PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New WIP Screenshot Representing 5% of Visuals, New Information

Moscow-based developer Dinosaurum Games seems to be planning to show us every step of the development of its Unreal Engine 4 PS4 exclusive Without Memory, and today they released a new screenshot of the game, also giving more information and mentioning that they're possibly thinking about crowd funding.

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hkgamer1546d ago

what does this 5% mean?

TheWackyMan1546d ago

A buzzword to make people get impressed. Do not be fooled by this marketing trickery. I think people should reserve their excitement for this game until it has something worthwhile to show, not some pre-alpha graphics build.

xHeavYx1546d ago

It means it's not over 9000 yet

KendrickLamar1546d ago

5% meaning the screenshot of the game's graphics is only 5% of the games actual + final visuals/graphical fidelity.

jtsventor1545d ago

When you are extremely passionate about creating things it is only natural to show off progress. Personally, I admire the teams excitement of their work and if we support them the end product will only get better.

AgentSmithPS41546d ago

Ubisoft is the "private investor", they're testing gamer reaction to showing only low quality "5%" images and then later they'll upgrade it.

aragon1546d ago

That shot looks kool can't wait to hear more

iDadio1546d ago

Some of the comments about investments are quite worrying, this could end up in limbo

gamerfan09091546d ago

Why does this game continue to get press? It's no where near alpha phase yet.

AgentSmithPS41546d ago

That didn't stop EA with BF4, they even had a full priced retail alpha ;).

BG115791546d ago

5%? Then we can't do any assuption on how good or bad the game is going to be...
What kind of PR is this?