Nvidia Maxwell Flagship Geforce GTX 880 Spotted - 375W of TDP and 8GB of Memory

The next generation Nvidia Maxwell Flagship has just been pictured through a leak. The beast of a card features 8GB of GDDR5 data and the high end GM210 core.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1625d ago

8Gb of GDDR5, Nvidia really wants to kill consoles quickly.

codelyoko1625d ago

8GB holy shit :D and the blurred out area is probably an ARM core. Wow. Wow. Wow. <3.<3

egidem1625d ago

Considering the fact that most games today don't even use a quarter of that, 8GiB of GDDR5 memory is quite a lot...and overkill frankly!

Dark_Vendetta1625d ago

@egidem: I agree it seems like an overkill, but considering it's the new "flagship" Nvidia might aim for 4k. Once devs start taking advantage of the power and use "high def" textures, it might (notice I say might, as it's pure guessing on my part) be needed.

BluEx6101625d ago

I need something like this when GTA V hits, and ICEnhancer puts out a new mod. VRAM was pretty important to run GTA IV modded and have it running stable.

No need to bring up consoles, it's like no shit this $650+ GPU will torch a $400 Console.... People on Porsche forums don't say ignorant and insecure shit like "Honda and Toyotas are trash, they're dead already." lol just saying.

Fishy Fingers1625d ago

It's an enthusiast level card. They're all about 'overkill'.

Nerdmaster1624d ago

That's because newest GPUs are aiming for 4K.

ProjectVulcan1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

8GB isn't the headline figure here. It was inevitable discrete cards would hit that within 12 months of the new consoles.

It's fact the card may require more than 300w or at least close to it. That is a massive power draw only usually seen by dual GPU cards.

This may be revised down because this is early silicon and power savings are often made. But just imagine how fast a Maxwell GPU that pulls around 300w would be though.

Maxwell first came with the 750ti which wasn't praised for it's outright performance, but it's performance per watt which was absolutely amazing. 750ti consumed massively less power than a R7 260X but was faster.

If this card has anything like the performance per watt of the other Maxwell boards, it'll be astoundingly fast.

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JBSleek1625d ago

I mean consoles came into this generation already very underpowered. Very different from 2005/2006 when they were launched.

codelyoko1625d ago

Pitcairn (PS4 GPU): 1152 Shader cores, 1.84 TFlops
Bonaire (Xbox One GPU): 768 shader cores, 1.23 TFlops

Hawaii XT (current AMD flagship): 2816 Shader cores, 5.6 TFlops
Kepler GK110 (current Nvidia flagship): 2880 CUDA cores, 5.2 TFlops

And I am not even counting AMD R9 295X2 and GTX Titan Z. These next gen consoles are not going to last very long if the next frontier is 4K gaming :P

underpowered? yup.

zebramocha1624d ago

Nvidia mobile gtx 780m has 8GB of ram.

Kayant1624d ago


And those GPUs also cost 2x as much alone.

tee_bag2421624d ago

@ zebramocha

Nvidia mobile Gtx 780m has 4gb ram. Just thought I'd let you know since I have 2 in SLI. The 880m's have 8gb.

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JBSleek1625d ago

Where else can you get 8GB of GDDR5 dedicated solely to the GPU?

MasterCornholio1625d ago

Depends on the price though.

kingduqc1625d ago

Memory =/= performance.

Why even speak of the memory capacity instead of the speed. It's 7000mhz memory, probably on 384 bits witch is MASSIVE bandwidth.

sungam3d1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Because most consumers are dumb, they think bigger numbers means better, so that is their selling point.

Cameras are still sold as WOAH 50 Mega Pixels! Awesome!
No that's not awesome. It's the bit rate that matters, you could have a 50 gigapixel camera, but without the bitrate to back it up, all you have is a camera that takes extremely large crap quality pictures/video.

LightDiego1624d ago

Sure, with great exclusives like Rock Simulator, this will happen. Just because you don't have consoles and plays only on pc, don't need to talk shit everytime you post.

mkis0071624d ago

Pc's no matter how powerful they are, can't kill consoles. A console is an ease-of-access thing. You go to the store, spend $300-400 buy your games and play them.

A parent isn't going to go online buy a bunch of parts and learn how to build a pc for their kids. Enthusiast vs entry-level.

Lot's more entry level people play games than enthusiasts.

Mr Tretton1624d ago

"A parent isn't going to go online buy a bunch of parts and learn how to build a pc for their kids."

That is obviously going to change.

Clunkyd1624d ago

Heres something they won't kill, Exclusives.

GeraltofRivia1624d ago

I remember my old laptop with an Nvidia 8800M GTS video card produced graphics at 1080p that basically matched the current "next gen" console graphics. Next gen consoles = 5 year old low end rebranded gaming pc.

make721623d ago

Bull shit your laptop run games like watch dog like 5 fps:)

XStation1624d ago

LOOOOOL, AND HOW MUCH WILL IT COST SIR? I'll say around $800 or more? Yeah that will kill consoles most definitely.

Magicite1624d ago

Most games use 2-3GB max @1080p.

thehobbyist1624d ago

Yeah well most games also only utilize 4 CPU cores. But that's looking to change REALLY soon as well.

CertifiedGamer1624d ago

Kill Consoles, not unless Nvidia manages to sell games that are made to work specifically for their cards faster than current gen consoles. If only PC gamers decided to buy games for a change.

TekoIie1624d ago

Yes child you can sleep safely tonight. You can have that dream you love so much where PC gamers don't buy games and Valve has gone bankrupt through Steam.

It's alright little one.

tee_bag2421624d ago

@ CertifiedGamer
Lol.. your a$$ is sounding hurt..

CertifiedGamer1624d ago

Ok if you want to get technical about go buy an awesome PC and make a killer PC rig and brag about 4K which anyone in the technological industry knows it's a faze. PC is the master race but to say it will kill consoles is ridiculous. Someone remind me what is the card manufacturer that developers are now focused the most AMD, why because they make the cards for consoles. Anything that Nvidia releases unless it is specifically developed to work for their specs will make Nvidia power advantage greatly ignored. Tell me about how 4K please because last I remember 4K is what 720p was to as the next big break through that will have the 1080p similar success is 8K and by the time I do decide to get my next PC rig it will something that performs extremely well on my 8K tv. The most beautiful game you guys have to look forward to is Star Citizen which looks like something that can be made to work on X1 or PS4. Nvidia can release a 32gb GDDR5 but if developers don't take advantage to it what's the point. Right now developers are focused on making money back from PS3 and 360 owners so even PS4 and X1 are getting stiffed.

CertifiedGamer1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

@tea_bag242 please find me a PC game that will make my jaw drop on PC because Star Citizen can be done on consoles. Every time I go to Twitch PC gamers play ArmA 3, Forest, Gary's Mod, and DayZ. If those games are what you guys are upgrading rigs to play then I will pass on it. Mention me a game that I can't get on consoles with that is more graphically impressive than Uncharted 4 and I don't want you to mention a game that I can get on consoles because better specs isn't going to stop me from waiting 3 years to upgrade to a rig. I want a PC exclusive besides Star Citizen. I want to see the graphics you dudes brag about so much. Show me something where I can't say look at uncharted 4 or Halo Collections?

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abstractel1624d ago

Quickly? You think 7+ million gamers are just going to pick this card up in 6 months like people are buying PS4s? And unless you get a developer to exclusively develop for PC, you are not going to get a game that truly uses all of that power. You'll get extra FPS, better antialiasing, higher resolutions and better LOD -- but you are not going to get a game that truly takes advantage of what a good machine with that GPU will be capable of. Lowest common denominator and all that -- lots of gamers don't seem to be able to be objective about this issue.

I am in the small category that will buy the 880GTX (or 870GTX) over a 780GTX which will run games in Ultra for quite a few years because I do want the extra FPS, antialiasing and LOD. It will also come in real handy for work because more 3D software are taking great advantage of fast GPUs with plenty of memory (I'm a technical 3D artist/supervisor).

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codelyoko1625d ago

Just the ES Sample brah, prototypes have max tdp for testing with a circuit loadboard . NOT indicative of the retail product :)

JBSleek1625d ago

Ah. Then I will defiantly be picking this up to replace my 670.

meetajhu1625d ago

The launch fermi's had 400tdp and still they are faster than current gpu and 20% faster than console gpu's

Fireseed1625d ago

Hubba hubba, hot damn is that a sexy card!

Bizzare211625d ago

Ridiculous. It's probably gonna cost a fortune too.

ginsunuva1625d ago

Probably ~$600.
Not bad at all.

kingduqc1625d ago

It's going to cost from 500$ to 700$

pricetag don't change much from generation to generation. Only it's performance.