Sony can’t keep up with demand for the Vita in NA

The Vita is notable absent from store shelves and online sellers in North America, according to Polygon – especially the Borderlands 2 bundle, which only released in May.

A Sony spokesperson said the problem is increased demand, not diminished supply.

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Emanno1573d ago

Please Sony, don't give up on the Vita. It still has a lot of potential.

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kryteris1573d ago

but please get rid of the GUI.

Magicite1573d ago

I hope Vita does well, its by far most superior handheld ever released.

Half_Minute_Hero1573d ago

Well, gee, seeing as how the competition is a Nintendo DS, I'd sure hope so..

Monkeycan81573d ago

It needs a GTA game! they should Remake GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and the two 3D PSP games for the Vita and announce a New GTA game. I would buy one just for those.

Visiblemarc1573d ago

I love my Vita too.

Not saying "mobile" is without value, but for gaming I'll take my Vita and 3DS over a "mobile" device ANY day.

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iamnsuperman1573d ago

The other queried it while this got a response (sort of like a story within a story). If the other article doesn't update then this should be fine

Drithe1573d ago

OMG! Hurry! Sony is all out of PS4's and psp Vitas! The next shipment will not be enough. Buy then while you can!!

admiralvic1573d ago

What a surprise. A sensible and logical answer that has nothing to do with the doom / gloom people jump to.

Anyway, glad to see Vita interest is up. It's a great console thats really only held back by some peoples negativity and high memory card prices (thankfully they're not as bad as before).

JBSleek1573d ago

No this isn't logical and sensible. Sony is not having any issues with demand for Vita. Sony sold around 10,000 units in June. If anything this is forced shortage by Sony by simply not having many in stock.

PsychOff1573d ago

Actually I don't see why this can't be true, the borderlands 2 bundle was sold out everywhere and Sony already phased out the OLED models.

So if that is the case, even with poor sales in June this could be true. There were several reports of the borderlands bundle being sold out almost everywhere.

kingdom181573d ago

How is this not logical? They have a poor selling handheld, sales have picked up some, so there is a shortage of them, makes perfect sense to me.

DualWielding1573d ago

I think is simply a case that both Sony and retailers had very low expectations and had short stocks so what they are saying is technically correct the cause of the shortage is that demand exceeded expectations... what they fail to note is that expectations were very low to begin with

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jnemesh1573d ago

I am glad to see it selling so well! I think the remote play and cross play features with the PS4 are the "killer app" that will drive adoption. Personally, I am looking forward to more games supporting the 2nd screen functionality!

iamnsuperman1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I don't think it will be. I think people will still be put of getting it since it doesn't do much apart from gaming. If Sony can somehow make remote play work on their own (needs to be their own) mobile and tablet products I can see those product shooting up in popularity because they have that everyday functionality as well.

They have kind of laid the groundwork with remote play working for all games and that you can connect a DS3 to a Sony device (mobile and tablet). It is just that next step (if it is possible). It would sell more PS4s as well. One of the reasons I want the Vita to fail (I have one by the way) because I think it could give Sony a good kick up the arse to look into such a venture (at the moment the Vita is holding this idea back because Sony wants it to sell)

JBSleek1573d ago

If the PS4 is Vita's killer app Sony already lost the dedicated handheld battle.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1573d ago

Relying on a another console's feature should NEVER be it's killer app. Vita needs to stand on its own.