PS Vita No Longer Available at Major Retailers

Hardcore Gamer: Not only was the PS Vita almost completely absent from Sony's E3 showing, but now seems to be absent from major U.S. retailers as well.

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texag20111117d ago

We'll see a PS4/Vita bundle soon. Sony is trying to turn it into a Wii U gampepad.

mushroomwig1117d ago

The problem with that idea is that the Vita costs a lot more to make than the Wii U gamepad does.

mikeslemonade1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

The Vita is a failed system but it's not stopping be from buying the next Sony portable system. The sleek looking hardware is already enough to sell me.

Also PS plus is giving a nice stable flow of games to play on the Vita.

Sharky2311117d ago

Maybe but you can't buy just a game pad in North America. The vita might cost more but you can't play every wii u game on it either. Plus just the repair of the game pad cost 80$. That means the game pad cost at least $150. That's not too far from the vita cost. To me there's more upside to the vita.

The_Hero1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Naked PS Vita 2000: 199$
Bundled with Borderlands 2: 199$

IMO, they are getting rid of the remaining unbundled supplies to make room for the Borderlands one and possibly future bundles.
Gamescom will tell.

Anon19741117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Looks like Vita's are selling out everywhere as demand is up and Sony's having a hard time keeping up with the demand. This was a quote from a Sony rep to Polygon today.

"We’re seeing healthy consumer demand for PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan,” the representative said.

“The U.S. launch of the slimmer and lighter PS Vita has generated strong interest among gamers, and we’re working to replenish supply here to ensure continued momentum leading into the holidays."

So there you have it. Simply supply and demand. Demand is up, supply is down.

BattleAxe1117d ago

"mikeslemonade + 2h ago
The Vita is a failed system but it's not stopping be from buying the next Sony portable system. The sleek looking hardware is already enough to sell me.

Also PS plus is giving a nice stable flow of games to play on the Vita.
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Sony's next portable system is currently out on the market, and it comes in three flavours, Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Tablet Z.

UltraNova1117d ago

I will never understand the hate on Vita...never.

It has the specs, the looks, the games (how much is enough you greedy people?) and now unparalleled connectivity with the ps3 and ps4, it will be PSNow compatible and you have fully supported remote play.

I mean what the hell is up with some people? What does it have to make Espressos and do our laundry as well to satisfy some?

IMO you cant call yourself a real gamer if dont own a Vita, period.

Danteh1117d ago

The specs, the looks... but I disagreee about the games, I absolutely love Sony's home-consoles but the PS Vita has an extremely crappy library which the N3DS blows out of the water :(

mcstorm1117d ago

@UltraNova I agree and disagree with you. The part I agree with is
"It has the specs, the looks",

But I disagree about
"the games (how much is enough you greedy people?"

When I saw the PSV I could not wait to get one and on day one I got it with MNR and UCGA and for me MNR was a massive let down as it had no online play and UCGA felt let it held your hand too much. I also got LBP which was way too short and for me Resistance online was also poor.

Nothing else really got me excited about the PSV and I ended up selling it and I found my self playing and getting more excited what the 3DS had to offer and when it was announced I was less excited about the 3DS than the PSV.

For me I feel really let down by Sony on the PSV side as it has not had the support the PS3 had and they could of done a lot more with the cross gen games too as PSASBR had me excited too but when I got it the game did not give me the excitement I through I would get from it on the PS3 or PSV.

To say people are not real gamers if they don't own a PSV is just stupid as there are a lot of gamers out there that don't own all the consoles as some of the consoles don't offer any games they want. Just like the reason I don't own a PS4 yet as im not interested in any games on the console but I was for the Xbox one and WiiU. Once driver cub comes out ill be all over the PS4 but until then there is nothing I want.

We all have different needs when it comes to games and this is the reason why we have choice but for me the PSV was made out to be the next best thing but never made the hype party due to Sony and 3rd party studies as it has never really had any must own games.

UltraNova1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )


Since when having an opinion makes you stupid?

Yes I believe that if you want to be called a gamer and a complete one at that you need at least one handlheld for gaming on the go and you might as well have the 'grown-ups' handheld the Vita. Yes that's my opinion.

Based on your reasoning not getting a ps4 because it has no games its stupid as well since one game like Driveclub is enough for you to get a ps4...I am saying this solely based on the fact that Infamous is reason enough, for now, to get a ps4.

See opinion my friend goes both ways, insulting just makes you an arsehole.

pyramidshead1116d ago

It's a decent system actually. I've got about 15 games on it, 13 digital and 2 physical games. Filled up my 16GB mem card right up. I'm already overwhelmed in which to play but I guess if you've been waiting around since launch for new stuff to play it could slightly bleak, especially with the no first party support quote from the other day.

I got in for an OLED too just before they become extinct. It's a nice system with quite a lot of stuff to play if you're buying in right now.

kreate1116d ago


'The Vita is a failed system'

the vita is actually a failing system, hasn't failed yet, but it looks like it would, depends on how u look at it.

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FamilyGuy1117d ago

This is interesting.

Just yesterday I was checking out the Clearance area in the electronics section at Walmart and they had 4Gb Vita cards for $10 (Down from $15). I asked about them and was told that they weren't going to be selling them anymore and were clearing out the old stock.
I was just thinking that they were phasing it out for higher Gb models but now I'm unsure.

I wonder what's really going on?

The_Hero1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

The 64Gb Card will replace the 4Gb card.

rainslacker1117d ago

The 4GB card is no longer manufactured. Read that the chips used in it aren't available in that size anymore or something.

Sony is pushing the 8GB cards in their pack-ins, but I believe that 16GB will be the smallest one you can buy unbundled by the end of the year(or early next year). So there will be a 16/32/64 GB option. It's easier than having too many options on the market due to retailers having to stock them, and Sony having to distribute/manufature them.

It's really not unlike the PSP memory cards and how they stopped making the smaller ones after a couple years.

Otherwise, I see Vita available online at every major retailer, but it's possible they're coming out with a new SKU later this year so some stores may run out. They probably aren't keeping a lot in reserve at most shops. Then of course there is the PSTV.

xtremeimport1117d ago

People in walmart hardly ever know why they are marking down prices. They get told to do so and clear out the item. That's pretty much it.

BattleAxe1117d ago

I've noticed that some Walmarts and Best Buy stores have little to no PS Vita games or hardware on display here in the Vancouver area.

It's clear that if this is happening all over the USA and Canada, then something is going on. The absence of PS Vita from E3 would seem to indicate a discontinuation, as would the comments from Sony saying that they will no longer be investing in AAA games for the Vita.

Sano641117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I found an 8Ggb card on clearance at Kmart for only $6 so you might be right.

Christopher1117d ago

Could only hope they would drop the proprietary cards with a model that takes non-proprietary micro SD cards like Sony's Z phone and tablets.

ocelot071116d ago

I thought Sony replaced the standalone 4GB cards a few months ago with the PS Vita Indie pack (which includes a 4GB memory card) for the same price as the standalone. Here in the UK this indie pack costs £15.

The standalone use to cost £15-£20.

problemchild841116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

My local Walmart had the same 4Gb cards on clearance the other week. I just went in there again yesterday and they have been replaced by the 16Gb cards now for $40, so it seems to me that they were just switching out their stock (at least at my local Walmart anyway).

Edit: I just read rainslacker's comment and believe that to be the correct answer as I just now remembered that the 8Gb cards are no longer there as well, just the 16Gb cards.

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typittt691117d ago

Problem is it's not nearly as effective for off tv play as the Wii U gamepad because of the missing buttons. Tried playing UFC on it last night it's nearly unplayable compared to using the DS4

stavrami-mk21117d ago

I have no issues on remote play find it very comfortable for ufc. Probably horses for courses on this though

16bitNutritionist1117d ago

I also agree, they really should of added two shoulder buttons for each side as when I play anything that requires R2 or L2 it really becomes a chore and also it would of made sense for vita games also...get rid of the rear touchpad and just give me R2 and L2. Much prefer Wii U gamepad for off TV play.

Neonridr1117d ago

agreed, and what's even worse is you don't have the option of where things get mapped to. Sometimes the buttons are mapped to the front, other times to the back.

It was brutal for games like Infamous. Try shooting a smoke bomb or laser missle when you have to press the top right of the screen. Impossible to aim and shoot a the same time unless you have fingers that bend at awkward angles.

Give me the Gamepad anyday.

3-4-51117d ago

Sony IS doing something, but what that something is,I'm not exactly sure of.


1.) They have secretly been working on a new Vita model that is a hybrid between a brand new handheld & the current Vita.

^ = Not quite a New Handheld but it's NOT JUST an updated revision like the OG to 2000 or the 1000,2000,3000 with the PSP.

2.) They are introducing the NEWEST Vita model that is the Vita 3000 which has a new OLED screen, longer battery life, 32 GB Internal Memory, other enhancements.

texag20111117d ago

I'd love to see a new model, but don't get your hopes up.

Killzoner991117d ago

Vita FTW . Where are all the doom and gloomers now? All it took was that Borderlands bundle and now the Vita has picked up the steam it should have had all along.This has never happened to the 3DS , it has always been available. Now Sony is going to dominate the handheld market too.

andibandit1117d ago

It could be retailers not wanting to allocate shelf space for the vita, but instead for for example PS4.

BullyMangler1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

PS Vita No Longer Available at Major Retailers?

lol there goes sony FAKING it again, paying major corporations to tell L I E S . just like when they paid for FAKE C L A P S at that one event they had where they got caught faking their fame . .

PLUS, Vita is lame comfort with no masterpiece must have exclusives yet.

no true gamer is going to believe you this time sony sorry.

lol im sure the PS Vita is flying off the shelves Lmao .

whatever makes the Vita LOOK better eh .

CervantesPR1117d ago

have you played tearaway,killzone mercenary,soul sacrifice,toukiden,freedom wars,tales of hearts r uncharted and gravity rush?
the vita has some awesome games, i dont know what would be masterpiece must have exclusive game tbh

pyramidshead1116d ago

who are you talking and referring to?

scotmacb1117d ago

This is good news they are dumping the vita already thats the game pad feature on ps4 screwed all we need now is ps4 sales to dive

Evilsnuggle1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

The best thing SONY can do for the vita to increase it base units is to bundle it with PS4 at a discount at 600. it would increase the base units and increase the number of people buying software for vita . The handheld market is dead . Yes dead because of smart phones and tablets . The 3DS is successful because it's marketed to children who are nintendo main customers . The vita is marketed to the hardcore gamer in the usa that has moved on to smart phones and tablets .

PSVita1116d ago

The slim version is probably coming

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iDadio1117d ago

Its a shame really as it really is a great piece of kit, it just never got the games to kick it off like a monster hunter.

skulz71117d ago

Yep they should have kicked it off with monster hunter, an infamous title, a kingdom hearts title etc etc Uncharted was a great launch title.

iDadio1117d ago

I really enjoyed Gravity Rush and Infamous but it just wasn't enough to persuade people to become early adopters.

A MH game would of single handedly sold hundreds of thousands of units in Asia and maybe that would of had a knock on effect for game support and interest.

GrandpaSnake1117d ago

yeah you know whats up, they got a little push with some original ip's but people ignore them. They main reason why the 3ds does so well is mainly because it has almost 3 of these games, monster hunter, pokemon, and mario. If they would of released a monster hunter a brand new one as a launch tittle im pretty sure it would of exploded in popularity.

Mr_Writer851117d ago

Nintendo paid for MH exclusivity.

jujubee881116d ago

@MR_Writer85: I also wouldn't dismiss the fact Capcom were just foolish and didn't see why a MH on VITA would benefit the handheld sector all around in Japan.

WeAreLegion1117d ago

I personally think Soul Sacrifice is much better than Monster Hunter, but that's just me.

Yahdaree1117d ago

This really bums me out. I hope the relationship between the Vita and the PS4 help Vita sales. Its a really nice system.

pwnsause_returns1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

they weren't ambitious enough to go walk up to capcom and throw them money for MH...They saw how it sparked the PSP...yet they did nothing about it... it ended up on the 3DS...further hurting the Vita.... The console doesnt deserve this punishment...

my opinion, i prefer a game like SS over MH... but brand power can make people buy one thing over the other.

iDadio1117d ago

Thats exactly what stumped me, if you have a runaway success on that scale surely you do whatever it takes to keep it?

Good point about brand power, MH is the reason me and two friends bought a WiiU and spent 400+ hours playing it so proofs in the pudding I guess.

pwnsause_returns1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

what angers me about it is, based on what happened on the 360 vs the PS3, where these 3rd party companies where flocking to microsoft at the time (ESPECIALLY CAPCOM), did they think the same was not going to happen with the 3ds and the Vita? the same applies here, especially when a company like capcom loves money, and the popular machine is the 3DS...of course they where going to bring it to the 3DS, and i dont blame them...

Sony had to walk up to them, not the other way around.

EDIT @IDadio


rainslacker1117d ago

I think Sony wanted to create their own MH type experience. Soul Sacrifice was great, but as you say, brand power wasn't there.

In some ways it might be good to go their own route on this, as it means the potential for success is much greater. Like Nintendo has Pokemon to rely on, without having to buy off 3rd party publishers. Unfortunately, it's hard to make that happen, mostly because new IP's are extremely hard to get on the level of a MH or Pokemon. On a side note, Soul Sacrifice isn't exactly a super family friendly title.

It's really a shame because the Vita is a great system. I've been a bit disappointed in Sony's handling of it, this year especially. But I love the system, and it has games that are the kind of games I like, but I understand that I like mostly niche Japanese titles which others may not.

Mr_Writer851117d ago

You do know Nintendo (who have more money than Sony) paid for MH exclusivity.

Even if they wanted to Sony wouldn't of been able to match Nintendos offer.

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HighResHero1117d ago

Well, with the new SKU, etc. they may still have time, if they choose to actually market the thing properly.
I don't need only "aaa" games and fast sales, but if they want to sell 100m, then they will need to create a buzz, period.

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iamnsuperman1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

It is possible these retailers don't buy stock that often, as historically the thing doesn't sell that well, which is why they have run out (also the Playstation TV is coming out soon so retailers might be preparing for that stock over the Vita as it is essentially the same thing). If it was something major then it would be a world wide issue (for instance a new bundle would come with massive price drops, as it doesn't sell that well, on previous bundles and if it was a discontinuing issue then it would be a world wide issue)

Mikito111117d ago

Vita is death at the moment.. Even Sony are backing away from supporting it with first party games and relying on indies which is kinda silly

Chrono1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

It's for a niche market. Those who want it know how to buy it.