Pokemon Stadium Wii U Will Use Amiibo?

Pokemon Stadium Wii U will use Amiibo to bolster the playing experience

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60FramesPerSecond1628d ago

This isnt announced yet. hopefully this happens though

Abash1628d ago

Ugh this article got me all excited for nothing. I thought we were finally getting another Pokemon Stadium :/

christheredhead1628d ago

Same, but we can pretty much expect it happening at some point, especially with Amiibo. I can't see Nintendo passing up an opportunity like that. We'll have to wait and see.

Pozzle1627d ago

Same here. I read the title and was like "wtf? When did I miss this announcement?!"

Activemessiah1628d ago

Never seen an article before where it's announcing the feature of a game BEFORE the game itself... o_O

Benjaminkno1628d ago

Wouldn't make much sense not to pull out Pokemon amiibo, so, kind of seems like a no brainer.

EliteGameKnight1627d ago

wow. 0_o there are 600 Pokemon now right? what if for some strange reason, they decide to make an amiibo for every pokemon? it would never happen but still

SpeedDemon1627d ago

Yeah I can't see them doing 600(actually I think there's 700) pokemon amiibo's, maybe they could cut that number in half by just doing non evolutions and 1st evolutions and make where you can level them up and evolve them.

stripe8141627d ago

if this game happen and with amiibo, this will sell like hotcakes

crusf1627d ago

The clickbait is strong with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.