LCS 2014 EU Summer W7D1 Superweek

Roccat vs Fnatic – Picks/Bans – 1:39:40
SK Gaming vs Gambit – Picks/Bans – 2:44:00
Copenhagen Wolves vs Roccat – Picks/Bans – 3:43:05
Millenium vs Fnatic – Picks/Bans – 4:58:50
Alliance vs Supa Hot Crew – Picks/Bans – 6:02:50

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Stevefantisy1630d ago

Still think you need to cover DoTo2

JoeIsMad1630d ago

I can't get enough of the LCS. Since the fantasy league started, it's great to be able to track players easily in these videos.

Jacktrauma1630d ago

Super cool! Already week Seven? man that's gone by fast!

Hi3i1630d ago

Who still plays this game??
Dota is better!!!