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It has been around two years now since Sword Art Online stormed onto the anime/manga scene, fascinating people with its take on virtual MMOs and fully developed ladies. After releasing the first part of the game series, Infinity Movement, Bandai Namco Games have now released Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the PlayStation Vita. The game released in Japan and in China, the latter version of which has English menus and subtitles, which is the version I will be tackling today. Strap yourself into the Nerve Gear and log into this review now.

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novacav1477d ago

Both of my siblings are super into SAO, I really need to watch it sometime. Maybe this game will get me excited.

Lifewish1477d ago

The anime is fantastic, def. worth a watch.

Ilovetheps41477d ago

I enjoyed the fist half of the show. But the second half of the show wasn't good in my opinion. I wish it would have just ended after season 1. I would have liked the overall series much better.

Neckbear1477d ago

It's so horridly written I'm amazed so many people like it.

Lifewish1476d ago


I agree the second half wasn't nearly as good, I didn't care very much for the world or the story.

stripe8141477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

if you are into games you will understand the anime itself..anime itself is superb..the season 2 is planned to come out soon

JackOfAllBlades1477d ago

Season 2 was painful to watch in comparison to how good the first season was. Check out the show Log Horizon , similar premise and another great show.

Lionalliance1477d ago

Is on netlflix too, so you can watch it there if ya a member.

Magicite1477d ago

I watched anime and it was great, Im glad game lives to its potential.

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knifefight1477d ago

That was my first thought, too. :(

ftwrthtx1477d ago

Great review. Love this type of game but there aren't too many options here in North America.

Lifewish1477d ago

The game is releasing in North America on August 19th :)

TongkatAli1477d ago

Awesome. The Vita is best handheld period can't wait for this baby in August. Sorry if i offended any Nintendo diehards because i know any good comments for the Vita make you cringe.

Opinions on gaming is serious business : p

Snookies121477d ago

I like the 3DS, don't get me wrong. Though I do have to agree, the Vita is a much more refined console hardware-wise. It just feels better to play, in my opinion as an owner of both. Although, each have some really awesome exclusive games.


"The Vita is best handheld period" ROFL this quote made my day thanks

Lolyta1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Well truth to be told IT IS , its just doesn't have enough support from 3rd party companies , without 3rd party support 3DS would have been in the same level as the PS VITA ( Only if you are a Pokemon fan you will consider 3DS the best for you )

TongkatAli1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Your welcome, I'm glad and I feel very special that my post made you rolling on the floor laugh, ofc you did that when you read my post : )

Dat cringe : P


@Lolyta "Only if you are a Pokemon fan you will consider 3DS the best for you" You guys are on a RAMPAGE LMAO

TheDivine1477d ago

Your comment didnt ruffle any feathers and i doubt anyone other than the five people who follow vita news saw it. Praise for the vita is fine, its a good system that sony banished to the depths of hardware peripheral purgatory. The past two E3's Sony didnt announce a single new game. Il look back on it fondly like the dreamcast. A good system with a couple good games that died early. I guess you can play laggy ps3 rentals for a couple bucks an hour still so its not totally dead. Just on life support.

I loved the first half of SAO but the second was abysmal. This game looks fairly good though. It needs, no, it deserves a real effort though. Ps4, 1080p, full massive open world SAO game that has fast action and the exploration of Xenoblade which was basically a MMO anyways. The world is so interesting and amazing.

nope1111477d ago

The review reads like a 8.0-8.5, but still good overall.
I need to check out the anime.

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