FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 comparison shots

GamesBeat took the latest batch of FIFA 15 screenshots and compared them with pictures of the same players doing the same things in FIFA 14.

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Myst-Vearn1601d ago

shou aam bit jahid ya air

mafiahajeri1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Shou 3am titmanaek ya 5aneeth

Myst-Vearn1600d ago

3am neek ikhtak...and the slut likes it.

1nsomniac1601d ago

The funniest thing is if you go back to the FIFA 13 to FIFA 14 comparisons, FIFA 14 looked EXACTLY like FIFA 15 does now.

Just typical bullshots, nothing new to see here!

itisallaboutps1601d ago

They just screw with the lighting a little. Change the pace of game and make controls conpletely different so the common consumer thinks its a new game

redknight801601d ago

Pretty much :( and unfortunately I am one of the suckers that buys the game each damn year. Although in my defense, I always wait like 3 or 4 months after the new version releases and get it used off of ebay or something. I recently sold my Fifa 14 copy for the exact same price I bought it for, so I am happy with it....but jeez I hope this second attempt at "Next Gen" is truly "Next Gen"

deantak1601d ago

performance capture is the new motion capture. not long before the players look really human.

TheShrew1600d ago

I have a feeling FIFA 15 will just be a slightly brighter FIFA 14. If some perfect, probably-altered FIFA 15 shots only look SLIGHTLY better than real FIFA 14 shots, we may be in trouble.

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