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In Destiny, you are already dead.

"By now we all know Destiny is going to be Huge, but with all the info we have recieved and even with the previous Alpha we know very little about Destiny’s story. Across the internet in multiple places Destiny fans have came upon an interesting bit of information about Destinys world, that information being the Guardians you play were previously dead."-Takuchat. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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KingKelloggTheWH  +   171d ago
I seriously can't wait for this game. I'm going to drop so many hours into the beta!
caseh  +   171d ago
I'm tempted but after pouring in 12+ hours into the Alpha i'm going to avoid the beta so I get the full experience without the initial 'awesomeness' factor being diluted by putting an excessive amount of time into the beta.
crxss  +   171d ago
makes for an interesting story and companionship between the guardian and the ghost
abzdiine  +   171d ago
gamers are apparently gonna spend hundreds of hours when Destiny comes out, i wonder if other games will weigh big in comparison to the scale of this one.
I think the PS4 lineup for this fall is perfect because between two Destiny sessions i'd like to have me some LBP3 fun.

Destiny will sell big on PS4 because no similar games is coming at the same time other than COD but on X1 there is Halo.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   171d ago
You are a stronger man then I.

I cant hold back, I need my fix
UltraNova  +   170d ago
"initial 'awesomeness' factor "

Considering you already spent 12+ hrs on this game I'm inclined to ask you how long does your 'initial' awesomeness factor last dude? ?

I mean most games last from 6-10hrs max! I guess you must be pretty damn happy when playing video games...

For me that factor last 30 to 60 mins max...
dmitrijs88  +   171d ago
This seems to be a next big thing and Sony did well by betting on this horse.
thrust  +   171d ago
It's on both consoles tho :/
rogimusprime  +   171d ago
Actually it's on more than "both" consoles. Last Gen gets it too. Sony "bet" on Destiny buy paying more to get exclusive content, and the first beta, etc.
showtimefolks  +   171d ago

me too, can't wait till it comes out. Didn't play Alpha, most likely won't touch Beta

just give me the final game

mass effect

awesome mixture of genre by Bungie
KingKelloggTheWH  +   171d ago
I'd kill for the final game, I just like to help in betas too. make sure the game is perfect for everyone
medman  +   171d ago
I have avoided the alpha and I will avoid the beta also. I love getting a game and experiencing it new, fresh, and in it's complete form day one. I need to be able to explore without having arbitrary limits set by the developer, so I can wait.
texag2011  +   171d ago | Funny
So you start off with a negative K/D? I don't know about that...
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   171d ago
XD Wow...I never even thought about that

AgentSmithPS4  +   171d ago
If EA wants my "Destiny" money, they'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
DarkBlood  +   171d ago
Your suppose to be deleted :p
joab777  +   171d ago
A little kingdoms of amateur thrown into the mix. A great game by the way!
younglj01  +   171d ago
Destiny might set the standard of FPS this gen. With the launch of BF4. DICE really mess up the Battlefield name with most gamers. Now most BF vets/die hard are mad at EA for releasing BF:Hardline. Only way I can see BF5 making an impact this-gen if DICE goes back too their roots. Take out SP and just give me something focus on mayhem.

Nothing wrong with 1st person shooters but I would love too have an large scale 3rd person title come too the market. TPS genre had a lot of awesome titles on PS2 and I would like too see some more.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   171d ago
I wish Destiny had 3rd person as an option, that would be sweet.
sckipt  +   171d ago
A 60$ game worth 500 million $
josephayal  +   171d ago
destiny meh! and meh! another generic fps like call of duty and ....
LightDiego  +   171d ago
That's sad.
NiteX  +   171d ago
This seems like the trend in RPGs as of late. I don't think I can remember an RPG game where you didn't start out as a dead guy coming back to life. I call it the Jesus trend.
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Whore_Mouth  +   168d ago
Well, there's always Pokemon.
BeardedPriest  +   171d ago
Its a Dark Souls thing... there are many people at Destiny who love Dark Souls and I have seen its Influence on the Alpha.
RustEGearz  +   171d ago
I enjoyed progressing in the Alpha even knowing it would all be deleted.
(Did anyone here get attacked by the "Roving band of Pikes?" That was an awesome surprise! My fire-team and I hovered around on our newly claimed pikes and killed a lot of stuff with them :D)

Note: We didn't get to keep them
Rooted_Dust  +   170d ago
I think this is all part of their plan to make Destiny as immersive for the players as possible.

Having silent protagonists who are essentially clean slates, with no specific history, allows the players to feel more like they are the character they're playing, rather than just controlling someone in a story.
bahabeast  +   170d ago
i most likely wnt get a chance to try it before the game launches and i really dnt want to buy it on my ps3 soo i guess i wnt get a chance untill december when i get myself a ps4
Whore_Mouth  +   170d ago
"Special thanks to all the people of Bungie.net, Reddit and the youtube news providers who find these wonderful things."

It was the same person on all the forums.

He does have a point though.
DJNOSTYLE  +   170d ago
Press Square to respawn.

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