Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail Release in Europe

Push Square: "What’s worse than being sentenced to a lifetime in the slammer when your crime is merely being born? Well, being forced to buy the next PlayStation Vita blockbuster Freedom Wars from the PlayStation Store, of course. Sony has quietly announced on the PlayStation Blog that Japan Studio’s latest Monster Hunter-esque adventure will not score a physical edition on European shores, meaning that you’ll need to set aside some space on your overpriced memory stick."

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mikel10151625d ago

Definitely shows Sony's confidence on the Vita when they won't even bother for retail releases for their OWN FIRST PARTY GAMES, yet Playstation Vita Pets gets one?

DualWielding1625d ago

Bad Vita news keep on piling

SaveFerris1625d ago

Why does Sony seem to do this to Europeans so often?