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How Much Is Your PSN User ID Name Worth Changing?

A good name defines you.

We have seen it in movies, music and even video games. The Hero's always have the coolest names, like Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, Ryu Hayabusa, Obi Wan Kenobi and even the incredibly awesome Solid Snake to name but a few. These names sound cool, intriguing, even funny, making us wish we thought of it first. Unfortunately for thousands of PSN members stuck with User ID names they can't change like Manboobs_101. PS4.sx would like to know how much is your PSN User ID name worth changing? (PlayStation Network, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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henrythomas284  +   427d ago
LMAO @manboobs_101. I really like my PSN user ID name so I wouldn't change it, especially since I have had it for soooooo long, but I can definitely understand the needs of those who wish to change it. I guess $15-20 dollars is reasonable if Sony was to implement this feature.
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patelsanjeed  +   427d ago
Dude are you talking about a one time name change fee? Cause $15 to $20 dollars each time is way too much to pay for changing a User name.
I wish Sony would allow gamers to change user id's I rushed to choose my name when I first joined the network and I have a few awesome ideas for names if only Sony would let us change old ID's.

Sony please do this pleeeeeaaaasse
henrythomas284  +   427d ago
This is why I think, 15-20 dollars is too low. The fact you have ideas for many names, sounds like someone looking to abuse the system. I think Sony are trying to avoid this happening. As the article suggest you could opt into using your real name instead on the PS4. That what I would do, if I hated my psn user id name.
iamnsuperman  +   427d ago
I think it needs to be around £10. It is expensive to deter people from doing it all the time (huge pain in the arse for Sony) but it isn't that expensive that people just don't bother
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Boody-Bandit  +   427d ago
Yeah that is kind of high but it doesn't effect me because I will never change my name for PSN, XBL STEAM and I'm hoping they never try to get me to change it. For some reason youtube made me change it so I just dropped my account and didn't create a new one.
CyrusLemont  +   426d ago
What is with this my way or the highway attitude, where changing usernames can only exist if its monetised or no deal. That's a ridiculous mentality when it can be much simpler and fairer to the customer.

If you want to prevent users from constantly changing their username, allow them to only be able to change it once every 365 days. Consequently, your old username can become open to anyone who wants it.

Boom, problem solved.
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nix  +   426d ago
thank god i learnt the value of right username while creating my first email id. i thought well and reserved the the right username. there was a time before PS3 came out that one can book the username. i did it around that time.
Giul_Xainx  +   426d ago
I chose my name and I stand by it. I am my own character in my own game. A name change? I don't feel the need to change it now. Hopefully I never will.
Panthers  +   426d ago
Thats about how much it is in WoW to name change. Seems apropriate.

I have an original name (no funny characters or numbers in my name) so I have no desire to change it. Had it since PS3 released.
SolidStoner  +   426d ago
I need a country change option.. since i cant register my real country in PSN.. sadly SONY still dont support even Europe! I feel sad for the rest of the world.. Latvia is the place Im from if you dont believe me.. all Baltic's are not supported! :( wrong flag everywhere and PSN store buying problems.. still in 2014... well thats sad! :( user name change could also be a good thing.. maybe there would be more normal names!
Mainman  +   426d ago
I'm good with my PSN name, but I really wish Sony will allow deletion of Trophy's though.
showtimefolks  +   427d ago
$20-$25 for those who wish to change it. Make it expensive enough to where people won't change them on weekly bases. Its one of the most over rated things ever, why did you pick a stupid name to begin with?

i would never pay a cent to change my psn-ID because i thought about the name before just type in something that i would have hated later on


I agree 100%, if its like @4 bucks than people will just abuse the system


okay i get that, than how about a system where your first change ID is free under psn_plus, but anything after that is expensive. So it will allow people to invest into psn-plus instead of paying $20-25 just for change ID.

I hope sony has a system something that works in both for gamers and sony, but i also hope next time people choose their ID's with some thought process.
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iamnsuperman  +   427d ago
I was young, naive and I just wanted to get online quickly. So my name sucks. It isn't even offensive or anything. Just plain and boring with no relation to my name or any other username I use online.
InTheLab  +   427d ago
So I chose my psnID 8 years ago when I was in my 20's. I'm older now and want something to reflect who I am now versus who I was. The fact that Sony hasn't allowed name changes is ridiculous.

@Yosp has changed his twitter handle to Brohei Broshida to promote that indie game. Imagine if Twitter refused to allow him to go back to Shu and he's stuck with what he has.

People change and Sony should allow for name changes.
Porcelain_Chicken  +   427d ago
"why did you pick a stupid name to begin with? "

Sorry for BEING 15 AT THE TIME!!! lol. I picked my name really liking it. But apparently to alot of people it sounds feminine (,_, ). So i get confused for being a girl alot. It's really awkward. There's been a few times where guys don't believe i'm a dude and continue to hit on me and ask for my age, name & a topless pic... SO THAT'S WHY!
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   427d ago
I agree wtih Patelsanjeed. $15-20 is highway robbery just for the ability to change a username. I remember when i first saw that xbox charged $10 to change a username, i was appalled.

changing ID's should cost no more than around 5 to 10 dollars tops.
InTheLab  +   427d ago
I actually think they should allow a one time change for free. You know how many McLovins I run into on any given day?
Rodney25  +   427d ago
Rodtastic25 sounds like a porn star name
CaptainFaisal  +   427d ago
I would pay 10$ , Microsoft charge 800MP
MysticStrummer  +   427d ago
I wouldn't pay more than $5, and I'd have to think about that.
smt_Nocturne  +   427d ago
i'll never change my PSN ID.
i got a decent name and a lot of trophies "Majestic-Man".
lilbrat23  +   427d ago
Yes my name is VERY Cool Lara :-D
ShadowKingx  +   427d ago
i think 10 bucks is fair enough IMO and i would not mind if they made it free either the first time or a certain amount of time when they launch it.
sanosukegtr123  +   426d ago
say what, that's kind of dumb to pay to change your user name. You should be giving a chance to change your user name and once its been change there's no going back.
ovnipc  +   426d ago
Should be $10 like xbox. Usually Sony its cheaper than ms. And $20 to change psn id its way to much.
Back-to-Back  +   426d ago
People wanting to pay money just to for Sony to do a simple update to their database has me on the floor dying of laughter.
no_more_heroes  +   427d ago
It would be nice to use the same name that I have on XBL. I didn't make it so originally because I changed my gamertag twice before being satisfied with my current one. One ID across everything.

Gamertag: XalechimThe14th
ArronNelson  +   427d ago
I think this is a great idea, but can't see Sony or Microsoft, coming together to ever making this happen.The funniest PSN name i have seen was FrodoTeabaggins.

no_more_heroes  +   427d ago
I actually meant just changing my PSN ID to the name I use on XBL, but yeah, that idea would make this whole "console war" BS 10 times worse lol!
JBSleek  +   427d ago
Why do people think MS and Sony can come together to collaborate they have for years on laptops. They are business partners as well not just enemies. Also this function doesn't hurt either one.
ThanatosDMC  +   427d ago
^You have to know that someone's Live account name might be all ready taken by someone else's PSN name. They cant make them all compatible. Someone has my PSN name as their Live name.
STK026  +   427d ago
I believe both League of Legends and Microsoft's Xbox Live allow name-changing for about 10$, if Sony decides to allow it, I'd say 10$ would seem like a good price.

As for those fearing an abuse of the system, at 10$ it hasn't been abused on either Live or LoL; I don't see why it needs to be 20$ on the PSN. And it's a system likely to be used by clans, asking for 20$+ for a new clan member to add a tag to his name seems excessive.

Also, since it would most likely be an automated system, it isn't an issue for Sony, even if some users were to change their PSN ID multiple times a days. It would simply be an easy cash grab.
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danny818  +   427d ago
I hate the fact that im still not able to change my psn name... Sony let me know when you want to make some money
AnotherProGamer  +   427d ago
why can't it be free like steam?
showtimefolks  +   427d ago
oh yeh let's make it free so people can change names 10 times daily. Maybe 1st time should be free but it should cost like $2025 so people won't abuse the system
EcoSos3  +   427d ago
What!!??? $2025 dollars to change your id that's insane...lol I
showtimefolks  +   426d ago
lol meant $20-25
LordSane  +   426d ago
@showtimefolks, It's not a problem on Steam so why should it be problem on PSN, are you saying that PSN users less mature than Steam users?
showtimefolks  +   426d ago

yes for sure and that's coming from a console gamer. PC gamers for most part are a mature crowd but not o much for consoles.

like i said every should get one free name change but after that it requires some money. Atleast $10 like xblive.

with that free name change everyone can change names that want to, but 2nd name change is $10, 3rd is $15 and so on

but that's just my opinion
thehobbyist  +   426d ago
Because PSN doesn't have the same level of security steam does. Being able to change your name multiple times in quick succession can(And has) been used to speed hack. Which is never fun for whomever is in charge of network security.
Swiggins  +   427d ago
Eh, I don't really MIND my handle so much on PSN but it does sound a little bit juvenile 7 years later.

I'd really like to change it to my name on here or my XBL gamertag.
GrandpaSnake  +   427d ago
im tripping out, i know a lot of people like to collect trophies why not just allow a trophy transfer to a new psn name? i mean i have like 4 psn names all free of course and sometimes i just make extra just to start over with stats on games or to plain ole troll someone.
Metfanant  +   427d ago
How can someone "abuse" this process? lol...I mean if they want to continually pay to change their name, then who cares?...

How are you affected in ANY way if some other dude changes their PSN name every single day for $5?
Scumdog  +   427d ago
I feel for people who picked shetty names at the beginning, Sony really needs to make this happen but figure out a way to avoid abuse like others have stated. I hope i will never have to change my screen name through the years ( PS5, PS6, PS7 ect. ), as i really love my screen name. Waited in a Cicuit City line in Daytona Beach FL for two days ( friend came up & held spot while i ran home & showered & grubbed each night ), just so i could secure that 60gig fatty that i'm typing this message on now, drive like a fool home & sign in as - you guessed it Scumdog.
Geekman  +   427d ago
I had to use a different one. Still hunting down the jerk that stole my nickname.
Menkyo  +   427d ago
Its worth 0$ to me as I actually thought about my PSN ID.
dodgemoose  +   427d ago
I thought extensively about my PSN ID too. However, fast forward six years and I'm left cringing at my decision.
Menkyo  +   426d ago
Then it wasn't very deep thought.
Kivespussi  +   426d ago
I also thought about it for a looong time... The problem just is that 7 years ago when I got my PS3 I was just 10 years old and... You just can't think of a username that you would still like after 5 years.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   427d ago
I don't know how their account system is coded, but usually, username and/or e-mail address wouldn't be the key. An ID would be the main key and username, e-mail are just there, it's data. So switching username should be the most simple thing to do, as easy as changing your credit card info.

I've always found this can't change username thing stupid. I would see the ability to change your username limited to only once a year though.
Scumdog  +   427d ago
Metfanant & WackyVee both have a point, Metfanant for abuse of system - shouldn't matter to you if you don't know them, but if the system didn't automatically switch your friends now changed name & keep them on your friends list, it could be irksome with people asking you to frequently add new handles - i erase people from my friends list who do this all the time. Wacky is right, imo too it should be a cakewalk for them to allow this, is it that hard if so i was unaware.
Gezmoyassine  +   427d ago
Why should we pay to be able to change our use IDS?It should be FREE of charge.I just don't get it.
Rachel_Alucard  +   426d ago
Yeah wtf is up with everyone adding a price tag to a simple text swap that literally costs nothing on their end. If everyone is afraid of "abuse" of repeated name switching, on steam which is free, you can view the past aliases the user has gone by and it tells you what date it was switched to each name as well and you can even assign nicknames to people to help determine whose who. If Sony just adds in simple things like that alongside the name change update there shouldn't be a problem.

Like seriously, MS charges money to change your name because they know you'll pay for it and it's effortless cash for them as well.

By what circumstance of abuse result from this?

EDIT:If Sony ties content to your ID, why didn't they just link the account algorithm instead of YOUR NAME ID? I don't understand who would design a system that links through publicly viewed information.
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60FramesPerSecond  +   427d ago
On xbox its like $10 or something. on ps it should be free, cause sony is nice. Seriously though, sony seems to treat consumers better.
FlyingFoxy  +   427d ago
I took PerfectChaos on PSN when i had a PS3 early on.. good thing i did, hate choosing names with numbers or what not because a name is already taken.
blackblades  +   427d ago
I know right it makes it the original to bad I can't swap my 2 accounts around Miketheking75 to blackblades since its an original.
SuperBlur  +   427d ago
why the f even charge for a username change... sure let me keep the handle name but let me change my nickname for god sake , it's 2014 .. steam has been doing it for a long time and everyone seem to be happy about it

Colossal_Dragon  +   426d ago
I agree, It should be free, maybe put a restriction to limit the number of name changes once every 6 months or for PLUS users only to stop people from exploiting it.

Reading these comments of people insisting it should cost money bewilders me.
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   427d ago
About 5 cents lol Anybody will to spend money on stupid crap like that should be slapped . Why should they even charge for that . I thought the same thing about on the 360 . Such a stupid use of money
DualWielding  +   427d ago
People apparently don't get the real reason why they ban user name changes, its to make it difficult to sell your account to other people as the other person not being able to change their id to something of their liking is a barrier
Rocky5  +   426d ago
I would love to change my PSN ID, but according to Sony support its impossible due to our purchase history & download content being linked to that ID.

I would think it would be a matter of just changing it on the system :-/ guess they link content differently than MS do.
Frankskint  +   426d ago
I think at least $5 or $10 dollars like Microsoft charge is fare. People only value something they have to pay for and being able to change it when ever they want for free will only lead to the system being abused. Saying that if Sony are making money from each time the name is changed then why should it really matter.

Thank god, i though about my Username before signing up, though I wish i did grab the name PirateKing first.
toddybad  +   426d ago
It should be free FFS.
Why would any of you think charges should be introduced?
The idea of abuse of the system is ridiculous - who cares if somebody wastes their time constantly changing their name? What difference does it make?
Gamers these days really are the antithesis of what they used to be.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   426d ago
I got mine in 11/17/06 and i won't change it......
Elite-uk  +   426d ago
I lost 12 platinum's cos i wanted a Psn name change, my new account currently stands @ eight. Sort it out sony. hell even ps2 you could do it.... think you had the ability to do it 3 times per year or something to that affect, should bring it back.
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outsider1624  +   426d ago
how does Outsider1624 sound? :-p
drpepperdude  +   426d ago
Forget changing it, what about upgrading sub accounts to normal adult accounts.
mmcglasson  +   426d ago
Did any of you read what was in the picture? I lol'd. If some Sony rep did reply like that, I would be rolling on the floor.
mmcglasson  +   426d ago
If they do add this feature... The date the account was established, purchases, friends, everything, stays exactly the same. The only thing that changes is your PSN Name. Mine is Skarred and I'd like to change it. I've had that name since the day the PS3 launched. I don't care for it too much though.
D-riders  +   426d ago
I hate my psn name I'd pay 50 to change it
feraldrgn  +   426d ago
Manboobs_101 is a glorious name.

For people that really "need" to change their username though, I suppose $5.99/$9.99.
Depends on how much Sony has to do with servers & records to be able to change it, got to be cost efficient.
feraldrgn  +   426d ago
Edit: I think it should be a one time only deal as well.
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