Peter Dinklage's Lines from Destiny Set to be "Updated," but Should We Care?

8CN: Participants in the Destiny alpha have had pretty good reactions for the most part, it would seem. One aspect in particular seems to have drawn a lot of ire: the lines delivered by Peter Dinklage. Fortunately, it seems that Bungie is set to update those lines for the beta, and then again before the final release of the game. My big question, though, is whether or not this is something we should care about.

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KingKelloggTheWH1629d ago

I actually liked his voice work in the Alpha, the one I am concerned with is that HORRIBLE crucible announcer.

He never shut up and his voice was So dang annoying.

ArchangelMike1629d ago

I've been saying that from the start. Everyone obviously focused on Dinklage because he's famous, but the Crucible announcer was way way waaaay more annoying, and flat.

FamilyGuy1629d ago

I've never decided on not getting a possibly great game because of some voice acting that bugged me. It's good they're listening to feedback though.

adamandkate1629d ago

you know what, my wife doesn't play games.. .doesnt know games... doesn't like games and even she commented on how bad that announcer was

60FramesPerSecond1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

yes. anything to make a game better we should care about

BattleTorn1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

// devs listened to our feedback, but should we care? //

um, yes !?!

MysticStrummer1629d ago

If the voice work improves we should care, and if it gets worse we should really care. It wasn't something that would keep me from buying the game but it was noticeable.

rdgneoz31629d ago

If you watch / listen to the E3 trailer, you can tell the added post processing effects to his voice. The alpha, being an alpha, looks like it didn't have that in it. The E3 trailer makes him sound a lot better.

MysticStrummer1629d ago

Yup I noticed that when I downloaded it from PSN.

T2X1629d ago

I'm sure the game will rock. As far Peter Dinklage's voice acting goes, I wouldn't care if he farts into the microphone. I'm more concerned about his acting in Game of thrones.

NexGen1629d ago

Lmao, I agree. It is good that they listened, however.

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