8 Things Shovel Knight Does Better Than Most Classic NES Games

CraveOnline: "What is it about Shovel Knight that sets it apart from the NES classics of yesteryear? Surely the lessons learned from Mega Man and Zelda II haven't gone to waste decades later. We've been thinking about that ourselves, and have compiled some standout traits that make Shovel Knight not just a loving tribute, but a modern 8-bit classic."

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dbjj120881629d ago

Old-school NES games were so freakin' difficult. I can't recall a single one I beat as easily as I beat some modern games.

novacav1629d ago

Right? Completely agree. If you destroy checkpoints in Shovel Knight it's pretty much the same way, though I only did that occasionally.

wonderfulmonkeyman1629d ago

I'll be the first to admit that I was too scared to destroy a single check-point during my first time through any stage.XD

3-4-51629d ago

Game Genie changed everything though.

Made every single game completely new again.

seraphym881629d ago

I didnt break and Check-points either, only when i would grind lowbie levels for gold. I REALLY love shovel knight, it was on my radar for months, and still blew me away. I heard the devs say a sequel would possibly be called Super Shovel Knight, then Shovel Knight 64, lol.

Bit of a pipe dream but i would love to hear Nintendo buy yatch club. Shovel Knight would make a great Nintendo IP.

JonnyBigBoss1629d ago

What a great game. Definitely one of the bigger surprises of the year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1629d ago

Too right. I prefer this over the majority of the gimped multiplats that the Wii U has received.
I wish more multiplat games on Wii U were as fleshed out and fully supported as this indie game is. If they were, I'd likely be a much more ardent supporter of them.

novacav1629d ago

Totally. Despite this being on Steam, it really does feel like a Nintendo exclusive. Awesome that Nintendo put a kiosk for it in their World Store in NYC too.

The 3DS version, which I'm currently playing, is pretty darn great. The layered effect looks lovely.

Summons751629d ago

Well it was inspired by some of the best. One of the best games this year.

novacav1629d ago

Yes! Today I was thinking about 2014's games and realized: Wait... this may actually be my GotY. Not sure what that says about 2014, but this game rules regardless.

Donnywho1629d ago

Is it difficult like NES games too? There have been a lot of games recently that got a ton of NES vintage hype that I bought, like an idiot, that turned out to be easy.

hkgamer1629d ago

first of all, this game was created a number of years after a nes game. it can look at what was good and what was bad.

secondly, this game is not 8-bit. it may look 8-bit but i asure you that this game would mot run on a nes.

arghh... cant be bothered making more points.

bad article i suppose.