Will Metal Gear Solid V’s World be Too Open?

Hardcore Gamer: "It’s been a long time since we’ve received a full-fledged Metal Gear Solid release on a console. The fifth iteration feels as if it has been in development forever, but hopefully in 2015 we’ll be able get our hands on it. The prologue, subtitled Ground Zeroes, was released earlier this year and showcased an open military-based area to explore with a strong focus on its new gameplay features. Kojima stated that The Phantom Pain would be 200x larger than its predecessor, but this causes some concern on if it detracts itself from being a stealth game with a more distinct focal point on action."

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ValKilmer1628d ago

I think it won't be open enough! They should make it like Assassin's Creed/Far Cry and have sync points and radio towers and stuff.

N81627d ago

You wrote that to be funny, I get it .

Mainman1627d ago

Open world games usually get boring quick. I haven't bought the new Assassin's Creed because of this for instance, because I got bored quick with AC3. GTA:V had the same effect on me.

I am a little worried that this will happen to MGS:V, but I am more optimistic than worried though. I think Kojima can find the right balance/formula for MGS.

Because when I played the previous MGS games (MGS4 in particular), I always had the idea that they would have been better games if they were more open world.

AgentSmithPS41627d ago

if it too open won't u fall out?

60FramesPerSecond1628d ago

Yes. Because us as gamers should be concerned a game is too open world. (sarcasm)

ginsunuva1627d ago

Because bigger == better no matter what. (sarcasm)

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JaXion51628d ago

The title makes no sense whatsoever.

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The story is too old to be commented.