Darksiders 3: Necessities for a Franchise Return

"With the dissolution of THQ in 2013, one of the franchises left in the lurch was Darksiders. In 2010, Darksiders was the breakout, sleeper hit of the year. However, the franchise has not been able to continue since the release of Darksiders II in 2012. Nordic Games acquired the franchise, but there has been barely a word of its fate since that time." |

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Aldous_Snow1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

1st one was awesome bar the ridiculous long winded puzzles. Sequel was shit in comparison so I won't be bothering with the third.. hur hur hur!!

Roccetarius1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Seems like a unpopular, but true opinion. Darksiders 2 had worse animations, a tacked on quest and loot system stopping progression. Overall it just felt like a budget game, compared to the first.

Darksiders 1 was much more focused, with enough character customization and movesets to be great. If they want to make a great game, scrap most of what they did in DS2, then go back to the drawing board with 1 as a guideline.

Bring back signature weapons, with optional weapons on the side.

raistra1596d ago

I do think that Darksiders 2 had the potential to improve on a lot of what had made Darksiders great. But it seemed like an incomplete product. The story wasn´t as in depth. The plans were probably laid, but hastily excecuted.

Either DS2 was too ambitious for Vigil or they were rushed because of THQ going bankrupt. I think DS2 is half dissapointment half potential. The story could´ve used some work, the gameplay was fantastic. But also the graphics could´ve used some work. Just remember that DS2 came out 2 years after DS1, that is not a whole lot for a game that size.

jamsam3601597d ago

They are both awesome games!

Spurg1597d ago

I loved the first game but Darksiders 2 was boring...

Team_Litt1596d ago

*Massive DS II Spoilers ahead*

"I will help you but first go fetch these 3 things for me."
Plot of DS II in a sentence. Great gameplay though.

sk8ofmnd1596d ago

Yeahhh yawn. I read darkstalkers first rubbed my eyes than went limp :/

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The story is too old to be commented.