Sony Will Release the PS4 Slim the Instant They Fall Behind Microsoft

Sony will save a new PS4 model for when they really need it. Like, for example, when the Xbox One reclaims the North American territory.

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lelo1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

"Sony Will Release the PS4 Slim the Instant They Fall Behind Microsoft"

In American sales, if the X1 adds a few big exclusives to their line-up (only Halo, Forza and Gears is not enough), decreases it's price and becomes cheaper then the PS4, maybe the X1 has a shot...

Now in world sales, I can't see the PS4 falling behind the X1... unless something completely unexpected happens.

NextLevel1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

The Xbox One might outsell the PS4 during certain months here and there when a big game releases. There is nothing to support the argument that Microsoft is even close to doing so consistently. The Xbox One hasn't even crossed 5 million something the PS4 did a long time ago.

Phil Harrison
"Asked about bridging the gap between the two console's sales figures (Sony report 9 million units sold, Harrison says Xbox One's figure is "north of five million") he says: "Some analysts will suggest that we are less than 5% into this generation, so there is plenty of market opportunity ahead of us."

The crazy thing is, the PS4 is doing this with a relatively weak exclusive line up so far. When the big games start dropping in 2015 this could get out of hand.

Sony will release the slim when they're ready, there is no need in waiting for Microsoft.

Nitrowolf21141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

"Sony will release the slim when they're ready, there is no need in waiting for Microsoft."

Agreed, The Slim will come when it comes. It's not about being a last resort to try to regain the market from the competition, it's about releasing an old product again at a cheaper production value for them, thus more profit per console sold.

The_Hero1141d ago

The point of releasing the slim is to be cost effective while maintaining profibility.

mikeslemonade1141d ago

X1 will never outsell the PS4 for one month in the U.S. because the $399 sku couldn't do it.

weekev151141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Agreed this isnt some competition to the execs, its about making profit. The only reason they give 2 craps about MS is that they are taking some of their market. If Sony sells 100 million this gen and MS sells 101 million, Sony wont care because they will still have made a profit, which for them is a massive deal right now.

bigbic1141d ago

I would be speechless if Microsoft outsold Sony in total sales this gen in any country, let alone worldwide. It is Sony's gen to lose.

Provolone241141d ago

I've been thinking the same thing. 2014 hasn't been great for any platform, but it's been especially lacking in the exclusives department for Sony considering how high their expectations are in terms of delivering arguably the best exclusive games.

So, when 2015 kicks off with The Order, then Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, not to mention all the announced new IPs that we know Sony're right; it could get out of hand.

Quantum Break looks great and we already know Halo and Gears are coming in 2015 (yeah, total shocker there), but Microsoft better have some tricks up their sleeve.

UltraNova1141d ago

The Slim is meant to be a mid cycle refresher to an aging product which help re-invigorate customer perception of the product just like car face-lifts.

This should be done when you reach a sales plateau or steady decline in sales for any reason not just as a reaction to what the competition is doing.

Chris_GTR11141d ago

Why would ps4 slim matter? Ps4 is already significantly slimmer when compared to x1. Has anyone put them side by side? At this point ps4 is even slimmer than the furute x1 slim.

Eddie201011141d ago

Then we probably won't see a Slim PS4, at least not because it is behind in sales.

Darkstares1141d ago

The Slim will come when the parts become more efficient so they can make a smaller design, and to add a whole new look to renew interest if sales start to fall. Sony needs to be profitable so if they can make the hardware for cheaper with a new slim model they will.

ghostface91141d ago

@mikeislemonade please tell me thats a joke first of the x1 will probably outsell the ps4 in the US this month first with the new sku but saying it will never pass the ps4 is idiotic.

Kingscorpion19811141d ago

It will get out of hand... I can already see it happening lol

Kingscorpion19811141d ago

It will get out of hand... I can already see it happening lol.

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JBSleek1141d ago

Why does the Xbox One have to lower its price from $399? That's fine and competitive.

rdgneoz31141d ago

If the kinect standalone costs more than $100, it'll show that MS could have lowered the Kinectless even more for consumers. Even before kinectless, they were selling titanfall bundles for $450 ($560 value) and they couldn't stay competitive.

Spotie1141d ago

In another week or so, we'll see whether or not that price makes the XB1 competitive. Right now, it doesn't appear to have done much (basing this off the dubious VGChartz until we get some NPD figures).

Being at the same price doesn't make it competitive.

Magicite1141d ago

Does this mean there will never be a PS4 slim?

ltachiUchiha1141d ago

They will definitely have one no matter what because a slim will definitely help Sony save money.

GT671141d ago

their no need to wait on MS pull miracle from behind . when Sony ready that sexy slim hot mama will show those legs.

jessupj1141d ago

"Sony Will Release the PS4 Slim the Instant They Fall Behind Microsoft"

Did sony just confirm they'll will be no slim model released ever?

Gamer19821141d ago

They wont ever fall behind the Xbone in total sales.. Maybe the odd month in the US Xbone will outsell it but in total PS4 will dominate this generation now.. The PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide leading to it overtaking it in the end and the ps4 is a lot stronger console than the ps3 and the xbone has a lot less strength than the 360.

fenome1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Don't forget the 360 had a year headstart and the PS3 was more expensive, but the PS3 still passed it. How you support your console, consumers, and developers is what's going to carry you the distance. This time around they both started the race at the same time, but the PS4 is stronger and cheaper, and Microsoft tripped on the first hurtle. I honestly believe they're going to dominate pretty much this whole generation.

Evilsnuggle1141d ago

That is quite sad i was looking forward to a new PS4 slim . Because xbone will never out sale the PS4 in europe . xbone will have a hard time out selling PS4 in the usa . Maybe when a halo game drops but SONY will beat m$ again in sales like every gen so far . xbone will lose more market shares that 360 gained . SONY will take back the market shares that was lose by PS3 . PS4 = PS2 this gen


agreed PlayStation will lead this entire generation

showtimefolks1141d ago

Sony will release a ps4 slim when they can ut costs and make a bigger profit. Jack tretton said that fans think we can cut the prices or release newer models in an instant, but these things are well planned for future

Now xbox one will not pass ps4 at anytime in sales(overall meaning ps4 is at 12 million and xbox one is at 12.1 million, there maybe months where it may sell better than ps4 but right now the gap is over 4 million)

ps4 is reported to be at 9 million
xbox one at 5

IMO if any shot of making it close in USA market than its this fall, i really don't see xbox one doing better than ps4 in 2015. This fall xbox one can make a comeback or some sort but that may easier said than done

I think sony will get a huge sales bonus with Destiny bundle and white PS4's(i know many friends who are waiting for white ps4)

than there is Europe where MS has no chance, ps4 is the king of that market like ps3 and before ps1-ps2 were. Europe has grown to a point where MS really needs to shift a lot of their focus into that region

Bottom line is this:

the way things are right now with 4 plus million in sales gap, i see this generation being a thing where xbox one will be playing catch up. Now that doesn't mean it won't be successful(hear that xbox fans, i am not bashing xbox one, its an awesome console)

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truefan11141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Looks like the Slim will be here at the start of the new year. Sony has nothing that can compete with Halo. Hell Gears is more popular than the uncharted franchise. Even price with Halo MCC Bundle Holiday 2014 vs ? for ps4. XB1 won NPD one month during the 2013 holiday at $100 more.

Sony better hope people don't learn they can play Destiny on XB1 along with Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, and Forza Horizon 2. My darn nephew didn't even know Destiny was multiplat, once he learned that it was a no brainer.

Majin-vegeta1141d ago

Yea it one the month where they were really scarce to find.But seeing as they're now easier to find in some places i doubt it lol.