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Pictures from Hello Games' studio all but confirms No Man's Sky for PC

After a visit to Hello Games' studio, some pictures have made their way onto the internet that seem to indicate that a PC port of No Man's Sky is clearly in development. (No Man's Sky, PC)

Snookies12  +   334d ago
Cool! The more platforms the better, this game looks amazing...
Gamecrastinate  +   334d ago
I agree. Despite being a PC gamer, I'm all for an ambitious game like this being available on as many platforms as possible. Hell, DOOM is on calculators and watches. No Man's Sky looks special enough to warrant that treatment.
NextLevel  +   334d ago
Who didn't think it was coming to the PC? Hello Games is 7 people, they are working on 1 platform at a time. So for now it's a PS4 exclusive. Eventually it'll most likely end up on the Xbox One aswell.
Eonjay  +   334d ago
It was originally exclusive to PC before the PS4 announcement so I just figured it was coming to both.
aliengmr  +   334d ago

It sounds like Sony stepped in and got it exclusive to PS4 for a time.

Will probably get ported sometime, but I think that's going depend on its success, which isn't a forgone conclusion IMO.
assdan  +   334d ago
Based on what I've seen, I looks like their primary concern is ps4 and PC. Can't wait to see how this game turns out though! It's one of the most ambitious projects I've seen for such a small dev
Magicite  +   334d ago
Its an indie, so its a no brainer.
60FramesPerSecond  +   334d ago
Now give me the inevitable XB1 version and i will be happy.
Provolone24  +   334d ago
You can see the future?!?
corvusmd  +   333d ago
They actually have said that they were looking into an X1 version, and the head at ID@xbox is actively engaging them because he wants to play it so, YES it has NOT yet been confirmed...but it looks pretty inevitable, esp since it will come to PC soon, and porting from PC to X1 is a breeze.

@sinspirit it's been openly admitted several times that it's a timed deal. Either way I'll probably get it on my PS4, unless they confirm X1 before the PS4 release (I'm an achievement hunter and try to collect them on X1)
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DigitalRaptor  +   328d ago
"They actually have said that they were looking into an X1 version, and the head at ID@xbox is actively engaging them because he wants to play it"

Such bulls**t corvus.

1) They have said that they are not talking about an Xbone version.

2) Chris Charla has also said nothing of the sort.

Do you make up stuff, to make yourself feel better?

"it's been openly admitted several times that it's a timed deal. Either way I'll probably get it on my PS4"

1) No it hasn't. It has been stated that it "makes its console debut on PS4".

2) You don't have a PS4, clearly, as evidenced multiple times.
Provolone24  +   328d ago
@DigitalRaptor lmao exactly. They've said nothing about a PC or X1 version. Granted, no one should be particularly shocked if the game does eventually make it to those platforms, but all we know as of now is that it's coming to PS4. Maybe Corvus is just an Xbot and this is their way of admitting a Playstation game is good. I've waited years for this breakthrough!
skulz7   334d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
sinspirit  +   334d ago
It's not "inevitable". If it were coming first to Playstation as a timed exclusive, Sony would have said "coming first to Playstation", like they always have on timed exclusives, and the competition has worded it like that as well. It is an "Exclusive console debut". It is a console exclusive, coming to one console, as well as PC, like it has been confirmed for a while.

Microsoft's indie department has been trying to get Hello Games' attention for a while now. Hello Games hasn't even contacted them, responded to their attempts to contact them, they don't even have a XBox One, as you can see if you looked at the full list of images from their office when there was a picture of all their game controllers, they haven't even signed up for their Indie Dev program. It could possibly come out on other consoles eventually but that isn't even a considered idea right now. I would throughly enjoy this game on Wii U, 3DS, and Vita. The touch screens and extra control options would make for interesting sci-fi options.

Hello Games took off from Joe Danger's success, which Sony had paid for the development of. Sony gave them permission to release the game on other platforms, including X360. Sony has grown a relationship with them for years now and they are the whole reason for Hello Games' success and have been extremely open and supportive of them. I wouldn't be surprised if Hello Games would eventually ask to be part of Sony, or at least keep most of their games PS and PC only as an indie and keep Sony as their 3rd party support.

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60FramesPerSecond  +   334d ago
If it doesnt come to xb1 i will just get it for ps4! wow. lotta hate for my comments!
MasterCornholio  +   334d ago

If you already have both systems why dont you get it on PS4? That way you dont have to wait for the Xbox One version to come out.
iDadio  +   334d ago
Yeah I've read some of Phils statements trying to blow smoke up Hello Games asses but alas it doesnt seem to have worked.
Yahdaree  +   334d ago
I really don't think this will be on Xbox. I have nothing to back this up, its just a hunch.
Christopher  +   334d ago
It will probably just be a timed exclusive on the PS4. I think it will make its way to the XBO eventually. Microsoft wants any major Indie title like this on their console, so they will work to make it happen.
Provolone24  +   334d ago
So wait a minute let's get this straight:

You're not an Xbox fanboy, but you want to wait possibly a year or more to play it when you could play it much sooner and likely in a higher resolution on a PS4 or PC? And your reasoning is so you have something to play on your X1?

...but I thought Xbox was all about the "games games games!" You basically just admitted that you have nothing to play on your Xbox lol.

F4sterTh4nFTL  +   334d ago
All but confirmed indeed.
ATi_Elite   334d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
uth11  +   334d ago
What does that confirm exactly? Isn't PS4 development done on a PC? Those could just be shortcuts
kizzle32  +   334d ago
The SLI post it note is the real giveaway here as well the clean up keyboard controls (though could have K&M support for PS4 I suppose) but the SLI definitely is a dead giveaway for PC support.
Corpser  +   334d ago
They never said it's ps4 exclusive, didn't even said it's console exclusive, of course it's coming to other platforms

Can't wait for the definitive pc version
nucky64  +   334d ago
how do you like playing the "definitive pc version" of red dead revolver??......oh, wait....
sorane  +   334d ago
Wanna play some coop Divinity??.....oh wait....How about some DOTA2 then??....oh wait....I'd keep going but it would literally take me years to name every game on PC that doesn't come to consoles. Back to playing the Forest you can surely play that right??....oh wait....
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nucky64  +   334d ago
the difference is sorane is that I (along with MANY) don't care if I ever play divinity or DOTA2....and the forest? - I'm LMAO at your notion that those games have had the mainstream success that RDR has had - not to mention if we want to start making lists - the amount of console exclusive games that are actually relevant and played by MILLIONS is soooo much longer than any obscure list of pc exclusives.
btw- enjoy waiting on GTA5...and no mans sky.........pc gamers - hilarious!
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sorane  +   334d ago
And you think that I, along with MANY PC, gamers care about a game that came out years ago? Especially since there are 1000s of other third person action games to play on PC. I've also seen that list of exclusives you're talking about and it consists of a few "cinematic" third person action games(a dime a dozen on Steam)and nothing more really. The only people that they are "relevant" to are kids with ADD that can't grasp anything that's not a linear 8 hour experience with more than 2 buttons.
btw- enjoy waiting for Planetside 2, H1Z1, and also No Mans Sky........console gamers-pathetic!
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TheBoy  +   334d ago
I'll wait for the PC version, this is the kind of game that will benefit greatly from mods and the PC community.
iDadio  +   334d ago
I think this comment more than any other has swayed me in the decision of ps4 or PC, kudos.
MasterCornholio  +   334d ago
Well they already said they would bring it to PC.
sungin  +   334d ago
muhahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!pc master race clowns
iDadio  +   334d ago
Your comment makes literally no sense with this article, you clown.
Pandamobile  +   334d ago
People like this tend to not be educated above a 5th grade level more often than not.
JBSleek  +   334d ago
Yes there you go. I can't wait to play this on PC. I hope they have above 1080p options though.
Pandamobile  +   334d ago
Of course it will.
JBSleek  +   334d ago
That isn't a forgone conclusion in PC gaming especially from a team of seven people.
Azurite  +   334d ago
When you see it...
SaveFerris  +   334d ago
The shape created by drawing around the keyboard controls seems a bit familiar
brotherlymoses  +   334d ago
Very nice
ATi_Elite  +   334d ago
omg i cant believe i got hit for trolling and amount of messages i got calling me a console fanboy lol

that post was sarc, lol

maybe i should have used starcitizen as my avatar but elite dangerous is the other great space sim coming out and elite is a good game.

hence my name: ati gpu to run elite back in the day
mmc-007  +   334d ago
even without those tips you can see its pure sarcastic
mkis007  +   334d ago
Your name is "ATi" and "Elite"

I thought it was pretty obvious what you were doing. Though maybe it is because technically speaking ATI doesn't exist anymore?

I'm quite possibly looking into star citien when I can afford my next build in about a year or 2.
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Codewow  +   334d ago
Was there any real doubt about a PC version?
LightDiego  +   334d ago
PC gamers loves the game now, that's typical, that's why they are the worst kind of fanboys by miles, just look at the posts below.
KwietStorm  +   334d ago
What? . It was a surprise that the game was announced for PS4 at E3. When was it ever not a PC game?
aliengmr  +   334d ago
Well recently what they've been saying is that they would "like" to do a PC version and that they are "debuting" the game on PS4.

Also that they don't have enough staff to do 2 versions or something.

Sounds like they are going for the PS4 first then if they have the money/time a PC version.

Point is, they aren't sounding very definite about a PC version, which is why I take this article with a truck load of salt.
Raider69  +   334d ago
Sorry but do people really find this News!?For all i know this game is been made on PC and after is going to be port to the PS4;and even if we all know this will come first on the PS4 with a timed exclusive again im pretty sure that the main code of this game is been made on PC first and ported to the other platform after ps4...;so frankly this is not news.
Narutodemon  +   334d ago
This game would be even more mind blowing if it was cross platform.

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