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Submitted by slivery 513d ago | news

Sony can’t keep up with demand for the Vita in NA

The Vita is notable absent from store shelves and online sellers in North America, according to Polygon – especially the Borderlands 2 bundle, which only released in May.

A Sony spokesperson said the problem is increased demand, not diminished supply. (PS Vita)

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Emanno  +   513d ago
Please Sony, don't give up on the Vita. It still has a lot of potential.
texag2011  +   513d ago
It has nothing to do with keeping up demand. They're trying to get rid of current stock to try something else. Maybe new bundles. I honestly haven't seen Vitas on shelves at Gamestop for 2 months. It has 0 to do with demand. My buddy that works there said they never even get them in anymore.
iamnsuperman  +   513d ago
It could be down to the Playstation TV launching soon. The Playstation TV is basically a vita but in a different shell. They are extremely similar. Sony may be struggling to keep up with the low demand of the Vita because they are focusing (or shifting their focus) on making the Vita form more profitable via Playstation TV (i.e. they are making more and more of these instead of Vitas because they believe that is where the demand is as the Vita, like you said, doesn't have a huge amount of demand)
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harrisk954  +   513d ago
texag2011.... did you read the article. You ar wrong:

The Vita is notable absent from store shelves and online sellers in North America, according to Polygon – especially the Borderlands 2 bundle, which only released in May.

A Sony spokesperson said the problem is increased demand, not diminished supply.

“We’re seeing healthy consumer demand for PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan,” the representative said.

“The U.S. launch of the slimmer and lighter PS Vita has generated strong interest among gamers, and we’re working to replenish supply here to ensure continued momentum leading into the holidays.”
kohlgamer  +   513d ago

Sigh... another person who thinks his local gamestop represents the entire country
SilentNegotiator  +   513d ago
Vita has only sold like, 8-9M in 2 and a half years. There's no heavy demand for that thing; they must have an extremely tiny manufacturer making Vitas if they can't keep up with demand.
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Killzoner99   513d ago | Trolling | show
choujij  +   513d ago
I bought one last week. Been meaning to for a while. Looks like others have done the same.
geddesmond  +   513d ago
LMAO. When people tell lies about this sort of crap they always start off with or finish with a buddy that works there told me. Lol. Who gives a crap anyway. The only thing vita is good for is remote play for the PS4. I know this because my buddy who OWNS ONE TOLD ME LOL.
ocelot07  +   513d ago
Your local Gamestop = Rest of NA.
kryteris  +   513d ago
but please get rid of the GUI.
Magicite  +   513d ago
I hope Vita does well, its by far most superior handheld ever released.
Half_Minute_Hero  +   513d ago
Well, gee, seeing as how the competition is a Nintendo DS, I'd sure hope so..
TAURUS-555  +   512d ago
i love vita i love sony
Monkeycan8  +   512d ago
It needs a GTA game! they should Remake GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and the two 3D PSP games for the Vita and announce a New GTA game. I would buy one just for those.
Visiblemarc  +   512d ago
I love my Vita too.

Not saying "mobile" is without value, but for gaming I'll take my Vita and 3DS over a "mobile" device ANY day.
TheWackyMan  +   513d ago
duplicate story
iamnsuperman  +   513d ago
The other queried it while this got a response (sort of like a story within a story). If the other article doesn't update then this should be fine
TheWackyMan  +   513d ago
Drithe  +   513d ago
OMG! Hurry! Sony is all out of PS4's and psp Vitas! The next shipment will not be enough. Buy then while you can!!
admiralvic  +   513d ago
What a surprise. A sensible and logical answer that has nothing to do with the doom / gloom people jump to.

Anyway, glad to see Vita interest is up. It's a great console thats really only held back by some peoples negativity and high memory card prices (thankfully they're not as bad as before).
JBSleek  +   513d ago
No this isn't logical and sensible. Sony is not having any issues with demand for Vita. Sony sold around 10,000 units in June. If anything this is forced shortage by Sony by simply not having many in stock.
PsychOff  +   513d ago
Actually I don't see why this can't be true, the borderlands 2 bundle was sold out everywhere and Sony already phased out the OLED models.

So if that is the case, even with poor sales in June this could be true. There were several reports of the borderlands bundle being sold out almost everywhere.
kingdom18  +   513d ago
How is this not logical? They have a poor selling handheld, sales have picked up some, so there is a shortage of them, makes perfect sense to me.
DualWielding  +   513d ago
I think is simply a case that both Sony and retailers had very low expectations and had short stocks so what they are saying is technically correct the cause of the shortage is that demand exceeded expectations... what they fail to note is that expectations were very low to begin with
texag2011  +   513d ago
Peoples attitudes are a result of their impression of the console. It isn't the person's flat for having a negative attitude, it is caused by something that they're not pleased with about the system. Plus It goes way beyond high memory card prices. The games people expected to be hits are sloppy & unpolished. The only quality games are targeted to niche markets. I know everyone Bashes Call of Duty but if Declassified would have been successful it would have boosted system sales tremendously. Same goes with Resistance & Killzone. I blame a lot of it on the poor controls.
MotherLight  +   513d ago
Sloppy and unpolished? Was Uncharted Unpolished? What about Sly Cooper? Tearaway? Killzone? Gravity Rush? Soul Sacrifice? Freedom Wars? DBZ: Battle of Z (people may not like the game but it wasn't broken or unpolished)? Ragnarok Odyssey? Blaz Blue? Dead or Alive 5? Street Fighter x Tekken? Need for Speed Most Wanted? Dynasty Warriors? Ninja Gaiden? Dragon's Crown? MLB? Moto GP? Sonic Racing? Hot Shots Golf? Virtua Tennis 4?

I really could go on but no point really, no matter how many awesome games that were very polished on the Vita I list, it won't make a difference here and people call this a Sony site lol.

Poor controls? What? I can't even respond to something like that, the controls are great given it is a handheld.

Sadly Declassified sold pretty damn well also like 500k, even though it was a terrible game, pathetically it sold more than much more deserving Vita games.

Meh I don't know why I bother.
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texag2011  +   513d ago
You're the problem with this site don't get so angry bro. You need to learn to think critically of all systems & games.

First of all Uncharted was well done & I have praised it on multiple occasions. It was the only Well done Mass appealing Vita game that was released. If you would have read my post before blowing your top you'd realize that I note games like Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Freedom Wars, Plus nearly everything else you mentioned are Niche games. If Sony wants to sell this thing they need to appeal to a wider audience. It takes time, a good studio, & a lot of money to produce a proper title. They need a quality multiplayer shooter to get serious FPS gamers on board. They need also proper RPG (Not JRPG) like Diablo or Skyrim.

And you can't say that the controls offer anything close to a console experience. The sticks are awful & tiny. They do not click in. & the system is missing 2 shoulder buttons. I'd love to go 1 on 1 with you in Battlefield. You stream on your Vita & I'll use my DS4 controller lets see who has the advantage.

If you, & every other fanboy, could set aside your stubbornness for a while & say something critical about the Vita maybe Sony will catch on to what they need to improve. I have a Vita & it is a quality system but It cannot deliver a console experience & it does not have the types of quality games they need for more people to hop on board.
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MotherLight  +   513d ago
Umm the controls aren't supposed to be equal to a console, once again do I have to remind you that the PS Vita is a handheld and not a console which many people seem to get confused.

Honestly what is so hard to understand about that?

Yes nearly everything I listed are niche games, okay /s. If you say so, I think it is you who isn't doing the proper reading.

Please don't PM me with further crap either. I really didn't blow my top at all, I responded to you and just chuckled at the fact everyone calls this a Sony site yet so many people here hate on the Vita for illegitimate reasons.

Obviously you blew your top if you had to PM me, that is a clear sign of a blown top on N4G.

I am not saying the system couldn't have better support or it doesn't have its problems but you said the only quality games the Vita have are aimed at niche markets which isn't true. Plain and simple.

Many of those games appeal to a large market of gamers and sell very well on consoles, they just didn't sell well on the Vita.
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zerog  +   513d ago
The cod bundle was the 1st vita i got and i thought it was pretty solid. I only play multiplayer on cod and had a lot of fun with it. I bought assassins creed for it when it came out and little big planet and have enjoyed all 3. I got a 2nd vita a couple months late because i have 2 kids and the free games with plus has kept them both happy as well. The controles imo are the best any handheld has ever had and i've own or at least played on all of them. Its a great hand held it justdoesn't get the recognition it deserves.
Illusive_Man  +   513d ago
What demand?
jnemesh  +   513d ago
I am glad to see it selling so well! I think the remote play and cross play features with the PS4 are the "killer app" that will drive adoption. Personally, I am looking forward to more games supporting the 2nd screen functionality!
iamnsuperman  +   513d ago
I don't think it will be. I think people will still be put of getting it since it doesn't do much apart from gaming. If Sony can somehow make remote play work on their own (needs to be their own) mobile and tablet products I can see those product shooting up in popularity because they have that everyday functionality as well.

They have kind of laid the groundwork with remote play working for all games and that you can connect a DS3 to a Sony device (mobile and tablet). It is just that next step (if it is possible). It would sell more PS4s as well. One of the reasons I want the Vita to fail (I have one by the way) because I think it could give Sony a good kick up the arse to look into such a venture (at the moment the Vita is holding this idea back because Sony wants it to sell)
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JBSleek  +   513d ago
If the PS4 is Vita's killer app Sony already lost the dedicated handheld battle.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   513d ago
Relying on a another console's feature should NEVER be it's killer app. Vita needs to stand on its own.
gamerfan0909  +   513d ago
Sony has been saying this for months about the Vita and every NPD that comes out tells a different story. Why continue to make up stuff? It's selling tremendously in Japan and not so much worldwide. Why lie?
zerog  +   512d ago
Because its probably not making stuff up, ever think of that? Apparently there are a lot of people commenting who know nothing of manufacturing so heres how this is probably working. In manufacturing theres this process called LEAN manufacturing you can probably google it. Anyway it really got its start in Japan with toyota and has been adopted by millions of conpanies worldwide. The basic idea is to trim fat off production and keep it smooth as possible to reduce costs and overhead. Basiclly never have an overstock, build what you need as you need it to fill orders, only keep enough materials on hand to do what you expect in the short term and only have a production environment big enough to meet the estimated quantity. The point is why do you need 3 production lines running when 1 will meet demand or why keep enough raw material for 100,000 units when you only build 1000 a day? You would be paying for equipment running and storage that wasn't being used and that isn't smart buisness. So if a company has been selling 50,000 units a month for a year and practice LEAN then they're going to cut production back to just meet that demand because keeping the capacity to do more is just costing money and not making it. So then comes a surge and all at once demand is 100,000 a month they're not going to be able to keep up and it will take time to catch up if the trend continues because they will need to up their production envirnment.
DragonKnight  +   513d ago
I obviously can't speak for anyone else, but every game related store I have around me has Vita's in stock, so it's a bit much to say North America if I can find it in at least 6 stores in less than a 2 mile radius.
Chespin  +   513d ago
If this is now just an accessory can't we all sue Sony for false advertising? They promised it was a handheld gaming system,not a remote play device.
gamerfan0909  +   513d ago
Lol come on man. Why would anyone sue them over that? I don't think you'd get very far with that lawsuit. Besides there's still games coming for it. It does seem they're gearing up to just bundle it in with PS4's as a remote play controller similar to the gamepad, though.
JBSleek  +   513d ago
Lol at the fact you took his comment serious about the lawsuit.
ElementX  +   513d ago
Somebody can buy mine, it's the OLED screen version. It just sits in it's case
windblowsagain  +   513d ago
It must be very sad. Don't you even feed it.

It needs love and fingers.
ElementX  +   513d ago
hkgamer  +   513d ago
my vita has turned into a ps+ machine. my 32gb memory card is putting me off downloading any games from store since its maxed out and i have to constantly delete games off it.

if only there was a way to download games onto ps4/3 and allow the vita to stream the data(not video like remote play) like an external drive.
ElementX  +   513d ago
I guess I do have that back catalog of Plus titles... Recently I've been playing mostly PC games and building Lego sets though, no time for Vita
zerog  +   513d ago
You know that streaming thing is a good idea and could probably be made a reality pretty easy. I would be all over a feature like that.
Gezmoyassine  +   513d ago
Good for Sony! I wish Sony made the new PSVITA model in different colors ON BOTH SIDES NOT THE JUST ON THE BACK OF THE UNIT!.As for a bundle,is it really necessary?I mean if people want both systems they can just buy both of them at the same time without the need of a bundle.
danny818  +   513d ago
wasn't there just an article that said that retailers weren't stocking psvitas?! this one is saying they cant keep up with demand lol
spacecat5050  +   513d ago
Lol, smells like PR white washing to me. I have never seen the Vita out of stock in any store I frequent.

I doubt now that Vita's are flying off the shelves. This sounds like an excuse for sony perhapse limiting vita production and maybe slowly killing the portable device.

we'll see.
air1  +   513d ago
Please.... Sony gave up on vita like it did psp and go... I will never ever buy another Sony handheld!
#13 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
ocelot07  +   513d ago
Sony gave up on PSP? Really I thought that had a very good 7 year run.
RexDD  +   513d ago
It's funny how people keep bashing the Vita even when it's good news.. Vita can't catch a break huh?.. Dammit..
hkgamer  +   513d ago
its sonys fault. all i expect from the vita now is for the digimon and new phantasy star(not the f2p game) to be released and localised over here.

also hoping for a 200gb internal vita to be released. one can dream :P
speedforce131  +   512d ago
It's a Sony product, they'll NEVER give it a break. EVER. Microsoft and Nintendo fans have done considerable damage to the brand last generation and it still continues to this day.

edit: I read Spotie's post and it's on point. In fact most of the people he listed off, was already set on ignore.
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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   513d ago

LOL I'm sorry but this is the best PR Sony ever came up with Vita.

If demands were higher retailers and news will surfaces. BL2 bundle on last shortly.

Make more games you will see real demands and help localization.
#15 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
jujubee88  +   512d ago
"If demands were higher retailers and news will surfaces. BL2 bundle on last shortly."

There's plenty of VITA news. You should know, you always comment on it, hatefully I might add!

Anyways, what does the line "BL2 bundle on last shortly." mean? Can you clarify? Thanks!
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   512d ago
BL2 bundle sales that improve vita sales. Didnt last long. The articles I comment on games I am interested in or Vita itself. I do not recall any positive news in sales otherthan BL2 Bundle and Slim Model.
iceman600  +   513d ago
"Sony can’t keep up with demand for the Vita in NA'

that's because there is no demand vita's dead, and this is just a fake article to make people feel like they didnt waste their money lol.
#16 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
air1  +   513d ago
Even after this article I still feel it was a waste of money! I got it like 3 or 4 months after launch but at least I got the better screen quality! Even though I got some ugly extra dark stuff going on in the screen that's usually noticeable during load time and dark and great areas. It's weird it's like the screen was bleeding at some point then dried out and left a permanent mark.
AfterThought  +   513d ago
Yea it is called an OLED screen, maybe you should learn about them. They all do the same thing..

SMH, entitled gamers try to act so intelligent yet you don't even know how OLED screens work by now.. Really?
iceman600  +   513d ago
lol some idiots disagreed with your feeling that it was a waste of money for u. This site has nothing but low life degenerates.
air1  +   513d ago

Typical Sony fanatic butt hole... Yea I know what it's called, but I guess some how I'm entitled because after spending all that money on it I should have known I was going to get a screen like that..

I actually have a job and a life out side of gaming sorry I don't know everything, prick...



Typical " bubut I own it all" response..

I don't care what you claim to own, for all I know mommy and daddy could have bought it for you so it has no true value in your eyes.

I clearly went on to say mine has the better quality! Or did your Sony glasses read over that? Obviously I'm comparing it to the newer led versions so I must know enough about it smart ass..

It was the psvita and I was excited about it so sue me for not researching how oiled looks in dark screens. If I want something I will look into it as much as I need to to warrant the buy and I clearly bought it. I dealt with the consequence but in the end like you said it's not a big deal. I am more disappointed in the lack of great games that aren't ports, considering Sony owns more studios that ms and Nintendo combined....

Yes my job keeps me very much so busy obviously more busy than yours so maybe I am just that much more important.

#16.2 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
AfterThought  +   513d ago
Typical dumb ass response.

I own every new system under the sun PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS and PS Vita.

Actually there is nothing wrong with the screen was the entire point of my comment. Maybe you shouldn't be buying expensive things then without ever researching them first.

All it takes is a couple seconds out of your life to search on google for the answer to why OLED screens do this and why it isn't a problem because it only happens when the screen goes completely black.

It would probably be wise so you don't burn in the screen either since you probably don't know that.

Nope, but I guess your job keeps you so busy you don't even have a single second to spare, that is why you're commenting on N4G like the rest of us. You aren't any more important than me or anyone else here, we all are alive and have lives and a huge majority of us such as myself do work also.

AfterThought  +   513d ago
"Yes my job keeps me very much so busy obviously more busy than yours so maybe I am just that much more important."

You sound like a self entitled asshole, yet you are still here commenting just like me. If you were that much more important or that busy all the time, you wouldn't be here on N4G like everyone else is or at all, now would you?

"*facepucnh*" LoL.

I figured I would check your comment history and that begs to differ. I also see you hate Sony fans for whatever reason.

I guess your idiotic response makes perfect sense now. Nearly all your comments are about Sony fans.. too funny.
mochachino  +   513d ago
While I agree that demand for Vita isn't very high, it's silly to say that people that bought it aren't happy with their purchase.

It actually seems that most people that bought are pretty satisfied. Most for remote play and PSN Plus alone. Most obviously knew what games were available and what functions they desired when they bought it.
#16.3 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kohlgamer  +   513d ago
I just got a vita recently and I love it! I dont care if people who dont have it say it sucks or that it is dead. Im still gonna love it
air1  +   513d ago
That's how I felt at first then I found my self wondering where I left my vita, catch my drift? Not saying that you won't or shouldn't enjoy it... I just expected a lot more ..
mochachino  +   513d ago
I find that hard to believe. Must be some really inefficient factories making them because Vita demand isn't that all.
Artista  +   513d ago
i could never feel like i wasted my money on the vita.. why?
it plays games.
mrdxpr2  +   513d ago
They are creating demand by sending short supplies. Smart move if it works how they want
Fullmetalevolust  +   513d ago
If only Sony could give a solid answer on the a Vita owner, I don't know there's ground to be worried..or not.
TheBoy  +   513d ago
The VITA sold 3.5k units in NA on the July 1st week, really Sony, can't keep up demand?
RexDD  +   513d ago
Where did you get those numbers? Please don't tell me VGChartz.
joeorc  +   513d ago
Yeah, do people really think they can track "world wide numbers or something" and have any real chance of being even any where close to being right?

The site projects "key word"

Projected sale through. Hell I doubt if they could get any real solid numbers in asia, for instance they claim world wide tracking sale through data, but yet no one company has ever been able to do so notice NPD is only for north America!

People tend to put way too much faith into that sites ability to track sale through data.

Its a good site for talking to some fellow gamers, but for world wide sale through data, well lmao..its pretty much a bust.
Flames76  +   513d ago
Cant keep up with demand?Are you that stupid?Its dead top retailers has stopped buying it.Hell there is 1 PSvita at my local walmart and the guy tht works there said its been on the shelve for almost a year now lol
MegaRay  +   513d ago
That sad, i was going to buy a Vita (and still want but i am still waiting for sony to announce multiaccount for it, i am not buying my games twice, i am not rich :/)
Spotie  +   513d ago
Man, look at all the trolls. Same ills Xbox fanboys that claim they own or owned the console but never play it because it has no games or some other such nonsense.

The fact that JB up there keeps saying the PS TV is competing with Apple TV and the like is all you need to know about his knowledge on the Vita, but here he is. air can't seem to say anything with detail about anything Sony, but his Vita is apparently collecting dust? Otaku, the Nintendo fanboy, commenting on the competition's handheld? iceman saying things that don't make sense, as usual (wasn't he down to one bubble not too long ago?) spacecat equating his little town to the rest of the world, as detractors tend to do. Element, who seems life the stealth trolling type and always has a negative word for the Sony products he supposedly owns, while only having good things to say about his Microsoft stuff. gamerfan accusing Sony of always doing something they actually haven't done before now. Illusive saying... Whatever the hell his trolling comment is this time. And texag coupling hyperbole with anecdotal evidence, though it's all likely a lie.

There are more Sony haters in here than supporters, many of whom would be quick to call out the Sony fans in an Xbox article.

Sony, apparently, is Microsoft, and would lie about demand, something that's pretty easy to be caught on, given things like NPD monthly. According to these guys, it makes more sense for Sony to lie than for interest in their handheld to have picked up.

Edit: And before I'm done, a few more add their names to the roster.
#24 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
spacecat5050  +   513d ago
Lmao, I could literally see you pounding on your keyboard frothing at the mouth furiously grinding your teeth as you try and defend Sony.

Ladies and gentleman, Spotie!
maniacmayhem  +   513d ago

Hilarious! +bub!
worldwidegaming  +   513d ago
I own one and honestly Id prefer exclusive games rather than ports. All of these companies are following the profit and the Vita is not a profit maker.
I guess we will just live off the meager scraps we get overseas from Japanese companies who take the time to get a game translated.
Where the hell is Phantasy Star Online 2?
#25 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TimeSkipLuffy  +   513d ago
It's Hanna Montana! This time it's even easier to get the Platinum! :DDDD just kidding
Angerfist  +   513d ago
As if.....
TheDivine  +   513d ago
The borderlands bundle is selling well, that's why there's no stock. Sony went from selling 10 a week to 15. The one guy in Foxconn who makes the vitas is already working 16 hr days but there's not enough demand to hire a second worker, thus the shortage.

I honestly don't think Sony has a vita division. Its prob one intern who contacts Indy devs on twitter to beg them to release their game on vita. Sony didnt talk about the vita lineup at E3 because Sony doesnt remember releasing the vita. They would have to call up studios to find out if anyone is dumb enough to make games for it. Face it, it's a controller not a handheld these days.
JMyers  +   513d ago
Restock with the Borderlands Bundle...!

At Xmas drop it to 149.99. Then bring at 2 big first party games... Infamous and Uncharted. This will boose sales even further.
Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   513d ago
They selling about 3000 vita every week in USA and they saying they can't keep up with high demand for PSV lol
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