why would I wait 11 months to buy an Xbox One if I just could go out and buy a PS4?

What a community ;)

MegaRay1622d ago

The disagrees coming from PC master race and WiiU fanboys... and xboners.... and PS fanboys... and everyone else. that N4G for you, you will even get down bubbled for having a different opinion even if you dont argue with others lol

RosweeSon1622d ago

I hope not, it was good whilst it lasted but I'd rather not have a technically inferior console being the lead console. Hence why I'm glad ps4 is doing as well as it is. I had a ps3 and sony clearly messed up but then xbox 360 really was great, that's the problem tho, it Was better it's not anymore ps3 is more powerful than xbox 360 and ps4 is much more powerful than xbox one even at these early days, hope it carries on, happy with my ps3/4 and vita alongside wii u and 3DS, xbox 360 soon to be retired and for now certainly won't be getting an xbox one, I'll wait for the next price cut and some decent games to rock up, all the ones getting announced at the moment have been available elsewhere and in some cases for free, Contrast, Outlast and Guacamelee to name just a few ;)

RosweeSon1622d ago

What happened to the days of bundling in games that you might actually want to keep, sonic 1, goldeneye, grand theft auto. FIFA 15 is great for 6 months until the new ones arrive, hence why i didn't but last years similar bundle, I'll wait until they do a bundle similar to the very first xbox. Dirt cheap and 3 of the best games available for the console, halo, jet set future and Project Gotham racing, not Even a halo fan but those were good bundles and with the console so cheap at the time, need a similar deal for me to get an xbox one at the moment not only is ps4 cheaper it's technically better, fact I prefer 90% of the games on sony, and been getting free games every month since launch day, Win win win!

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