Will The Kinect Ever See Its Full Potential?

Yes, I feel that Kinect has great potential with the technology that it provides. I feel that it's capable of doing great things in the gaming world. But, why hasn't it blown anybody away with the technology that it is providing? That is something I've been wondering about for quite a while now, and I've come to a conclusion.

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60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

I feel that Kinect is a gimmick. The technology doesnt help gamers much. Voice recognition could be used in anything, not just Kinect.

NextLevel1622d ago

I think for gaming Kinect will work well for RTS's and Dance games. I think more of it's efficient functionality is for UI control, but most of that can be done with a mic. I think'll be alot of years before we see any major game (like Halo/GOW for example) use motion controls for anything significant in terms of direct control.

iamnsuperman1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I doubt we'll ever see Halo and GOW use Kinect (especially in a meaningful way). One of the biggest problem is lag (which is present in a lot of kinect games) but the real issue is controllability. Using your body to control something sounds great on paper but practically is more limiting than a controller. Buttons allow you to do more than movement could ever do because it is easier to learn than X button will do Y action. This is one of the reasons why gesture controlled software never really took off apart from closing or throwing away apps because those are natural actions. But other unnatural movements didn't stay around for long. Gaming has a lot of those situations especially if you don't have something tangible to hold. Minority Report style controlling is very difficult to learn and also feels unnatural.

LackTrue4K1622d ago

the best way to show Kinect is not a gimmick, is all on the developers hands.

Sony/Naughty Dog would be great if they had there hands on it and see what they make.

Same thing with Nintendo!!! if some creative minds are behind it....great things will come. And Nintendo has some of the most creative minds in gaming!!!

Only seeing that Microsoft has/uses this...kind of limits its "potential". Not trying to knok Microsoft...its just they need more exposure of there Kinect.

hell, even Kinect can be built in Tv's and i see mutl uses for it.


60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

problem is kinect is unnacurate. no dev can fix that

PSVita1618d ago

when sony released the eyetoy for the ps2 they realized there where too many limitations with camera only gaming so the started working on the move and this was year before the wii or kinect.

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n4gamingm1622d ago

i think it will the indie developers are already showing some cool thing for it.

Fireseed1622d ago

Yeah Thru looks like it's taking a unique stance on how to use the Kinect. Definitely gonna pick that game up once it hits the market.

Goku7811622d ago

Wait for Kinect 4.0 with VR 2.0. Maybe then they will have it all figured out.

F4sterTh4nFTL1622d ago

Yes, but not for gaming. Maybe performing brain surgeries or something.

iamnsuperman1622d ago

I don't know about you but if the surgeon is doing the motion anyway wouldn't it be far safer and easier to let him do it than to go through a machine that could easily fail or misread a movement. Brain surgery is very meticulous and I know a person is far more likely to be careful if they doing the actions themselves (in there in my head)

JBSleek1622d ago

I don't think it may reach its potential on an Xbox platform but I can see it thriving in future iterations on PC especially with Cortona being a part of it. That would be so cool.

Maybe the next Xbox One will try Kinect again as well. Who knows I hope it keeps on improving. Stick to your guns MS.

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