This is Scorn - Horrifically beautiful

Scorn is an obscure, yet horrifically beautiful game and it's been rejected by investors because it's just "too weird for mainstream" and "have only single player."

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tool-parabola1627d ago

It made me think R. Giger. Such a talent. Hope this game can see the light, it may be an original horror IP.

HanCilliers1627d ago

I really also hope so, the bits we've seen thus far looks very promising. I recon they should go for Kickstarter or ask Sony for Indie support

r40k2131627d ago

Not enough sexual imagery for H. R. Giger.

Hellsvacancy1627d ago

lol, a little while ago when some leaked images of Scorn released I commented on how it reminded me of Gigers work to get nothing but disagrees

lord zaid1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

i thought we had moved past this "gamers don't want single player" BS

The problem with investor types is that they aren't gamers

HanCilliers1627d ago

Exactly, who can blame said investors for being too scared to invest in such a thing ;)

plut0nash1627d ago

That and they think inside the box. MS dropped Quantic Dream because of some questions they had in their game plot.

Sillicur1627d ago

As a gamer i will always love a great singleplayer experience. Nothing like playing through a riviting game!

InMyOpinion1627d ago

Publishers look to fill slots in the market window. It doesn't matter how good the games are, for example if there are 4 military FPS games releasing in 2014 it makes it hard for them to publish a 5th. They need to secure investments in order not to keep their jobs.

All in all I'm happy that we're seeing such a boom in indie games currently. Scorn looks awesome and I hope they find a way to prove the publishers wrong :)

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schmoe1627d ago

Intriguing, but will it deliver?

GabeSA1627d ago

There a great gap in the horror genre of gaming, and i think indie developers not affected by mainstream may give that little extra oomph that it needs.

Sillicur1627d ago

Exactly! I really hope this game gets released!

Ocsta1627d ago

So you're saying the game is being... SCORNED? *ba dum tshh* :D

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