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Watch_Dogs - Enhanced Reality Mod V3 Released, Comes With Five Different Presets

Guru3D’s member ‘Lunayah’ has released the final version of his graphical mod/tweak/tool for Watch_Dogs. This mod comes with five different presets, meaning that PC gamers can choose between: Warm, Cool, Subtle, E3 Original and Vivid atmospheres. (PC, Watch Dogs)

joab777  +   61d ago
And this is the obvious benefit of pc gaming that even the best consoles cannot compete with. Id love to see what modders could do with the Last of Us or Uncharted.
Epic-gamerz  +   61d ago
The Last of Us doesn't need Mods or Modders, because the developers actually gave us a complete game that wasn't downgraded compared to the trailers. We also support our developers and actually buy our games.
xmifi  +   61d ago
That's why steam has 8 million users. Cause no one is buying games, right ?
Epic-gamerz  +   61d ago
Steam (supported by 3 platforms) has 8 million users... finally. PS4 barely launched half a year with barely any games and already nearly 7 million users. But yay for PC gamers I guess
Eiffel  +   61d ago
@ Epic-gamerz, xmifi

Steam has about 80 million users. Just recently they broke their concurrent record with 8 million active at once during the Summer Sale. I highly doubt a userbase that large with one that active which far exceeds the other three platforms in activity don't buy their games.
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make72  +   61d ago
well said.I also have pc but havent seen any good pc exlusives for long time.I think reason is piracy no point make pc games because of piracy!
Eiffel  +   61d ago

The salt is real. Your comment history and language barrier trolling in this article alone beg to differ.
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bjshepp  +   61d ago
The Last of Us was downgraded compared to the E3 demo. Not just in graphics, but in AI behavior as well. Stop being a fanboy acting like other developers don't do this sort of thing.
Epic-gamerz  +   61d ago
The Last of Us E3 AI was just as scripted as Watch Dogs E3 AI, all for show. But atleast The Last of Us E3 Graphics made it to the final game unlike Watch Dogs, even the infinite power of the PC couldn't help Watch Dogs
bixxel  +   60d ago
Why that many disagrees?
sungam3d  +   61d ago
Now I am become PC master race.
Destroyer of consoles.
make72  +   61d ago
So one more pirate:) Goat simulator rocks master race.
hiredhelp  +   61d ago
Yeh screw the silly "fanboy" comments ... Fact is downgrade or not the actual graphical enhancements in this game was because the E3 2012 look was still in the game just locked away in xml file.
So no game look like was downgraded but actually it wasn't.. Get over it got it good.
Now i can fell that this gonna be epic with mods in future just like GTA that said next GTA is confirmed pc and have mods.. PC master race seriously stupid names pull out your backside like fanboy
renerak  +   61d ago
I dont get it. Are u supporting pc or consoles?
hiredhelp  +   60d ago
I dont get it. Are u supporting pc or consoles?
see this is how fanboys grow ansew your question
Im a Gamer i acsept all forms of consoles ..

I Build my own PCs have done for years and have a ps4 sitting next to my pc because i feel thats the best combination for me.

ansew your question I SUPPORT BOTH ;)
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make72  +   61d ago
Steam=Save the dinosaur pc:)

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