Rumor: Sony aiming for 1440p “superfast” OLED screen for Project Morpheus

Sony is aiming for a higher resolution screen for the retail version of Project Morpheus VR headset.

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60FramesPerSecond1623d ago

I like OLED. However this is sure to drive the price up,

ArchangelMike1623d ago

Exactly my first thought.

Sony are going to have a real challenge pricing this for the consumer. The PS4 is currently selling like hot cakes because it is priced right.

On the other hand Sony don't want to release Morpheuse if it is less powerful than the Occulus Rift.

Tough choices.

NewMonday1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

the screens are very small, smaller than a screen on a smartwatch so the cost shouldn't be that big.

starchild1623d ago

Well the bigger distinguishing factor is the actual performance of the hardware driving these HMDs.

The specs of the HMD needs to be adequate, but you also have to have the hardware grunt to drive that display. I mean, you can have a 90hz or 120hz display but if your hardware isn't capable of rendering the games at that frame rate then it largely goes to waste.

ABizzel11623d ago


According to reports whatever framerate the game runs at, is what the game will continue to run at with Morpheus.

If the game is 30fps, it basically "ghost" at 30fps on Morpheus, and a 60fps game would still be 60fps. So there's no need to have the display that high, when currently the technology is locked at 1080p @ 60fps.

The_Hero1623d ago

There are cheaper alternatives that manufactures OLED screen that Sony could align themselves to.
If I am to purchase one of these, they'd better be of quality.

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TheKing011623d ago

how is this "sure to drive the price up"?

there's such a things as selling at a loss, and there's such a thing as manufacturing cost-efficient hardware, which is something Sony has excelled at this generation.

price is a huge factor, but the end all-be-all for any peripheral of this kind will be how it's marketed to the masses. a great kiosk demo at Best Buy can turn what used to be a "too high" $250 into a "it's high, but I'll consider it".

denawayne1623d ago

A stand alone device, yes. A peripheral, no.

60FramesPerSecond1623d ago

if morpheus is $250, i will be amazed

LamerTamer1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

250! That is way cheap for an HMD. Sony makes an HMD now (hmz-t3) that is used for 3D movies mostly, it is around $1000.00! It has two 720p OLED screens probably like they are now thinking about for Morpheus (720 x 2 =1440) That has none of the motion and other sensing capabilities that Morpheus does either.

I don't see how they will release a headset that does more for less cost unless they cut a lot of corners or find other ways to monetize (all Morpheus games with micro transactions?).

mike32UK1623d ago

Im almost certain that Sony set the price of the hmz headsets so high in order to soak up the costs of development for morpheus. Kind of like what google has done with the explorer edition of glass

ArchangelMike1623d ago

The problem with the price is that it can't really be the that close to the same price as a PS4; if it is being sold as an accessory to the PS4. So a price of say 299, for me would be too high. Unless it is being sold as a stand alone device. But that's just me.



It largely depends on the kind of accessory and what it does... People pay top dollar for quality driving wheels and headsets, enough to rival the console price. For instance, this new accessory may replace a whole TV set, so I don't think even if it costed the same as the PS4 it would be so outrageous.

Sure, if they want this thing to be used by every PS4 owner, than they need to be much more restritive with price, but otherwise, if it's a niche product, it can actually cost more and still enjoy success. This perceived result will depends on what are their expecations more than anything else.

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jnemesh1623d ago

Considering OLED screens of this resolution are now common in mobile phones, I don't see this significantly impacting the price. Remember, we are not talking about 1000 units or 10,000...Sony probably will buy these in lots of 50,000 at a shot! In those quantities, the price difference between a 1080p LCD screen and a 1440p OLED is probably around $10 or even less.

TheKing011623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

the right price imo would be $200-250. expecting anything lower at launch, isn't realistic.

there are considerations that have to be factored in when setting a retail pricepoint, and one of those is "when will be able to drop the price when/if sales slow?", and if the product is already priced at $100-150, you wouldn't be seeing a reduction in cost for several years considering the loss they'd already have incurred would have been significant.

JBSleek1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I mean those phones cost upward of $600-750 so not a good comparison.

I'm sure the screen is the most expensive part of phones especially high density screens that have lower yields.

Also there is no phone that uses OLED as a screen if you are referring to those crappy AMOLED screens they will not use those. Phones use LCD3.

TheKing011623d ago

yeah, and those phones also come with a host of features that Project Morpheus won't offer. his point is that a better screen doesn't automatically= higher price.

LamerTamer1623d ago

I an pretty sure it is two 720p screens, one for each eye like their hmz-t3.

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mogwaii1623d ago

It would be worth it. If they stick with sub par lcd the inevitable comparisons with occulus come release will show us why they should have raised the price, made it a serious contender and went with oled.

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mochachino1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I suppose if they're small enough and close to the eyes they can provide quality screens for cheaper.

I'm sure Moroheous will be cool but with out full game support I'm not sure how well it will do. Every game should at least supprt the head tracking.

sinjonezp1623d ago

I think it will work. We all use the right analog stick to look around in every game. If it offers true motion movement, then that's a plus. I'm sure devs could have an option where right analog could be toggled to Morpheus. The problem with that for me is we do use the analog to spin the camera around the character to see what's behind, and if its only Morpheus, it would require some intuitive schemes. I'm hoping that devs will take advantage of Morpheus and employ some amazing content.

starchild1623d ago

Every game? Most games on the consoles run at 30fps. This isn't fast enough for VR. The latency is too high and the temporal resolution isn't sufficient.

hkgamer1623d ago

which is why sony is recommending studios to not push the graphical fedility too high when producing games for morpheus. i think they mentioned ps3 graphics is what they should aim for and then upgrade from there.

mochachino1621d ago

In the least, it should be able to double as a "big screen" without all the VR capabilities.

mogwaii1623d ago

We dont want this to be a kinect type device where devs feel pushed into using it, then it will become a gimmick.

WickedLester1623d ago

I still think the biggest stumbling block of Morpheus is the design. I mean, people resisted adopting 3D TV because they didn't want to have to wear 3D glasses. How do you think mass market is going respond to having to wear THIS contraption on their heads? IMO in order for Morpheus to be truly mass market, Sony is going to have to design it down to something like a pair of sunglasses before people truly embrace it in large numbers.

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Kayant1623d ago

"However, Sony is actually aiming higher with the final, retail version of the Project Morpheus. According to our source (the same source who accurately reported that Sony was doing a VR headset last year)" - Looool sure..... Not that they're probably not aiming for something similar but the source is BS.

gamerfan09091623d ago

If they can hit 1440P then the PS4 hardware must be a lot better than the specs indicate. That would be a game changer not only for this, but for the games to come.

hkgamer1623d ago

thats just resolution. they not expecting ps4 level graphics to push that. maybe uncharted 2/tlou type graphics.

Rearden1623d ago

True, you have have 4K resolution if you want, but you wont have any power left to do high res textures and pretty lighting or great effects.

ginsunuva1623d ago

Number of physical pixels =/= how many a ps4 game renders. TVs were 1080 when last gen games were 720; it's called scaling.

Also ps4 power =/= how many pixels it can render. My phone can render 4k sprites easily.

jnemesh1623d ago

Yes, PS4 can handle 1440p. It's much like changing resolution on a PC game. The most important thing for VR is a solid frame rate, 60fps minimum (Oculus is shooting for up to 75fps). To achieve that with the PS4 hardware, Sony is instructing developers to target "PS3 level" graphics in their games, and then tweak from there, but always targeting a SOLID 60fps.

The reason most of the games on PS4 are struggling to hit 1080p AND 60fps, is because the developers are choosing to prioritize extra effects and more complex 3D models over resolution and frame rate.

But make no mistake, if they design the game properly, Morpheus and PS4 will have no issues hitting 1440p VR with a solid 60fps.

JBSleek1623d ago

Lol. You think the PS4 hardware is capable of 1440p and 60 fps with no issues?

Joe9131623d ago

I don't know if Ps4 can handle that the morpheus plugs into a processor then that plugs into the ps4 that's how it was getting all that power when they announced it but not sure cause they also said that they wanted to make a wireless morpheus as well

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mkis0071623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

resolution and framerate are not the end all be all of power... The last of us should teach you this. imagine if they didn't up the poly count/lighting/shadows/LOD, and just upped the rez and frames...a VR the last of us at 1440p and 60fps would be childs play. They already have it at 1080/60 with a bunch of extra additions.

JBSleek1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Are people really serious that they think the PS4 which consist of a mobile CPU and a low midrange GPU can achieve 1440p and 60fps. I mean you all can't be serious. With over 75% more pixels separating 1440p and 1080p people think this is child's play.

3,686,400 pixels vs 2,073,600 pixels

The delusion is real...

sinspirit1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


Of course it's childs play. You just aren't listening.. like a child..

The Last of Us with graphical improvements is running at 1080p/60fps, and that's when it was optimized for the Cell processor and a different RAM set up. With enough tweaking they could get The Last of Us from PS3 to run at this resolution and framerate, though the graphical improvements would likely be cut. And, don't think that having this resolution means a game actually has to be that resolution. People can always chose 1080p if performance is not good enough at a higher resolution or if they simply want to improve other graphic aspects.

Many indie games and PS3 quality games can run at this resolution no problem.

You kind of focus on the bad things..
1. The OS is much lighter than Windows, so the hardware isn't as slow as a PC equivalent.
2. The mobile CPU has eight cores.
3. The RAM is completely graphics focused.
4. Console hardware far outperforms even their PC "equivalents".
John Carmack talks about that because of their low level API, single hardware configurations, and architecture. So, while people have compared it to around a 7850, it is actually much better when developers take advantage of it.
5. The development expertise of Sony first parties is astounding. Killzone 3 had graphics even better than Killzone 2, and still had Move as well as 3DTV support and ran very smooth. I'm sure you would have been skeptical about that as well before actually seeing the results. The PS3 was always compared to a GT6800. But, Uncharted, God of War III, The Last of Us, Killzone, etcetera, clearly look better than even some of PC's graphical oriented games.

Don't forget that this article is just a rumor, and even if it were true, 1080p would probably still be a common resolution on this headset and 1440p would be a "future-proofing" solution for the next console.

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LamerTamer1623d ago

The original Xbox had a couple of 1080 games, the PS3 a few more. If you downgrade the graphics enough it could be possible. Maybe PS2+ level graphics could work. Another possibility is that it is two 720p screens like in their hmz-t3 and someone heard it wrong and just added 720p together as "1440p".

Kivespussi1623d ago

Wasn't wipeout HD 1080p/60FPS on PS3? Sure you can reach 1440p at 60+fps on PS4 but it's going to come at a cost

hkgamer1623d ago

1440p is acheivable. not saying for games that are pushing the graphical fidelity to the max though. think of the indie games kind of graphics. or ps3 level graphics.

they are not expecting current ps4 games to have morpheus support. they want new games developed on it.

bjmartynhak1623d ago

Sure, 1440p, 120fps, whatever, but simple graphs though. Devs' choice.

ginsunuva1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

A computer from a decade ago could render 1440p pixels if it wants. It can't do intensive graphics at that resolution, but what's stopping it from computing a 2560x1440 matrix (screen pixels = matrix).

It's kinda like a triangle:

(HIGH FRAMERATE) ------------ (HIGH RES)
..................\. ............. ............./
...................\ ............. ............/
................... \............ ............/
.....................\....... ....... ......./
......................\...... ....... ....../
.......................\..... ... ........./
.............(HIGH VISUAL EFFECTS)

And you can only stay within the boundaries of the triangle. If you want higher X, you have to trade out some Y and/or Z.

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