Quantic Dream’s Unannounced PS4 Games Aiming for Artificial Intelligence “Beyond Industry Standards”

It's known that Quantic Dream is working on one or more unannounced PS4 games, and apparently they're aiming to improve them on an aspect that many overlook: Artificial Intelligence.

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GTgamer1625d ago

*Rubs chin* hmmmmm interesting I dont know allot about their new game but we'll all know this will graphically blow everyone away.

mikeslemonade1625d ago

Once again Sony is moving boundaries and transcending games. What are the other two console holders doing?? The answer is nothing much.

Half_Minute_Hero1625d ago

You're so annoying. Go away. Pretty please.

DanteVFenris6661625d ago

I don't mind fanboys. But it's the extremists that start to make me cringe. I like sony console more, so I am a fanboy, but I wouldn't say wii or Xbox has nothing. I'm going to get a wii u soon, would have already if I didn't spend a grand on a new computer.

mkis0071625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


I actually side with you on this one. Sony is the one who funds the new risky concepts, and that is why I like their consoles. I'm just not a shooter guy...with minor exceptions when story is good enough.

Media Molecule and Quantic Dream were both passed on by Microsoft who thought their games would be too risky and not worth development. Their games went on to sell millions.

EDIT: the "nothing" part was over the top though.

nosferatuzodd1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

you should listen to the man cuz hes right
i have a Wii u so I'll take Nintendo out this convo
because Mario cart 8 is amazing and the new Zelda looks crazy

60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

Um, biased much? Xbox may not be changing the industry in power, but it has new games and experiences from the console. Same goes for Nintendo. Xbox is unifying entertainment.
Nintendo is changing where/when games are accesable.
both companies offer new experiances.

Half_Minute_Hero1625d ago

mkis007 - So then what happened when Sony passed on Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive, two risky IPs, yet MS welcomed them? This ain't the last gen no more, buddy..

ninsigma1624d ago

What was risky about titan fall?? It was just another shooter and Sony already had killzone so the passed on it. The reason they lost out on sunset (which I'm really sad about) is because insomniac wanted to keep the Ip. Neither game is exactly risky.

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fardan851625d ago

Damn, when I read AI in the title I kinda thought this will be about Kara demo. I was hoping it will be a game.
Well, I still look forward to QD game.

Magicite1625d ago

Played all of QD games and there's nothing that can hype me more like next-gen QD game.

60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

The world needs better ai in games

waltyftm1625d ago

Well said, huh who's footsteps are those needs upgrading :)

Rimeskeem1625d ago

Truer words have never been said.

Thatguy-3101625d ago

They have to be working on a game with the concept that was introduced in the KARA te have demo. It only makes sense on why they would put so put so much emphasis on the AI.

1nsomniac1625d ago

I hope this claim at least holds a little truth. AI really is something that needs improving in games these days.

SaveFerris1625d ago

I hope they can get a great writer on board to match the graphics. I personally felt Heavy Rain and Beyond were a little weak and had some flaws in that respect.

gamerfan09091625d ago

I've always said that about Quantic Dream. Top notch graphics and interesting premises, but awful gameplay and writing. When you tie players down and you say these games are interactive movies the writing has to be top notch, but the writing is mediocre at best.

creatchee1625d ago


My main contention with their claim would be the fact that none of their games have AI in the first place. They're looking to reinvent the wheel without ever rolling one down a hill and seeing what happens.

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