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Submitted by Abriael 514d ago | rumor

Amazing New Game Shown by Sony at July 2014 SCE Business Meeting in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia holds periodcal “SCE Business Meetings” in Japan to show upcoming games to its business partners, including retailers and shop owners. Yesterday the July 2014 edition was held, mostly focusing on titles that will be released in Japan in September, but there was more. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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60FramesPerSecond  +   514d ago
Please be Media Molecules new game. Or Killzone 5
-Foxtrot  +   514d ago | Well said
Killzone 5...I think Killzone needs a LONG break.
_FantasmA_  +   514d ago
Killzone does not need a break. I'd say 2 years, so a release in November 2015 would be good. They just need better writers for a better campaign.
-Foxtrot  +   514d ago
It does need a break. The storyline is going nowhere and every time an instalment comes out we get the same "They need better writers" excuse

They've had so many chances to get a better writer but have never delivered. The problem really isn't the story, it's the characters. It was hard to get to know Sev and the guy in Shadowfall (see can't even remember his name) was a plank of wood. Better character development, better written characters and better voice actors.

I really think for a game like this they should make it so your just an average civilian who gets caught up in something much larger and tries to survive. It would loosen the typical military shooter vibe from the game. Let us improve our guns over the course of the game and our skills. The start of the game our precision and aiming could be crap but over time the character would learn making it so the stability and weapon sway reduces. It would then feel like we are learning with the character
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mikeslemonade  +   514d ago
Who do I have to kill and who do I have to pay to know more information about this game?
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Patrick_pk44  +   514d ago
I hope it isn't either of the two. I want something new from a new developer or studio.
BlackWolf12  +   514d ago
GG are working on their new IP right now.

A new KZ game would need 3 years in development, they are probably in the earliest phases of working on it, so don't expect it till 2016 at least.
johndoe11211  +   514d ago | Well said
Do you know what I don't get? Killzone has one of the best multiplayer I have ever played and yet everyone judges this game wholly and solely on the single player campaign. why is that?

No, killzone does not need a long break because I would love another killzone with a good multiplayer. why does cod and battlefield get that pass but killzone does not? That is double standard hypocrisy.

That is the blatant hypocrisy that is done in the media whenever it concerns a sony exclusive. Somehow it gets judged completely different from every other game in the same genre.

Why does the media completely focus on the killzone campaign and totally ignore the multiplayer even though the few who do says it is very good? Why do we hunger for the same recycled cod and now battlefield every year but bash killzone and say it needs a long break?

I call bull on that statement and everyone else who makes the same statement concerning killzone shadowfall. The multiplayer is really good, the co-op is fantastic so I can look pass a mediocre campaign just like the entire gaming community does for every other fps out there that is not named killzone or isn't a sony exclusive.
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Rhezin  +   514d ago
No, they just need Guerrilla Cambridge to do the next one. IT DOES NOT NEED a break. Know what does? COD, BATTLEFIELD, ASSASSINS CREED. Every freakin year there's a new iteration. At least the Killzone franchise takes two years development cycle. Sure the Shadowfall campaign suffered, but I still enjoy the multiplayer a lot. I think the guys who did Mercenary could do the next console Killzone justice.
PurpleDragon96  +   514d ago
Guerrilla are working on an RPG, don't think we'll be seeing KZ5 for quite a while - unless of course sony give the franchise to another dev or expand Guerrilla...

Here are some juicy details!
dantesparda  +   514d ago
OMG, omg, omg I so hope its Strawberry Shortcake or Carebears or My Little Pony, that would be so freaking AWESOME!!! Just kidding.
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downsidenz   514d ago | Spam
UltraNova  +   514d ago

Totally agreed. While multiplayer only games that cost 60 and dont have SP at all get universal praise. Hypocrisy and double standards...
tkato  +   514d ago
killzone can enjoy a 10 year break as far as i'm concerned.
abzdiine  +   514d ago
have no idea of what it can be, but for sure it's a game that's coming out soon since it's a retailer that's reporting it.
Knack 2?
MightyNoX  +   514d ago
Sony Bend's or SSM's Balrog project.
Azfargh  +   514d ago
I agree... or just need Kojima to save this franchise with awful stories with the excuse to focus more on the gameplay mechanics.
pyramidshead  +   514d ago
johndoe makes yet another perfect comment. Bravo sir. i'm all for a new Killzone. Love the game world and art direction. Just got Mercenaries on Vita :D.
DragonKnight  +   514d ago
All you people saying ____ game needs a break need a break yourselves.

Who is forcing you to play these games? Absolutely no one. There are fans of series' and franchises that you're putting your own interests above. If you don't like the game, don't play it anymore. But it sounds like you actually like the game, you just want it to be the way you want it to be.

I understand that kind of thinking, but at the same time making a franchise take a break hurts the fans looking forward to the next game.

What needs to happen is that these games simply need to be re-evaluated, analyzed, and done properly. They don't need to end for years because some people don't like them.

I hate the FFXIII trilogy, but I don't think FF needs to take a break. It just needs to return to its roots.

I hate AC 3, but I don't think AC needs to take a break, just never be like AC 3.

See the difference?
KinjoTakemura  +   514d ago
Killzone Shadowfall was a mediocre game. It had wonderful background graphics, but no depth in it's gameplay.
jts1891  +   514d ago
Killzone needs to be retired. The original on the PS2 was bland as hell, and it hasn't gotten much better ever since. It'd be better to scrap it, and try for a new FPS franchise.
ArchangelMike  +   514d ago
I can't wait to know what Sony Santa monica are working on.
DVS-Zev  +   514d ago
how is it possible that you joined 3 days ago and have 400 comments?

No wonder i keep seeing your name everywhere lol
60FramesPerSecond  +   514d ago
i check video game news a lot
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kenshiro100  +   514d ago
No, you troll a lot.
mayberry  +   514d ago
Killzone mp is BOSS! Heard even more free maps are coming! Love the true digital 7.1 surround sound too!
dafegamer  +   514d ago
I really think that killzone needs a break from now on.
Just let GG explore other genres and up their creativity a bit
sonic989  +   514d ago
i dont care about killzone at all.
media molecule are legends in my book but i doubt its their game .
i think its one of the 4 unannounced japan studio games
sinncross  +   514d ago
I feel like this is going to be a Japanese title. Hopefully the rumoured 'FF-like' JRPG SCEJ are supposedly developing.

Or maybe its the new Dragon Quest. Guess TGS is the answer. September cant come soon enough.
HaveAsandwich  +   514d ago
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NextLevel  +   514d ago
Seems like we hear about new PS4 games everyday. More games is always a plus. Can't wait to find out what it is. Please be Shenmue or Bushido Blade.
nosferatuzodd  +   514d ago
shhhh stop the blasphemy ps4 have no games is a tall tail i tell ya... lol please
andibandit  +   514d ago
So many games, and yet here we are waiting for time to
pyramidshead  +   514d ago
lol shhh you'll pop that 2006 bubble certain uses have created and refuse to leave from ;).
-Foxtrot  +   514d ago
So I'm guessing this will be shown at TGS
LordMe  +   514d ago
Legend of the Dragoon... Hopefully it's something from the SCEJ branch.
camel_toad  +   514d ago
Oh man you made me start salivating just mentioning it.
imt558  +   514d ago
Well, less AAA games for sure. :D


I'm just sarcastic! But some people don't get it!
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GarrusVakarian  +   514d ago
That's not how sarcasm works.
AceBlazer13  +   514d ago
Sarcasm probably doesn't exist under his bridge.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   514d ago
Sarcasm 101 coming soon.
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dantesparda  +   514d ago
Really guys? You didn't get what imt558 meant? You do realize he's one of youse right? He's on Team Blue, now mrpsychotickiller on the other hand I would keep an eye on, after all, he's a psychotic killer.
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sovkhan  +   514d ago
Bubble up mate :)
#5.2 (Edited 514d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Evilsnuggle  +   514d ago

my bad i voted disagree on that lame sarcastic . But you know dantesparda is right how about some team blue unity . well said to imt558 and intelligence to dantesparda. how many times have you guy seen well said to georgenoob and truefan1 for totally fanboys nonsense . so lets get some slack and some love some times to the blue team and not be so critical to your own guys.
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nope111  +   514d ago
More Vita games!
Whitefire  +   514d ago
They might as well show it at gamescom then (hopefully).
PlaystationSquuad  +   514d ago
If it's The Last Guardian I will lose my shit
weekev15  +   514d ago
Better make sure your a toilett then cos.gues what?.....
DanielGearSolid  +   514d ago
Is it unannounced tho?
Eonjay  +   514d ago
Yes... well it sounds that way.
TongkatAli  +   514d ago
I don't know man can i collect 150 monster things ? Because if i cant idc. Sony doesn't make real games, too much talking, story lines, plz give me games with barebone storytelling and something where i can collect monster things that moo.

Sony doesn't get it : p
MegaRay  +   514d ago
Its not Sony's fault, its gamers fault. they buy uncharted/ heavy rain/ the order...etc more than Puppeteer/ R&C/ Sly...etc
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Eonjay  +   514d ago
Its like everyone took shots before I got here. LOL
Armadilo21  +   514d ago
Possibly GG next game with a possible Gamescom reveal ?
60FramesPerSecond  +   514d ago
yes. i hope
mysteryraz11  +   514d ago
god of war 4
jnemesh  +   514d ago
Sony has a LOT more up their sleeves than just what they showed at E3! When the rest of their games are announced it's really going to put MS back on their heels!
lifeisgamesok  +   514d ago
So does MSFT

Phil Spencer says there's plenty of exclusives in the pipeline
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   514d ago
Looky! It's Mr. Me Too...!
AD705  +   514d ago
So are there any other specifics to this? Sony hasn't shown much support for the japanese style gamer and I'm hoping that this will be geared towards that audience.
Inception  +   514d ago
Dark Cloud 3? Wild Arms 6? Legend of Dragoon 2 / remake?

Damn, now i got hype!
mcarsehat  +   514d ago
Travesty  +   514d ago
A new RPG would be nice.. A level 5 game maybe.. Hopefully something in the line..
I doubt it will be something to do with any shooter that concerns most westerns
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DJNOSTYLE  +   514d ago
Its obviously The Legend Of Dragoon 2.
ShadowWolf712  +   514d ago
Oh God I wish... or a remake of the original would be great too.
Azfargh  +   514d ago
Just pay for Hideo Kojima to direct it... I don´t wanna see great potential being wasted on shallow blockbuster movie plot or more of the same dated fps gameplay being rehashed like COD games.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   514d ago
Just remake kz2 problem solved
CawMasterX  +   514d ago
It's probably the Guerrilla Games RPG that was being talked about going into E3.
ShadowWolf712  +   514d ago
I would give just about anything to learn this was a LoD remake.
sk8ofmnd  +   514d ago
I want road rash or a rpg risen from the ashes from ps1/ps2 days. And eventually dare I say.... a ff7 remake :)
Killzoner99  +   514d ago
Sony keeps delivering on the games thats for sure. I wish I could have been at this business meeting . I'm thinking it was a new God of War or Killzone that was shown. Whichever one it was we the gamers win.
jakmckratos  +   514d ago
Oh games? You mean those things you shouldve shown more of to the public at E3?
illtornworld  +   514d ago
KillZone is a great game Shadow Fall was a reason i bought PS4. Noone can sit on here and say them graphics wasnt gorgeous. The story was actually great you had a reason to kill the helghans. Multiplayer is fun as hell too, i enjoy it more than that pos Ghost or Broken Field 4, KillZone is a great franchise, besides Shadow Fall was rushed to meet launch, if it had more time itd been beyond perfect
illtornworld  +   514d ago
But on topic, i really hope its a real JRPG they showed, anything but a fps is fine by me, FFVII remake for PS4 will end the so called 'console war' imo.
Alinea  +   514d ago
I hope its Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter, ah nevermind, naughty dog is making uncharted 4 *sigh*
dafegamer  +   513d ago
according to insiders, sony is supposedly working on a new JRPG on the scale of Final Fantasy.
Something is telling me, that it might be the game that was shown

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