Nintendo President on Amiibo Crossovers, the Software Drought, and More

"At E3 2014, IGN caught up with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime to chat about the company’s lineup and its plans to jump-start Wii U sales. Up until the launch of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has faced a number of alarming circumstances: Low home console sales, a struggle to justify the GamePad, and increased competition from both Sony and Microsoft. The Nintendo Digital Event shed light on the next big games coming to Wii U, 3DS. So we asked Fils-Aime to give us a few more specifics regarding the company’s lineup and its future."

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60FramesPerSecond1627d ago

Honestly I think Reggie and Iwata are the two coolest game industry figures. I might not agree on their policies, but they have really been two well respectable guys. Wii U sales will pick up, no doubt. Smash Bros. will at least get a lot of sales, along with Zelda. A price drop might be neccesary for some gamers to pick one up, or at least some great bundles. Virtual Console could use some GameCube games and some more GBA games. That would increase sales (i think).

deafdani1627d ago

Now that is a pretty well put comment, even if I don't agree with all of it (mostly about Reggie, I honestly don't care much about that guy, because he seems to be all talk, no substance).

But anyway, keep it up. Bubble up for well said.

Metallox1627d ago

Your body isn't ready then :p

I think I like the guy, the way he talks and exposes is very interesting and he seems to be very charismatic. But I agree on the point that he sometimes talks too much, he just doesn't want to go to the point.

fatneal1627d ago

sometimes i feel like nintendo is the only company awake at the wheel and they get punished and unfairly judge in the gaming industry

how is it nintendo's fault devs are lazy and not creative? how is it nintendo can create games that consistently get higher scores collectively on metacritic with "outdated inferior' hardware but these other 3rd party developers or devs in general with "superior" hardware at their finger tips cant?...the problem is obviously GAMING CULTURE (from developers and gaming media all the way down to modern consumers) not nintendo!

TongkatAli1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Wow man Nintendo is just too good everybody else is bad and can't make games like them. They're just *moans* too good. Poor Sony and MS with their dumb fancy hardware that can't make anything creative like Mario and insert whatever amazing creative original never before seen games that Nintendo makes generation after generation.

NINTENDO!!! I need to change my shorts.

TongkatAli1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Yeah, DEM SALES!!! that is why Jessica Simpson is a genius has a net worth over 100 million and is going to be a future billionaire.

Just post sale numbers and nuff said works every time. You know when someone makes a lot of money you're getting the highest form of quality from them its that simple the other companies don't have enough of dem sales to make a gem like Wii Sports.

I'm sorry brahh you got me there with that link post, you win.

fatneal1626d ago

is that what you got from my comment?

devolution confirmed!

jayzablade1626d ago

You clearly don't have a clue do you?!
Let's make this as simple as you are....
'Wow man Nintendo is just too good everybody else is bad'
Out of the top 20, 10 of those are Nintendo 1st party/exclusive!
'Poor Sony and MS with their dumb fancy hardware that can't make anything creative'
You have to go all the way down to 17 before you find the one and only XBox exclusive in the top 40 and Sony don't even have 1!!
So yes, i do indeed win....nuff said!!!

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MNGamer-N1627d ago

Reggie will kick your ass, take your name, and make a game.

jegheist20141626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

many people like myself skipped last gen wii why rare rare got bought i will hate msoft look what msoft has turned them into.

ill never see conkurs bad fur day 2 wii u nintendo buy them back im begging u

Benjaminkno1626d ago

Still a superb game. I need to play that again.